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Hierarchs of the Elementals      May 01, 2006

Beloved Hierarchs of the Elementals
David C. Lewis
May 1, 2006  4:47–5:04 pm PST
Renaissance Hotel
Walnut Creek, California

We Deliver unto Mankind the Four Cosmic Forces
for the Stabilization of Earth, Air, Fire and Water within You 
Work to Establish Harmony and Balance

           We come in a cosmic swirl and a quotient of fire that you have called forth through your devotion this day. We are the Hierarchs of the Elemental Kingdom, and we stand at the four corners of the Earth and deliver unto mankind the four cosmic forces in this hour for the stabilization of earth, air, fire and water within you.
           Beloved hearts, you were born of fire. You were born of air. You were born of the sea, and you were born of the earth. And this day you are borne on the wings of angels and nature spirits to a new world and dimension of consciousness. For it is time that many among mankind, in understanding the interplay of the four cosmic forces, come into a greater awareness of nature's God within.
           You see, beloved hearts, when mankind are separated from the source of all life, they are separated from that God flame within the natural world also. So if you would be one with God, return to the heart of the Mother within the earth and all the elemental kingdoms that you know. For when you understand fully the interplay of light within the realms in which we direct the course of the evolutions of our kingdoms, then you will understand balance within you in the four quadrants of being.
           Many among mankind live only within one or two dimensions of their own consciousness, not fully engaging the higher bodies and levels of understanding within the higher mental and the etheric plane[s] and bringing to bear those energies within the domain of their life and activities. When there is balance, there is flow; and when there is flow, there is the acceptance within you of that cosmic glow of your divine Reality.
           Therefore work to establish harmony and balance. Look in the mirror of self and see where you have let go of a certain understanding of balance within you. Do you spend too much time in your emotional body? Do you spend too much time in your mental body? Do you spend any time in the etheric plane whatsoever? Many of you could accelerate the balancing of your karma and the fulfillment of your dharma simply by relegating greater time in physical activity,  [which] in and of itself, as you walk the earth and in nature, balances the other four. For the earth is the foundation upon which all else resides.
           Many of you have heard our recent message, not only through this messenger and the other but through various practitioners, to drink more water. When you have the balance within you of that water element, it is easier for you to control your emotional body, beloved ones. When you are dehydrated and have not enough of this miracle substance within you, then your emotions are dried up and you have not that joyful spirit, truly, that you must have to earn and win your victory.
           When you partake more of plant life within your diet, there is the natural expression within you of those photosynthetic qualities of light rather than the more dense vibrations of partaking of the animal foods, which are further from the source on the food chain of the original light-energy from the sun. Therefore as you seek to return to the Sun, return to imbibing and ingesting those energies that come from realms closer to the source. And one day, if you are diligent in a disciplined diet and practice of spirituality at all levels, you will get closer to that point and ability, through the mastery of your four lower bodies, to maintain equilibrium within while ingesting less and less of the substance of this world.
           Blessed ones, it is time that many of you are moving onward into levels and realms of understanding and initiation beyond the physicality of the Earth earthy. And yet while you walk the Earth as masterful beings, not being too airy or in the head, you will for us be anchor points of the four cosmic forces through which we may breathe and move and have our being through you.
           When you breathe, you are breathing more than simply an unknown substance of oxygen and nitrogen and other gases. You are breathing in many elements, both of the earth, of the water, the air and the fire. And the sunlight that does activate these substances through the fire of Helios and Vesta does bring even to and through your lungs and then into your heart and bloodstream those cosmic elements that are necessary for the Christ and the Buddhic consciousness to reside within your very veins and capillaries and arteries, beloved ones.
           It is not so important to study every aspect of anatomy to know that you can become God where you are. But when you understand the simplicity of how through the cosmic interchange of the inbreath and the outbreath within you there is the receiving and the giving of all the elements of the four quadrants of being, then you will know truly who you are in the Now—at that point where the inbreath does become the outbreath, and the outbreath does pause to become the inbreath. When you dwell within that point of the cessation of breathing, that point of stillness within your heart, then you will know true balance, beloved hearts. This is the work of the yogis and yogins who understand cosmic energies and the flow of solar fire within the realm of being in which you live.
           Breathe [in] now the four elements that we bear in purity this day. [Master takes four full breaths, in and out.] We ionize cosmic perfection within you, as the great atom bearers. Through the diastole and the systole, through the Tai Chi, through the Alpha and Omega and the figure-eight flow of cosmic being within you, may you know that golden silence of oneness. Become the Buddha—and in that hour we will surround you to proclaim a new Son born in this plane. And from that day forward, you will have fully activated within you the four cosmic forces, which you may draw forth for the victory of God-love in this plane.
           We now seal the Earth in violet fire. We seal your hearts and four lower bodies in God-desire. We seal the Earth in cosmic love, in skeins of light from realms above. We are Neptune and Luara, Virgo and Pelleur, Aries and Thor, and Oromasis and Diana, come this day to free all elementals, nature spirits to be servitors of light for mankind—free from the impositions and the densities of human thought and feeling, free to be, free to be in balance once more.
           We thank you and return you to your devotions to the Mother light, the Mother flame, the Mother of the World. We thank you.

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