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Lady Venus      April 26, 2006

Beloved Lady Venus
David Christopher Lewis
April 26, 2006            7:05-7:09 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

The Golden Age Culture Exists Now

            I, Lady Venus, also come with Sanat Kumara this day to earth, and we lend our momentum of God-love from our home star to all evolutions upon earth. You know that love is the key. Call to us to bring more of heaven to earth daily, and we will make it so.
            Call to us to bring that culture that exists already at higher vibrations even within the heaven world of earth itself, and our angels will help in making it so for you. Once you know that a golden age culture is already in existence at a higher vibration all around you then the struggle fades away and your job is simply to bring it forth from our octaves to yours.
            Therefore, commune with us. Meditate with us. Allow your vision to be whole. For once you see the plan then all will be clear and you may make it a tangible reality in your world.
            We now bless this holy communion and offer it to you as the concentrated love fire from our hearts this day for the expansion of cosmic love within The Hearts Center, all servitors, partners and heartfriends worldwide who have, both at inner and outer levels, made the commitment to be the rose of fire to light a world.
            So be sealed in our love and our light this day, beloved ones.

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