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Maha Chohan      May 08, 2006

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
May 8, 2006   7:13-7:31 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

            If You Desire to Be God in Manifestation,
Take Up More of My Mantle on Behalf of the Healing of Souls

Become the Fiery Ones That You Are Meant to Be!

Blessed Ones Who Understand the Nature of Holiness,
            I am come this day representing the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. For in my office as the representative of the Holy Spirit, I appear here and there to many among mankind to give to them evidence of the light of higher octaves, augmenting the work not only of Jesus the Christ but of many who, when they are received into heaven, often place their mantles of fire upon their disciples. This mantle is conveyed by the power of the Spirit, as you know.
            Many of you have received at various times mantles of fire, and when you are able to sustain the intensity of that mantle, then your life is graced by our presence in your midst. And when you are unable to hold the light at a certain quotient of fire, then that mantle recedes and does become almost invisible for your lack of attention, for your lack of using and wielding that mantle fully for and on behalf of your mission as a representative of the Great White Brotherhood in the Earth. Therefore you must invoke the mantle daily. For, as you know the law, the flame recedes each twenty-four-hour cycle back to its source and must be reinvoked and sustained within your temple for the nourishment of your spiritual bodies at all levels.
            Many have thought that having received some approbation from [a representative of] the Godhead or having gone through certain training, that they receive not only the name “Reverend” and a certain outward office but that they also receive an inner mantle. And this is true in many cases, beloved ones. And yet you know that in this day and age many who have become priests and ministers have abused their office and mantle, and therefore it has been stripped from them for the very reason that they could not hold the light within the chalice of self to sustain that holy office.
            Why am I speaking of this to you this day? you ask. It is because at times even our best servants slip, and for a day or a week, an hour or a cycle they may not hold that mantle and office for us fully. For having entered into certain realms of consciousness, not being stable, we are not able to sustain fully that mantle for and on behalf of you and of the purposes of the Great White Brotherhood in the Earth.
            Therefore each of you should search your hearts, recognizing where at times you have left off of upholding your mantle, your fire, your spirit of intensity; [where you have left off of] holding the line, holding the light for all the evolutions who look to you for that radiance, that spiritual nourishment that flows through your chakras when, through humility and honor and integrity, you are able to sustain that light, beloved hearts.
            We would not tear from our own the mantles bestowed, for these are almost, as it were, self-sustained by the intensity of devotion day by day through attunement, through works of holiness, through reverence for life, through honoring each one who comes, even the beggar as the Christ in the midst of your spiritual family.
            I would see many more of you taking more of my mantle of the Holy Spirit upon you. Would you bear a greater portion of light in your beings, beloved hearts, day by day as you strive with your entire being to be a chalice for us?
            One does come this week to Montana who bears my mantle, one you have known as Benny Hinn. And those of you who are able to witness this mantle wielded for and on behalf of the healing and the saving of souls may attend his session in Billings this Friday evening. And I adjure at least some of you to witness what it means to fully bear the mantle of the Maha Chohan, whereby the instantaneous transfer of light may manifest through your heart and chakras for the blessing of souls who have come to the altar for that blessing and healing.
            If you desire to be God, and to be God in manifestation, then you may take up more of my mantle on behalf of the healing of souls, both here and where you walk in your cities and towns and villages. This must not be taken lightly, but must be entered into truly as a marriage of my heart with yours, of my fire with yours, whereby through devotion, acceptance, noncompromise of the Spirit and the laying down of certain human momentums, you are able to withstand the heat, to take the heat and then, having ingested it, to transfer it to others, chakra by chakra, radiance by radiance.
            You have seen the example[s] of Elijah1 and Elisha,2 who did breathe new life into the departed spirit[s] of the [two] child[ren]. This was my breath that they did breathe again into these souls, rekindling the fire for them to remain as living beings upon Earth.
            Are you able to breathe more of my Spirit and fire this day, blessed ones? If so, then see that fire penetrating at deeper levels of your being, flowing through your chakras and spiritual centers, nourishing, changing, healing so that you may be pure vessels for this light on behalf of all whom you serve.
            I suggest that you take to heart Djwal Kul's admonishment to breathe the fire breath of God through your beings [in your meditation daily]. For you see, I also enter into you during these cycles. And day by day as you are able to sustain more fire through using this technique of the fire breath, then you will get to know me and I will get to know you through your body temple, through your very being, blessed ones.
            Therefore breathe deeply and know this fire breath, [which] I conduct through you in this hour. Sustain it; grow in it; become it. For when you can be a fiery Spirit at all times, then you will have no lack of abundance and grace and healing energy to give to those who come to you. Why, when you see lack of abundance it is because you have not sustained a certain level of fire in your being. When you see neediness within you, you have entered into a certain sympathy whereby there has been not the inflation of that Spirit within but its deflation, and you have become depressed and sunken lower into despondency, where your shoulders are bent over and you know not the way to go.
                  Well, this must go this day! Stand up straight! Sit up straight! Become the fiery ones that you are meant to be for the Lord God, whom you serve and for whom you came to be a witness to this Earth, beloved hearts. I am fire. And my desire is that each of you should become more fiery day by day.
            I thank you for your devotions, and I reinvigorate that mantle that you have claimed, have named as being upon you as representatives of the Great White Brotherhood, both at inner and outer levels in this life. Sustain the mantle by the fire that you bear! Claim that mantle each day by my light resident within you, flowing through you as the Holy Spirit, who will lift you out of the doldrums of human nonsense to become truly the God beings that you are.
            I thank you, beloved hearts, and seal you in the Spirit Holy this day.

1. I Kings 17:10-24.
2. II Kings 4:8-37.

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