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Nada      May 18, 2006

Beloved Lady Master Nada
David Christopher Lewis
May 18, 2006 7:07 - 7:33 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Blessed Hearts of Fire,
            Truly the glories of the etheric realms are what your soul desires to experience. And even while walking upon this earth, you may partake of the heavenly delights of communing with and in the divine world if you choose. Your choice to be within the Spirit or not to be within the Spirit is yours to make day by day, hour by hour.
            When you were released into the cosmos as an ideation from the very heart of the Father/Mother God, you were given free will. And in the rounds of all of your experience from that point forward, your soul has been in the process of discovery; and even in this word, you discern how the radiance of the light has always been available to you. And yet you must uncover or discover it for yourself. Revelation is also simply the revealing of truths that already exist, blessed ones. It is simply the removing of the blinders from your eyes. Whereas you had dwelt in duality, mortality, we desire you to dwell in eternality.
            I am Nada. And I come this day to grace you with the light of the sixth ray amplified by all that I have gleaned in the heaven-world, having ascended many, many years ago, and discerning with Jesus how those of us who serve humanity in bringing all to an understanding of the sacred opportunity to be in the flame of love manifest through service and ministration and brotherhood may convey to every heart the newfound joy of the expression of this eternal fire that burns within you.
            Therefore, you have been given the opportunity to Heartstream. What does this mean for each of you, I ask? Does it mean that you through the great chalice of your heart may receive the streams that flow from our realms continuously, catching them with that chalice as each opportunity presents itself for you to know more of God? Does it mean that when you come together in worship and in service to life in your sanctuaries and even in this virtual community and way that you have been partaking of since the discovery of the internet, you may blend your resources and the energies of your hearts and causal bodies for the betterment of mankind? Does it mean that through your holy communion with our octaves that celestial beings and beings terrestrial may merge their auras and light so that a greater flow may come through the rivers of cosmic fire from the retreats of the Brotherhood mingled with your hearts' love, so that the earth itself may be raised in sacred fire?
            I think "yes" to all three of these. For you see, this term heartstreams is one that we have been about for many eons. For when our hearts open, and we allow the portal betwixt the divine self and our hearts to be fully open, then there may stream forth in greater measure the abundance of graces, the blessings of cosmic energies from higher spheres and realms into the very domain of your world through that sacred nexus of the secret chamber of your heart.
            So commune with me this day as I give you another view of how from our realms together we may win many more souls to the light who heretofore have been good people in most regards but have not fully understood or embraced in the totality of their being what they could experience if their hearts were opened a little wider for the full flowering of the Spirit within them, blessed ones. When you are in communion, and you should be 24/7, do you not think, then your heart, aligned with holy purpose, will be this open door to souls who need that tie to the heaven-world that you provide.
            When the magnanimity of cosmic love is received by your acceptance and given freely to all, then truly greater connections are made between hearts at many levels. And the sacred antahkarana is expanded at many levels heart by heart, tie by tie, whereby those who are meant to come into a greater involvement with these holy purposes are contacted and once having experienced the greater influx of this fire through their own chakras may be motivated in one way or another to assist in this holy cause.
            We use many upon the Earth to convey the truths of the Aquarian message of God-love. And, therefore, there is not [only] one source or fount of truth and wisdom for this age. For God, being no respecter of persons, does initiate new cycles continuously throughout the varied plateaus, mountain fastnesses and the valleyed recesses of the Earth plane so that those who vibrate at all different levels may receive what they are able to based on their evolutionary path.
            This you saw on your trip to Billings to witness to the service provided by the Benny Hinn Ministries. For though their practice is not fully suitable to the more gentle ministrations that we provide to you through our discourses and daily messages and through the inner silence that you desire to experience in being receptive to our words and message, yet at the level at which these souls live, the message conveyed will allow them to move upward and onward in a greater measure of intensity and love that they can perceive and understand.
            So you see, there is no need to judge or to find fault with another's path even in all the Christian churches or in any path whatsoever. And yet, you may call for souls to continuously be spurred to rise higher so that they do not shirk or shrink from their responsibility to maintain the ongoing tie with their own God nature and rise higher day by day on the path that they have chosen.
            The evolutionary stream of mankind is augmented and accelerated by love. The cosmic flow of life and all of its expressions, nuances and beauties is magnified through the sacred science of heartstreaming whereby you, through your communion, your meditation and contemplation upon the words of truth of a number of ascended beings and masters, receive day by day the greater impartation of fire that your soul requires for the sustenance of spiritual light that will allow your soul eventually to merge with your own God Self. So you see, heartstreaming is truly about spiritual nourishment.
            Your heart must be massaged by you through giving something day by day. For in the giving and then the receiving and then the giving again, your heart, being opened wider, may then be empowered to one day truly become a star-fire center as a roseate diadem that vibrates in immortal spheres truly as a perfected heart, one that is one with God. Seek oneness with God through your heart.
            When Jesus said, "Be, ye, therefore, perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect," he was not speaking of the outer personality, the outer mind; but he was speaking of the inner man of the heart that through the acceptance of the love-fires from the very altars of Alpha and Omega may become the perfect receptacle for that love-fire of God's heart to be within. Be, therefore, perfected hearts-loving, kind, compassionate in all ways, and then your fortunes shall expand because there will be nothing that God would deny you when your hearts, opened and full as His, may truly win and accept all your needs and requirements to live and sustain your life in this plane.
            Therefore, the key to abundance is an abundant heart full of love. The key to anything that you seek is to first expand love within that area and avenue in which you need assistance by giving. For then the flow is created whereby through the law of alchemy you precipitate back that which you have given magnified by the amount of love you have expressed in the process of that giving. Therefore, if you need greater abundance, magnify the givingness of your heart at an exponential level, blessed ones. This is cosmic law and has ever been the key for those who understand, that, as above so below, what you receive when magnified and returned to the giver creates that figure- eight flow whereby through the nexus of holy love, all is sustained in beauty and harmony and the wonderment of the joy of grace that God always allows to be within you, if you accept it.
            I am Nada. And I learned the sacred art of giving through many lifetimes serving as a priestess in the temples of Lemuria and Atlantis, serving many hearts both silently in my meditation practice whereby I held the Immaculate Concept for the mission of my brothers and sisters. And, even now, as I do this sacred service again from higher spheres for each of you, may your love grow each day; and may you meditate upon how through the floral offering of your love through your hearts given to a soul here, a lifestream there, a child in need, a soul bereft of love, you may expand the kingdom of God upon Earth at the level in which you resonate, blessing all with the umbrella, the parasol of the fiery energies of the angelic realms come to mankind to grace those whose prayers rise and for whom you may be an answer hour by hour as you so choose.
            So the choice truly is up to you to be God and to be love in greater measure daily or not. I suggest that you take to heart all that you have received, all that you have been graced with in this embodiment of these vast and wonderful teachings that you have been so blessed to receive from the very mouths of the prophets and the messengers on behalf of the ascended masters and that you consider anew this day how you may enter into sacred sharing, sacred heartstreaming in greater measure this day and every day.
            Blessed ones, know how we love you. Please know how much we care for your souls. As holy brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers we dote on you and we desire you [to] lay aside all sense of limitation and lack and truly know the full abundance of Godly love that is always available for you simply through the asking, simply by the accepting of greater harmonic love from the heart of the Almighty One whose love is truly a magnificent flower which you may smell [and] that you may receive simply by being still and knowing that you are God. I thank you.


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