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Rose of Light      April 26, 2006

Beloved Rose of Light
David C. Lewis
April 26, 2006 7:05-7:25 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Be Still and Know: Your God Presence is Always with You.

Blessed Roses of God's Heart,
            I come this day to present to each one of you a rose from my heart as my offering to you of an opportunity to enter into a more personal and deeper relationship with God. I am Rose of Light. And this day I choose to be with my own upon earth to succor your hearts, to comfort your spirits, to give you the fullness of that love of the Father-Mother God that is always available simply for the asking when, at times, you must undergo the trials of life, even temptation, the denial of who you are by others, and withstand the fierce winds that come to strip you of all the lesser manifestations that you have woven around yourself through countless lifetimes. For now, beloved ones, it is time for you to fully bloom as the roses that you are of God's heart.
            When those of us who have ascended from your realm entered into that holiness of the oneness with the Presence of all life that we know as the great God-source of all, we have seen from this higher perspective how all life is one and how, through the great mystery of this oneness, there is the merging of the soul and the spirit such that the true nature within the seed of everyone may fully manifest in its innate glory and divinity. This, we, the ascended masters, seek to bring forth through those of you who understand the nature of the spiritual worlds and the path of returning to the heart of the One that you now walk.
            The saints and sages of all ages have been the example for mankind to enter into this holy relationship with God. And through the mystical union that comes when one has truly surrendered the not self and sought only to be the vessel of pure Godhood to all, then that one may claim with Jesus that "all power in heaven and earth is given unto me,"1 not for the use of the lesser self but for the full glory of God as the expression of that virgin consciousness of purity and wholeness within.
            Therefore, beloved ones, as my angels now come around you, each one, to enfold you in the radiance of both the rose fragrance and the beauty of the Mother in all of her culture, her gentleness, her caring for each one, feel deep within your heart the healing this day of all pains of separation from your God. For when, at times, you must go through a separation from one or another of your friends, loved ones, family, you must always know that your God Presence is always there, the angels are always available. And through simply being still, and knowing that you are God, there may never truly be a separation any longer from the source of that pure love that you seek.
            This Hearts Center activity is one in which we are presenting to mankind the truths of those who have walked the earth as the holy ones, deciphered the mysteries of life and of creation and reunited with the Great Spirit, the Universal Consciousness of God that permeates all.
            We are weaving new skeins of light through the dictations given through our messengers whereby greater healing at the deepest levels of consciousness may occur. For there come cycles upon earth when, at the conclusion of one age and the onset of a new age, many among mankind are called once again home to the heart of God. And, therefore, certain personal and planetary cycles must be fulfilled. And therefore we lend our momentum through the worded releases that we inspire through those who have offered themselves as our mouthpiece to give you an added impetus to fully unravel the old and enter into the new wine of the Spirit of perfect love.
            See the rose before you now and how, day by day, petals may at times fall to the ground and yet new ones are formed from within the central core of the expression of this floral offering of God's heart to you. And, therefore it is not and should not be so difficult a proposition to let go of certain momentums when you can see in this example within nature of how, when you let go of what has become for you no longer necessary for your life, that a new and more beautiful expression may occur from within your heart of that which you truly are. Therefore, join me in the sacred process of letting go and letting God be fully resident within you this day.
            You may understand all mysteries and have all knowledge, and yet, charity and love are the keys to your victory, beloved ones. For in the givingness of self there is the distillation of that floral essence of who you truly are that, when you take the final steps on your path back to the heart of God, you may offer to the Lord as the essence of the rose of who you have become fully.
            I am a "rose of light". You, too, may be a "rose of light" for God. And, as you offer yourself in service to others, to your families, friends and community, remember the true nature of who you are and wrap each offering and gift in that emerald chiffon-like paper. For as you give from your hearts, true healing may occur at all levels. Yes, love is healing. And God, as love and as the true healer of all that you must experience in becoming whole, is both the healing light itself and the very way in which that healing energy is wrapped and offered to each one.
            I am your Rose of Light. And in the image that our artisan has created as the sign of this movement of light, you may just discern my face peeping through, smiling at you, loving you and calling you higher-yes, calling you back home to the very rose heart of God's own ruby heart. I thank you my friends, my beloved ones. May your love increase day by day. For in knowing true love, God-love, all shall be healed, all shall be one. I thank you.

1Matt. 28:18

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