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Saint Gemma      April 23, 2006

Saint Gemma (Galgani)
David Christopher Lewis
April 23, 2006
Livingston, Montana

Precious pearls who would be in God's eye gems of everlasting joy,
            I am come this day to impart to each of you the flame of purity which you may sustain each hour of the day through your attention upon the Beloved One. I was graced to receive from the heart of Jesus the great intimations of his life and how he loved each one so. And through the passion that he experienced, which I, too, did receive through all the senses, he entered into the very heart of every child of God, most personally.
            I am the one whom some have known as Saint Gemma Galgani, and I lend my momentum of love to all who would walk the way of sacrifice, service, selflessness and perfect surrender to the will of God. Many bodhisattvas have streamed to earth, answering your calls each morning for graces and for the saving of sentient beings. And each morning it is as if the entire atmosphere is filled with the radiance of light from these beings who wait for your prayers and take your heart's love here and there to save a child, to save a soul caught in the grips of mediocrity, enslaved in momentums of the past and caught in the grip of a life lived in futility, but which through their intercession may now be one of fulfillment, holiness and peace.
            Serapis has called you to come to his home of light at Luxor. And I was privileged to attend his school at inner levels before my ascension. And I did witness the great light of the ascension flame that my Lord Jesus did also bear for and on behalf of all life upon Earth. For the very reason that you will be in the very proximity to this home of light wherein this fire does burn, not only at etheric levels but as a very tangible manifestation and witness to the path walked by the savior in that Holy Land, you should make every effort to be among those who will travel as a holy entourage, for I also will be with you day by day, and share with you insights at a very personal level of how you may move forward in your personal path of oneness with God.
            Blessed ones, all those who have entered into the heart of God in the ascension are one, for the entire spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, universal in purpose, united in our efforts to continue the work of the avatars of the age, are ever with those who know of our existence, who pray daily and who through a life consecrated to God may attune to the hearts of the angels and ascended beings and receive many blessings day by day through the heart of devotion that you bear.
            Blessed ones, the messenger did pen this morn a song of praise to Serapis in preparation for your journey to his retreat and I ask him now to read it to you for your inspiration and your use in the coming days for the garnering of that wedding veil light around you. For you see, we of the ladies of heaven who serve on all the rays, but especially the ray of purity, will work with your soul as the feminine aspect of your being to daily weave around you that filigree light of your wedding garment for the day when we will place it upon you as you walk to the dais to receive through your being the currents of the ascension flame and unite once more with your beloved I AM Presence in the great ritual of the ascension.
            So listen, and enter into in this hour a deeper, more personal contact and relationship with your inner being and with the mighty fire of the seraphim and the Brothers and Sisters at the Temple at Luxor as you prepare for this great adventure with many of your friends who are also on this path of oneness.

From Luxor I Take Flight

1. We go within and now begin to meditate again.
            We see the flame and now proclaim the sacred I AM name.
Refrain: I AM the light, a torch of light, O pearly fire so bright.
            I AM the light, ascension light, from Luxor I take flight.

2.            O white ray Lord, Astrea's sword of purity we wield.
            In psalm and poem we sound the OM within your fiery home.

3.            Retreat so vast we see at last, now hold us close and fast.
            On sacred ground your love resounds, we chant in holy round.

4.            Serapis dear, O draw us near, your seraphim are here.
            From Luxor's height we rise in light, ascension flame so bright.

            Beloved ones, you know that the goal of your life is the ascension, for though you may have taken the bodhisattva vow to save sentient beings you can remain tethered to earth, serving from ascended realms, in a more than ordinary effort. For you see, the light that you carry, magnified through your attainment of the ascension can be for Earth a great impetus of fire whereby many more may receive the currents and the fiery, starry substance that you bear while wrapped in the ascension fires as an immortal being.
            Those who are willing and able to bear the light of this ascension fire in their mortal forms while yet in embodiment, sustaining day by day through the invocation of the coil of light around you, may receive the most wonderful blessings that you can imagine, whereby the angels, being comfortable in your presence, may attend to your every need, both spiritual and material and continue to weave around you skeins of light so that everywhere you walk sentient beings may be blessed by your presence. This is the work of the saints, to anchor within the earth the light of the brotherhood in white as a tangible reality and record for all to see.
            I am Saint Gemma. You may study my life if you desire. And as you look upon my picture, I will stream forth through my eyes to yours the great love that I still carry for my Lord, Jesus, and now in heaven, for all ascended and cosmic beings.
            Blessed ones, I am grateful to have this resource of your messengers through whom not only I but many may communicate to you. Guard and protect and seal these as representatives of the Lord in the earth. If you knew how precious these points of contact are for all ascended beings, you would strive to uphold and support, love and nourish this mission unto its fulfillment, for thousands and even millions of souls who would not have been saved had it not been for you and for these are waiting to receive our words of love, wisdom and power through these hearts and through your hearts, beloved ones.
            I thank you and bid you a whole and holy day, one of inner communion, one of contemplation and meditation upon your personal pearl, the gift of Self that you may offer once more to the Lord of all life.
            I am Saint Gemma and I place upon your lips this day the sacred host which I have blessed with my presence. And Jesus and I now serve you, each one. Receive now the Christ, the Buddhic light and know purity, wholeness and holy grace this day. I thank you.

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