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Rose of Light      May 01, 2006

Beloved Rose of Light
David Christopher Lewis
May 1, 2006 9:53-10:07 am PDT
Walnut Creek, California

            I reveal unto each one of you a new rose blooming within your hearts this day. For as you have prayed, my angels have been fashioning for each one of you this newfound fragrant, floral offering that we bring as a remembrance of God's love for you, each one.
            Some men perceive that God is an impersonal spirit and I say yea, it is true. And yet, the very personal love that the Lord of the universe holds for each one of his created spirit-sparks is special, is unique. And that mothering love that even the Father bestows as a floral bouquet to the soul, as that mother light within you, is yours to receive not only on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day or Easter or your birthday, beloved ones, but each day if you choose to accept that offering from the heart of the Beloved One. Acceptance, as you have begun to understand it more fully, is the key to your Buddha nature, your divine reality.
            Would you not accept, I ask, a dozen roses from a beloved friend who comes to assuage your hurts, your pain?            Then why not accept the greatest gift that God has given unto you as that divine Presence? And having accepted this great gift, manifest fully all the colored expressions of your own causal body of light as that floral, variegated expression truly that you, as a star-fire one, may be within the universe of his love.
            Your causal bodies are meant to expand day by day. And so, you see even within the earth how the snail builds gradually, adding layers day by day until the shell is fully formed and grows. As you perceive more of yourself and accept more of the sands of God's consciousness within the realm of your being, you may come to know more of God daily within you. Aren't joy, beauty and wonder truly the gentle way of the spirit that allow each child of God's heart to begin to grasp the inner mysteries of nature and of how elemental life does bestow in the most magnanimous expressions of God's thought-ideations, the wonder and glory of life itself?
            Take time to walk amongst the roses. Take time not only to smell the roses, but to allow the frequency, the vitality, the God-energy resident within them to permeate the ampoules within the flowing stream of your consciousness. For when these are impregnated with true love and its essence, then you will become love-beings for me in the earth. So, now receive the rose from my angels. Take it to your heart and see the essence now streaming through every avenue, every corridor, every stream within you and all your four lower bodies-cleansing, penetrating, activating newfound particles of God's pure and holy light within.
            You see, some of the elements that God placed within you in the beginning have lain dormant. It is time for these to arise and for the full expression and all aspects of being of your divine nature to flow, beloved ones. Death, as you know, is the cessation of the flow of life-energy within.            Would you be human forever? If not, then join me in becoming divine more each day through the ingesting of these ampoules of light within the rose, whereby each and every one of your thoughts and feelings may now be expressed in a newfound way of gentleness and transcendence.
            For as divine beings you will no longer be beset by the thought patterns of mankind. But you will be able to smell the heavenly roses and receive these new Aquarian love-essences, bringing them to bear in all your words and works, for the blessing of mankind in many ways.
            So, be my love-roses this day. And while you partake of the remembrance of the coming of the Blessed Virgin [Mary], speaking to you at each [California] Mission this past year1, see her walking again with you from the base to the crown of this great state, strewing her roses of fire for her children to know her, to know me and the angels and our love given most personally from the Father. For you see, the floral bouquet that he offers will never be depleted. For it is an unlimited supply that graces the earth through the hearts of these who are, such as you, his bridesmaids, his flower girls and boys, walking down the aisle and giving to each one a remembrance of his love.
            I seal you, each one, in the holy radiance from the hearts of all the ascended lady masters in this hour. Beloved hearts, love one another. Love each other. And in that love you will always have the key to your victory in all ways. I thank you.

1From October 22-29, 2005 Mother Mary spoke at each of the twenty-one California Missions during an eight-day tour by devotees of the light. The tour began in San Diego and ended with the northernmost mission in Sonoma. Rose of Light also dictated the day after the tour on October 30, 2005 in Santa Rosa.

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