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Tara the White Goddess      April 17, 2006

Beloved Tara, the White Goddess
David Christopher Lewis
April 17, 2006
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana
            I am the White Goddess whom you have known as Tara. And I come because you have raised the sacred fire to new heights of God-consciousness. My presence in the earth is the Shakti light of the great Buddha, I AM, who comes to save the earth through you and you and you.
            I would inhabit you if you would have me raised within you as that white light of the Mother always. I would enfold you if you would understand fully what light is. Have you understood the nature of the white light, beloved ones? Fire, as a manifestation of light in your world, is one element. I would give you a new-found understanding of the white light that I bear this day.
            When you have balanced the energies of the prism of self and all rays are focused to a point and a pinnacle of such acceleration, then you may enter the purity of the white-fire sun of being. First, you must have balance through the base of the pyramid of self and the energies that flow through the portal of your being. And when, through cosmic intention, these rays converge through the heart, through the nexus of the God Self anchored within your heart, then there is refracted through your entire consciousness the perfection of the I AM THAT I AM through the white light.
            You see, you have the crystal cord from your great God Self, and this does enter your crown and into your heart. And when the Mother light does rise to greet the descent of that light of the crystal cord, then there is the sparking of a cosmic torch such that all worlds may be blessed by the radiance of the sun of being that you have become.
            So I ask an artist among you to paint the representation of this sparking. And those who have worked as welders may understand how the intensity of that white light does require of them the wearing of those goggles to prevent the blinding of their outer vision. So you even have in the world of form a representation of the intensity of this light.
            Blessed ones, you are moving onward in the understanding of that crystal-diamond, liquid-fire light that you can have flowing through you at all times. I come to step up the intensity of this crystal light within you this day. For you see, in the transfiguration initiation, you will come to understand the accelerating fire of the I AM Presence within you. And as you move upward into those currents of the resurrection culminating in the ascension currents, you must begin to feel and know this radiance and vibration in preparation for that day when you, too, will rise to meet the Lord in the air.
            You may use this visualization of the acetylene torch blazing within your heart as you prepare for your trip to the white chakra of the earth at Luxor in Egypt. And if you can contain the focalization and the intensity of the burning of this light always within you, then the blessings that you will receive and the initiations that you will undergo will fully prepare you at all levels for the coming of the Son (Sun) of God fully embodied within you.
            Blessed ones, the Mother light is not only the passive receiver of the energies of the Father, but it is truly the foundation for the expression of all life in the world of form that you know. As you create the foundation for this movement of light, you must know that, first and foremost, you must be the foundation for the release of cosmic energies to the earth. And therefore building blocks are ye for the Mother; for I play with you, you see, to move you here and there, creating the foundation of the pyramid that together we build. And I enjoy touching you, placing you at various focal points in your world to create a most beautiful, crystalline structure upon which all will follow in due time.
            You see, God is a playful one and loves His children so. And the Mother, playing with her blocks, does truly receive, for and on behalf of the Father, His love for all life here below. So, beloved ones, ask to be those toys of the Lord to be utilized and played upon at all times. And in this joyful spirit you will understand a new-found happiness, knowing that all is well because you have surrendered all of the lower self to allow God to play his song fully within your heart.
            I am Tara. And the white snows that I have brought this day here are for you to enjoy and see not as my tears flowing but as those little specks of light, like the rice that you throw upon those newly married. Yes, I would be your bride this day if you would have me within you always. I thank you and bid you a most cheery and special and harmonious day of love, beloved ones.

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