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Lanto      April 20, 2006

Beloved Lanto
David Christopher Lewis
April 20, 2006 8:12 - 8:30 am MDT            
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Blessed students of the higher way,

            I am come this day to expand wisdom's fire within your crown, to illumine your mind and to set forth before you, a way out. The Middle Way of the Buddha is the sure-fire opportunity wherein you may progress steadily toward the very center of that point of reality from which, in the beginning, you were sent forth into the rounds and cycles of being.
            I AM Lanto and I have spoken to you of the rising light of illumination's plume and how each must come into balance with a greater understanding of cosmic truth at all levels. In your day and age there has been the dulling of the mind through the influences of modern-day living with all of its annoyances and distractions from divine intent. You are bombarded by thoughtforms, desires, projections and, therefore, it is often difficult for you at times to maintain that state of mind whereby you are attuned directly to the mind of Buddha and of Christ within.
            I come with an offer for you to partake of a direct relationship with me in a more-than-ordinary manner in which, through the Messengers and the teaching that I will deliver during my upcoming course at Meru University, you may fully cognize your own being and consciousness at a higher level than you had ever imagined, beloved ones.
            I will be delivering to you new teaching in a manner in which, for some of you, though it may make you uncomfortable at times, will propel you into a new paradigm of thought and spiritual discernment. For, unfortunately, many still do not and have not let go of mental models of themselves, of life and of the spiritual path that have kept you bound to this dimensional plane and vibration.
            Therefore, through the acceleration of the golden plume of illumination within the inner recesses of both your mind and your physical brain, I will be creating channels that will allow you to think, cognize and meditate at levels of etheric dimensions, planting seed concepts, that when fully watered by you, can create new shoots within the streaming of the mind of God from your I AM THAT I AM Presence into your outer awareness.
            The difficulty in the West, as you know, has been that many do not perceive as is perceived in the East, due to the trappings of civilization. For how often have you been within nature for extended periods of time meditating on all that she has to offer you in her innate wisdom? You spend the majority of your time indoors, in offices and homes, boxed in from the natural outflow of wisdom within the seed of all of the natural environment placed there by the hand of the Divine as your inner teacher.
            Do you ever wonder how, having entered nature's kingdom, you feel refreshed and motivated at a new level and new concepts may stream forth to you more easily and readily in your creative endeavors, beloved ones? This is why the poet, the musician, the writer are always inspired by being within the domain of the natural environment, in the hills, among the forests, upon the rivers.
            Many of the illumined masters have walked the way of wisdom for centuries and delivered to their disciples through very simple teaching, the gnosis and understanding whereby they could draw from within those natural components of holy wisdom, expounding upon great concepts, details of how light is both disseminated and influences all within the world.
            It is one thing to feel the presence of the ascended masters in your midst. It is another to merge your minds with their minds and to perceive at levels whereby you can actually see the future pinpoint keys and the plans of the Brotherhood for yours and other lifestreams well into the future and bring forth into manifestation principles, precepts and guidance for all that will elucidate for the serious student the way made plain for them and their path homeward. Beloved ones, it is essential that each one who understands the law of life, may realize divine intent at all levels of being and how the wisdom masters are ever striving to move you upward and onward through cosmic awareness, beloved ones.
            Oh, presence of holy wisdom within all, let light flow now and stream through the consciousness of each one gathered to listen to these words. Let there be resonance. Let there be hope. Let there be within their minds the eternality that does descend through the activation of cosmic wisdom, not only within their minds and brains, but within the heart fires of all.
            Take my course, blessed ones, and know that through holy wisdom, the love and power flowing through you may be amplified and sustained at greater levels. Know, oh beloved ones, that truth, as the action of the illumination ray merging with the thrust of the will of God to dissolve error, must manifest within the world before a golden age may come.
            The Lord did say, "And they shall know the truth and the truth shall make them free." The truths that I will deliver will set you free, if you will accept my offering and put these words into action in your world tangibly, day by day. I AM here for you if you will have me, if you will recognize my presence whereby your threefold flame may expand and illumination's fire may once again glow more brightly upon earth through the minds and hearts of all. I thank you for your awareness, for your receptivity of pure being within the mind of the One.

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