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Holy Amethyst      April 15, 2006

Beloved Holy Amethyst
David Christopher Lewis
April 15, 2006 (25 minutes)
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Sons and Daughters of Violet Flame Joy,
            I am here to bless the earth and to bless every child of God's heart. I AM Amethyst, whom you have called Holy. Yet I see each of you as holy jewels and gems of God's heart. So whether you desire to dress in amethyst or ruby or emerald or chalcedony or topaz or any of the jewels, facets of the one God, you are still that diadem of fire in his eye this day.
            The violet fire as the tangible manifestation of the flame of forgiveness and mercy is a flame of healing, also. For wherever this fire does burn, not only is there the transmutation of all lesser energies but there is the natural raising of consciousness and the healing of patterns of past misapplications of the law of love.
            When you wear amethyst on your person and have the crystal matrix upon your altars and in your homes, the elementals are so happy. For you see they thrive where the violet light is present in form and formlessness and they joyfully contribute their momentums of happiness and love in your presence. For they, especially the gnomes, have worked very carefully to create every little point, every little crystal that is finally outpictured in the magnificent geodes that you have seen; and even in the beautiful color that comes because they have focused the light of the violet fire with me in a most alchemical way in producing these gemstones of many shades and colorations. It is no small wonder that the majority of the amethyst upon your world is beneath the earth in South America and Brazil and in that region. For has not the master Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director himself determined to anchor the light of the seventh root race there?
            When those who discover this bounty of our fire within the earth excavate and distribute this crystallized energy of violet joy around the world, there is that distribution of a portion of myself and of the angels and the elementals' work for all to receive and share. And thereby all the earth, wherever the violet flame through this manifestation is present, is blessed.
            Oh, if you could see the violet flame in action, in work through your calls, you would see that it is a lively, a joyful, a dancing fire that is active, intelligent, and works at many, many levels, beloved hearts, to do its perfect work. The cosmic intelligence of this fire as a living, radiating energy of concentrated love-power is truly the miracle light that you should, if you are wise in the use of your own energies, invoke daily, for and on behalf of not only yourselves and your families but your communities and nations.
            The violet flame lightens all with a cosmic resilience that brings a smile to every face because that one knows that eternal grace is available. Why, even during the sacrament of confession, if you could see the angels' work when the priest does bless the penitent one, there is the transfer of a coil of violet fire for the consuming of past error. And though many know it not, through the action of forgiveness that does flow from my angels, there is conveyed to each one new opportunity to rise higher, to aspire to God-consciousness through the proper use of the light streaming through them each day.
            If you meditate upon the violet flame you may perceive how it is manifest throughout your world in many ways. Have you seen the beautiful sunset with the light shining and refracting upon the mountains and in the roseate-purple-violet clouds painted by my angels? Have you seen deep under the sea the many manifestations of purple and violet hues in plant life swimming beneath the waves above? Why, even within your own body temple at times when you give the violet flame your very blood takes on that violet hue, beloved ones-purifying and cleansing all the elements and substances and particles that compose that liquid light that flows through you.
            When men and women of earth begin to employ the use of the violet flame, their worlds are changed. For Opportunity, as another aspect of the violet flame in the person of Portia, does come to them to give them a new way, looking forward to a future of hope and freedom and cosmic love.
            The use of clothing in this day and age that brings into manifestation the various shades of violet and purple allows mankind to feel at a certain level a very tangible manifestation of the violet flame upon their bodies. And so, when you wear this color, it does magnetize those specific qualities unto you for your benefit in many ways.
            The auras of many children in this hour are glimmering with this color. For they have a natural buoyancy and lightness about them. I ask you to pray for the youth to allow them to maintain always this cosmic energy in their auras. For when the burdens of life come upon mankind these tend to cloud the beautiful colors, the rainbow colors of the aura, that shine through those who sparkle because of their innate goodness, their innate beauty, brought from past-life momentums when they have served and striven and tuned into the very heart of God in their life mission.
            Violet flame joy is the need of the hour everywhere. Just think what life would be like in the Middle East, beloved hearts, if every man, woman and child knew of the violet flame and would pray five times a day not only to Allah but employing the use of this energy to bring about forgiveness, mercy and grace in their affairs and interactions with others.
            Think of what the violet flame can do in the nature kingdom when all those who work in agriculture and horticulture employ its use in the growing of their crops and trees and plants and shrubs. Why, the greenery of elemental life merged with the violet would create such a bounty and harvest of light that soon you would not even distinguish the earth from the past, with what could occur through this miracle energy.
            Think of what could occur when those in the healing professions would employ the use of the violet flame, directing currents through laser technology as well as simply having violet light in and around the patients and those for whom they care. Why, even the painting of this pastel hue in the rooms of the hospitals and nursing homes and treatment centers would work miracles to raise each heart in consciousness and allow a quicker healing to occur at all levels of their being, especially in their minds and feeling worlds.
            Think of what this world would be if in the educational system teachers, parents and guardians would employ the use of the violet flame for children of all ages and students, allowing them to understand how whenever they are burdened, through simply ingesting a little bit of this fiery substance in their beings, all may be made light and their learning would be facilitated and streamlined.
            You may discern all the very multifaceted opportunities for the use of the violet flame in your world, beloved hearts, being creative. This is necessary for the bringing in of the seventh age. For you see, everything can be colored violet if you choose-violet sunglasses; violet glasses from which you drink; violet elixirs; violet shoes so that everywhere you walk the violet light is distributed; violet screens for your computers, for even this color, when looked upon, does radiate through your iris back unto the cortex of your brain to make certain impressions that can assist in healing your mind at many levels.
            Saint Germain is always available, as is my beloved Zadkiel and I, to assist you in thinking of ways in which to employ the violet flame in all areas of your life. Won't this be fun, beloved ones, to see how you can be an angel of mercy upon the earth for many?
            So I come, now, to bless upon this altar the amethysts that you have brought. I charge them with my heart's essence. And I charge you with the essence of violet joy this day. I am grateful to each one who maintains a spirit of joy. For you see joy is the very action of the violet flame. And when you smile and laugh and are light in your thinking and feeling world, my angels may enter your aura and reside with you throughout the day.
            So why be dour, glum, woeful any longer when you can simply look up and say, "O Amethyst, give me your joyful spirit this day! Help me to spread it everywhere. Help me to be your heart of fire. I invite you into my aura and life to lighten the way this day." This may be your prayer, blessed ones. And in a newfound spirit of cosmic joy, you just may be able to take greater bounds up the stairway unto heaven to assist you on your trek home-bouncing, like Tigger, on a violet pogo stick, up three steps at a time, until one day you also may enter the pearly gates which I say would also be ensconced in amethyst-entering the Holy City, welcomed by many angel bands as the friends that you are of God.
            I thank you for your attention, for your cosmic intention to love all life free each day. Blessings to all. And a good day of violet joy.

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