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Victory      April 16, 2006

Beloved Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
April 16, 2006 5:18 - 5:28 pm MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            Victory is not only a word, but it is a delivery system for the initiation of sacred fire such that you may be emboldened once more to fulfill your reason for being.
            I AM Victory and I have called to sons and daughters upon earth to rise to new levels of victory. And you have answered. And you have stood. And you have declared the word day by day. And Victory is here in the person of Saint Germain, also. Rise now to greet this blessed master! [Audience rises and applauds.]
            Saint Germain on my left and Morya on my right are here to declare unto you that we are pleased with this activity, with the leadership and with the hearts who have determined with a great determination to make new strides, new rivers of light in this world. Therefore, we come, we three, to deliver unto you a dispensation of light from the Great Karmic Board whereby if you will determine to stand with Saint Germain and El Morya day by day in the giving of your calls and in the sacrifice of your lesser self, determining with a great determination, to put beneath your feet, once and for all, all that assails your victory in this life, then we will have the opportunity to contact through the media many tens of thousands of lifestreams who are ready to know of this dispensation.
            Beloved hearts, Vajrasattva is also here because you have called to him day by day. And he is drawing forth now tens of thousands of buddhas from the higher octaves, and they surround you now in a great amphitheatre of light. And this entire property, radiating out for thirty-three miles, is now supersaturated with cosmic beings and angels and masters to whom you have called. And they come to this valley. And they stand with me to declare the victory of each one of you if you determine to be the one with Morya, with Saint Germain, and with each of them as your sponsoring masters. Will you do this, beloved ones? [Yes!] Then join me now in giving the call to Vajrasattva as we say, "Vajra!"
            [Mighty Victory and audience give the fiat "Vajra!" thirty times.]
            When you wield the mighty lightning bolt, then heaven descends into the very physical earth itself, energizing this planetary home and creating new inroads for the light and for the angels to descend to work their work for you. Beloved ones, we suggest that you give this fiat daily, before and after your calls to Archangel Michael, to Hercules and to the seven mighty Elohim. For the earth is in need of greater fire for the holding of the balance of victory.
            Therefore, I, Victory will stand day by day with Vajrasattva to hurl lightning bolts of blue light, white light, green light, violet light, purple light, pink light, ruby light and all the colors of the five secret rays here and there across the earth for the quickening of the minds of the people to wake up, to shake themselves into alignment with their own God Presence. This is the work of Mighty Victory, come with Vajrasattva. And this is our gift to you this day, beloved hearts. Please be seated.
            Justina is also with me. And she has spoken of her love for each one of the 144,000 who came with Sanat Kumara. You see, many have lost their way. And Justina, as a divine mother with Lady Venus, would woo them back to the heart of Venus. Call to my beloved, for she also has received a dispensation to clean up these souls, almost like a mother bear does clean her cubs with her tongue-gently, lovingly.
            And so, when these souls are prepared at a certain level of consciousness by the tweaking of light within their auras and the suffusing of light at certain levels to purge from them certain substances accumulated over not only this life but many lifetimes, then the intensity of the flame of Victory may enter to cut them loose and set them free with the legions of Michael and the legions of the fearlessness flame of Ray-O-Light and to send them forth unto octaves of light when they know the truth and [when] the truth has set them free.
            Beloved ones, we are here. We are determined. We will never leave you, so long as you never leave off of invoking the sacred fire, giving your daily calls, and calling, almost incessantly, for our entry into your world each day.
            So, I seal this conference in the light of Mighty Victory, in the light of the victory which is God's already. Claim this victory with me now as we say together, "The victory is already won, for God has made it so!" [Mighty Victory and audience declare five times together, "The victory is already won, for God has made it so!"]
            So, beloved ones, you must make it so in your world and accept this victory here and now because you are determined to be the one, to be victory with me once and for all! I thank you. [Audience applauds.]

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