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Hope      April 14, 2006

Beloved Hope
David Christopher Lewis
April 14, 2006 7:45-8:05 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Children of Heaven's Hope,
            I enter the atmosphere of the earth in this hour to bring to mankind the evidence of heaven's hope for all. And so, many legions of angels come with me and surround every child of God's heart in this hour to bring to the remembrance of all how each one was born within the sanctuary of hope, within the womb of the cosmic mother.
            Think on the purity in which you abided when first you were received as a soul within your mother's womb-being nourished by the essence of her being; receiving even during the times when she was somewhat burdened by the extra weight upon her being, thoughts of wonder and awe of this new life aborning within her womb. Thoughts of expectation of what you would be like, of when you would appear, of how your presence would grace the family of mankind, of a new-found love and an object of devotion, allowing her to care for you most intimately hour by hour-meeting your every need, giving of her life energy so that you could live upon earth.
            The hope and expectancy of new life creates an aura of purity whereby each one may enter in to that grace that does flow from higher octaves-the soft approach, the gentleness of the caress of the angels who always wing their way to the creche of the newborn soul. For you see, we see each child aborning upon earth also as a Christed being. And my beloved Gabriel does announce at inner levels to every mother the coming of the one sent unto her for the fulfillment of both her mission and the mission of the one descending again into your octaves to fulfill the reason for being of that one.
            Each child of God is hope for a world. Every son and daughter born anew into the flesh may be a Christ or a Buddha through [right] choice and through right action and the gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit. Each one, day by day, may choose to remain in that state of purity-purity of thought, purity of motive, purity of feeling.
            And so mothers, it is up to you-all of you upon earth-to extend to your newborn the gifts and graces of the angelic octaves whereby your children may always retain the memory of pure love and faith and hope for their own souls, their own path back to the heart of God.
            When you place before your infants images of glory and beauty, and when you bring to them a gentleness, a purity of your own heart whereby you do not extend the burdens that you may experience in the flesh to them, but you become a buffer between the energies of the world and their growing hearts and bodies, then, mothers, you may truly be my representative of hope to a world.
            Children should be shielded from the chaos and the cacophony of many voices and energies and the dissonance of a culture that has descended into a warlike state. And the shield for them is the heart of the mother. Children should be nourished, given all that they need for body, mind and soul development through the nexus of the heart of mother whereby we may also enter into that nourishment through your acceptance of our presence and your invocation of that presence around you day-by-day.
            Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men and women of goodwill. The angels sing of the coming of one this day into your community of light who shall be a witness to the glory of the angelic kingdoms. Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to all mankind, to the children and all nations who are beset by burdens untold, who should be free to experience life as children of God and not as slaves beset by those who would steal their purity, their very souls.
            Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to those who are the peacemakers, who bring the gentle approach through their words, through their prayers, through their meditations whereby the earth may be ensconced in the light of purity and the ascension flame for a golden age to manifest through many, many hearts one with the Beloved.
            Blessed children of my heart, I have come to remind you of the simplicity of your path, whereby your upturned heart may receive the intimations from our bands, from the very heart of the Divine Mother. For life is not so mysterious, and the path not so hard when through the soft approach, a kind gesture and a simple smile, you may truly convey all of the qualities of purity and grace that we carry and hold so dear for you.
            Come with me now as we wing our way above the earth to celestial cities of light. I take you to our home of light in this hour where you may see the yearnings of the hearts of men and how each prayer offered is received by us and instantly adjudicated by the great law and how graces may flow unto those who have called forth intercession.
            You may be an angel of hope for many, beloved ones, when you become sensitized to the hearts of mankind through listening, through understanding, through accepting each one who comes, even though their garments may be temporarily soiled. For can you not see within and beyond the outer garments to the core of the soul of each one, seeing that purity that we see within each one of you? This is my key for you this day: that though many may not fully embrace all that you do, the exact path that you walk, that you will continue to be our angels of hope for a world and especially for the children and the youth.
            The God Harmony now sings an aria to you of celestial hope. Listen to his voice of purity in this hour. [There is a fifty-eight second pause while the song is sung on inner planes by the God Harmony, also known as the Great Tenor.]
            On wings of hope, I return you now to your continuing meditation upon the ray of purity. Remember, blessed ones, our journey together this day into the octaves of light. For when, one day, you return, fully realized as Christed ones, we shall commune once more of how, together, we may bring hope anew to a world in need.
            I thank you for your hearts of purity. I do understand your burdens. And Gabriel does blow his trump to proclaim your immanent victory so long as you rise to meet the challenges in store for you with currents of virya and with that cosmic expectation of hope whereby you, through purity, may win all the way home.
            I thank you, beloved ones, and seal you in a sphere of white-fire comfort and hope in this hour.

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