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Maitreya      May 11, 2006

Beloved Lord Maitreya
David C. Lewis
May 11, 2006  7:06-7:29 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

True Healing Comes When the Sun in Each Cell
Resonates and Vibrates with the Sun Presence

            I am the fulfillment of the cycles of initiation within you.  I AM Maitreya and I come this day to discourse with you on the necessity to enter into that state of Oneness which for many of you has eluded you to some extent in your past incarnations and even in recent days and weeks. For there has been the questioning within your minds, not your hearts, of what is real about yourself; what is real about these teachings, these messengers, this activity and what is unreal? What you must seek first and foremost is not outside of you, as to what is real or unreal, except that which is known within thy heart, beloved hearts. A messenger is only an orifice through whom we pour light and instruction for you. When you become the message fully, there is no need for another messenger. But have you become who you are? Has mankind determined to be the Sun Presence of their own God-reality and become that fully?
            You see, the Great Divine Director does initiate spirals at the 12 o'clock line, and I, at the 11, am the fulfillment of those spirals of initiation. And, therefore, I pass the torch back to this great master. And I would have, as I pass that baton to him, the fulfillment of each one of you having passed through each line of the clock, garnered light energy so that there may be a new thrust of initiation through the cyclings of the energies of the Godhead again.
            If you discern why I am called the Great Initiator then you will see how I work closely with the Great Divine Director. For when he does begin a new spiral, he must see where each of you have left off on the last rung, and what it will take for you to progress and to determine to rise higher as he does set forth that spiral within you for your ongoing path of initiation.
            These are the deeper mysteries which some of you are beginning to discern and understand. And so there comes a point where on the 2,5,8, and 11 lines of the clock, through the illumination of the sun upon your own being and in the inner recesses of your consciousness, you must determine to overcome that doubt, that anti-wisdom, that frustration, and those anti-victory spirals, that if latched onto and allowed to resonate within your mind for too long, can cause the very severing of your own spirals, such that you will not be ready and willing and able to place your foot on the next rung that I would set you upon as you begin again the walking of the ongoing spirals—walking up the spiral staircase of attainment toward your enlightenment and perfection.
            It was interesting to note as we sent our team to California recently, how many in the New Age movement have become enamored with the concepts of aliens coming in their spacecraft to earth to supposedly bring about the next evolutionary cycle of this Earth and her people. You see point, counterpoint, this is the counterfeit of the spirals that the Great Divine Director and I would initiate for all Earth's children as a golden age does come. For the silvery, slimy, slippery, eely substance of these alien energies does perpetrate the exact counterfeit of the golden light of illumination that we bear for the enlightenment of a race and a people.
            You have been discerning from the teachings of Omraam that we have brought to this community the understanding of a solar civilization that must first reside within you and your heart for a golden-age consciousness to be born within the Earth. Will you allow the ongoing conversation within your mind to be one, not of discerning the truth but, of listening to many voices that do not have at their core the understanding of the highest path of initiation that must be walked by the soul to become one with the divine?
            What is real about us is also what is real about you. Therefore if you decry our coming, our presence, then truly beloved ones, you deny your own self, your own Presence in the process. This is what those who have rejected our light delivered through these messengers have come to. For as you know the teaching that if you deny the messenger, then you deny the message. And the message is our hearts' love for each one of you.
            It matters not through whom we speak. We may speak through your own heart and we would, day by day, if you are ready for our coming. And you have discerned in this activity how we are moving and having our being through each one of you at a deeper and greater level than you have known for eons. Therefore, if you would continue to have our presence in your midst, even within your own heart, you must come into that alignment within the very center of the sun whereby you, having becoming that light, do now emanate cosmic rays of illumination from the point of the sun within you at all times.
            True healing is the key for your victory, and this may only come when the sun within each cell, [within] each organ, [within] each chakra does resonate and vibrate in consonance with the Sun Presence of your own I AM THAT I AM. Therefore, you see, as you draw down that light energy from your own God-Sun and see the increase in the radiation from within that central core of fire within each cell and atom, then there may be the true healing from within you outward.  When you are always seeking another substance to ingest, another trick of the trade to bring forth your healing outwardly, then there will never, never be fully the complete healing of your being from within out, beloved hearts.
            Therefore, you have the key that the sunlight of eternal love-wisdom from within that sun center of each nucleus, every particle of yourself is that wholeness that must resonate, infiltrate and permeate your consciousness, your being, your world. This I did teach to my son Jesus. And so in every case of healing, he saw resident within the one who came to him, the Sun Presence of reality of that one. And drawing forth that fire from within the cells and consciousness of that person, blended with the light that he bore having become the son of God, he was able to assist that one in perfect healing of body, mind, and soul.
            Each one of you can be a healer if first you decide to allow the initiation of spirals of wholeness within every particle of self, and allow each particle to be and resonate in harmony with the Sun Presence of your own divinity, blessed hearts. The key to the golden age is that everyone discern[s] that the responsibility for [personal] attainment, for attunement, for wholeness and healing lies wholly within each person; that through free will you have made choices and now you must make that choice to be God. When many more among mankind look not outside of themselves for a teacher or someone else to tell them what to do, where to go, what to think, what to believe, then you will see the Earth glowing in the light of a golden dispensation of energy whereby truly [it] may become a sun.
            I impress my mind through yours, displacing concepts [and] constructs that you have allowed to blur your inner vision. Whereas I receive from the 10 o'clock line the impulses of what resonates within you as you come to me on the 11 o'clock line, there must be pure vision, beloved hearts. Not all like my presence in their midst, for it causes a certain stirring within them of ancient patterns where they have left off in walking, not the straight and narrow as some have said, but the middle way of Oneness—walking hand in hand with Gautama and me on the golden pathway home, back home to the heart of God.
            You see, I am not so much of a master who would cause you consternation. But through loving-kindness all within you is transformed if you would allow it, beloved ones. I smile my smile of joy, love, wisdom, power within your heart. Be joyous. Have a light heart. For in that lightness and glow that comes from within, you will know surcease from your struggles to discern what is real, what is unreal of the teachings, of the path, of your self. This is my gift to my own.
            I plant my rod here once more. Do not fail me, beloved hearts, for we have invested much in this place and in the space within you. Move forward on the spiral of light and I will be there to welcome you as you complete each round, and hand you off again to the one who[m] I claim as the Great Initiator, the Great Divine Director, as you begin a new, a higher spiral of cosmic consciousness. For you see it never stops. The top never stops spinning. The spirals never end so long as you maintain your speed, your acceleration, your love.
            I seal you by the power of cosmic victory this day.

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