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Rama      April 15, 2006

Beloved Rama and Lakshmi
David C. Lewis
April 15, 2006 9:06-9:27 pm MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Receive Our Filigree Shawl of Protecting Light

            We rejoice in your presence, for your beloved Krishna Self has dressed each of you in Indian garb this night as you were giving your bhajans with us. And so we see multi-colored saris and royal garb upon each of you. We have come from the East to honor the flame of the resurrection that burns here in this retreat, sanctified by the hearts of those who sing day and night to the LORD of all creation.
            Your devotions have created waves across the galaxies that even Brahma himself has heard. And he has sent us to bless sentient life upon this soil and to sanctify the mission of this movement, which truly is a movement of heart, but of more, O, so [much] more than you know. For many bodhisattvas and Buddhas and Krishnas and Radhas have come to earth to witness to the great light that has been stirred into action through your devotional work, blessed ones. And the Kali Mother, having come and who still yet abides in the atmosphere of this earth, we do revere for her work in separating out from each of you those elements of maya which may no longer abide within you if you are to ride with us upon the shoulders of Ganesha into a new world.
            We are Rama and Lakshmi, and our devotion this night is to the light within you that you have raised and which we now embellish with a certain action of cosmic rays, yes, even rays beyond the five secret rays. For there are more, yes, many more than you know of. Only when you can ride the cosmic currents beyond this system of worlds may you know the x-factor of these rays, beloved ones. But if you desire to travel this far from your own system, then you must have the wherewithal to return safely to your abode.
            As Uriel has come and as Morya has also spoken to you, each one adjusting, calibrating new fire at inner levels within your inner bodies, so we also come to lend a hand, to fine-tune those currents that flow within your chakras, your spiritual centers and meridians, realigning so that each of you may be ready for a new level of that spiritual fire that you seek.
            The joy that you have experienced in fellowship this evening is the light-hearted joy of our manifestation in another guise. For you see, through the action of the rays that we carry, we can be Rama here, Krishna there, Lakshmi here, Radha there in a flash, in an instant, whereby each devotee who does revere each particular manifestation of the Presence of the Lord may receive the instantaneous answer and the light quotient of cosmic fire, blessing and radiance based on the devotion of the heart in that moment. This is our joy-to appear and not appear, to be and yet not to be, to flow and go here and there and everywhere.
            We are weaving a permanent garment [of light] for each of you which your Holy Christ/Buddha Self will extend to you at the conclusion of this our message. It is as a sheer, silky garment which may protect you at all hours of the day and night when you remember to call it forth in the morning and in the evening before you retire. Some of you may wish to have a physical replica of this, wearing it upon your person, even as the messenger has worn various colored silk scarves. For the action of the light contained within this filigree shawl of light will seal you from certain astral energies, psychic forces, thoughtforms from those who project their human opinions upon the ethers. And this will do you well to protect and shield you from all these forces, beloved ones.
            When you intone the name Rama and Lakshmi, we extend the most current vibration of our attainment unto you, that attainment amplified through and sustained by the sun of our own being at all times and yet made new and fresh through the cosmic cycles that we are still traversing. So you see, when you call to us, one day we will extend our radiance in the vibration that we sustain in that moment. And yet on the morrow when you call, the grace that you will receive will be at a new level and spirit, do you not see?
            Therefore, this blessing is true for every ascended master whom you name and who you call upon. And you should become adepts at discerning when you call for the presence of a master, how a new level of vibration may be yours through your tuning in and acceptance of that level, blessed ones, in that hour. This is the joy of new discovery so that each day when you begin your sessions of prayer together, you may never enter into a state of rote or the humdrum of this experience, but you may know and seek within, truly a new and higher level in vibration each day with us in your midst.
            Can you now feel the increase in your aura of the light that we have brought, for our gopis are now draping around you this cosmic substance of starry energy? It may, it just may be easier, for you to take your flight at night to etheric octaves when wearing this garment. So a word to the wise ones is sufficient. And we expect many of you to come to the heaven world wearing these sacred garments, blessed ones, each night.
            O how great is the LORD of all! O how beautiful his face! When you can look upon Brahma without shielding your eyes, you will know truly a new-found spirit abiding within you always. Let this be your desire, to look upon the face of God each day and see shining back unto you a reflection of Self, of the child within. For you see, the Lord Brahma is as a noble child-son, daughter-though very old, ageless, immortal. When you look upon the eyes and the face of a newborn, then you may know the face of Brahma.
            Blessed be each one whose love sings in the day, in the night, of the Beloved. Blessed be the one who understands all, having given all. Blessed be you now and always, O holy devotees of the One-Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva-the All in All.

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