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Confucius      April 14, 2006

Beloved Confucius
David C. Lewis
April 14, 2006  12:02-12:24 pm MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                    A Walk with Confucius to Rekindle the Way for the People of Chin

           I am the way, the truth and the life;1 for I, too, with beloved Jesus, have walked the path home to the heart of the Father. And I invite you, each one, to walk that path with us this day.
           This day we will not walk the sullen path to Golgotha, but we will take another one, with me as your escort, beloved hearts. And so, we begin on the eastern shores of China and we walk on the path of the wall of China this day. Take my hand as I lead you through my country, for as we walk you will experience the sights and sounds and energies of this people, those who, though born of an ancient culture, have in many areas lost the way. And so I choose you this day to walk that way with me, whereby through your hearts you may radiate the fire from your hearts to rekindle the way again for many.
           We pass by the great teeming cities, with their commerce and their factories, where many lifestreams are caught in the web of the cog of the machine of industrialization, creating things which mankind think that they need to live. So we send a ray to each one, a ray of illumination, a sunbeam of cosmic wisdom to teach them that there is more to life than being part of producing all these things.
           We now move past the great cities into the countryside, where many are engaged in agriculture, the growing of the rice and other crops. In many cases these are those who do understand certain cycles in the natural world, for they see the growth of the plants from seed to fruit. [To] these we also send our ray of love-wisdom, whereby they may know a higher path, a higher way back to the source of all.
           We move over mountains, over rivers, passing by multitudes of peoples and towns, those traveling here and there who are walking away—yes, walking away from, moving away from the center, and yet they know it not. Let us walk and invite them to walk our way, a way out of the human dilemma into the divine experience of Buddhic initiation, as the Middle Way.
           We continue now, winding our way across this path. And in consciousness we move in every province and every town, visiting every monastery, every child, every home, every family.
           I did, by God's grace, develop a way for all to live in harmony through a culture of understanding, integrity, reverence for all. And yet this way has been thrown away for a culture and a society which no longer honors the respectful way of the elder race of Chin.
           So, we now bring our scrolls to the leaders of this land with a declaration from the Solar Lords, the Karmic Board and cosmic councils that if Earth is to be sustained and a golden age to come, then this people must be given the opportunity, a way of freedom and hope and self-transcendence through the understanding of the path. Each and every one who is responsible for the governing of this land at all levels is given a replica of this scroll this day. Each one must choose whether to accept the edicts of the Lords of Karma, bending to the divine will or not.
           So, beloved ones, you are witnesses to this event this day. And through your word, you may call forth the freedom of this people at all levels. For you now have seen their faces; you have experienced their pain; you have seen their great desire and those who have been caught within the system, [which] does enslave many who have sought a new way out of this cultural dilemma.
           Yes, there are many who are practicing in private and in secret, whose auras shine in this hour. And we witness these who are the hope of this land. You may join them in prayer, in meditation and in their spiritual practice, however simple, however remote. You may be for them a hope, a prayer. You may wing your way in your meditations to their homes and hamlets, being a spiritual support, a protection, an aura of love, for many practice alone or in small groups for fear of being found out by the authorities. And so, each one here and each one there can be in the Tao, in a cosmic interchange of brethren of East and West whereby you may support them, and they may also work for you at inner levels.
           For you see, not long ago some of you were embodied in the East and have now come to the West. It is up to you to use your freedom fully for the employment of all the gifts and graces that you have received on behalf of these who do not walk with the same freedoms that you experience. Therefore in this noblesse oblige, God does require of you more, beloved hearts. And you should not take for granted the freedom that you know in this hour. For if you do, that freedom will be required of you as you pass onward and upward [to experience] certain levels of initiation [and] to support the salvation of those for whom you have vowed, at inner levels, to pray and be electrodes in the Earth.
           We continue now our walk across the great land to the farthest reaches in the West. We witness each and every soul, especially the children, those who live on the land with almost nothing in their possession. These are the hearts that we love, O my friends. These are those whom I am even now calling to walk the way with me in this hour. I now take these blessed ones up in my garments, offering them to blessed Kuan Yin and all sponsoring masters of this people. Receive them, O Lord into your heart, even for an hour, that they may know surcease from their pain and distress and their toil. Receive them, blessed Kuan Yin. Take them to your heart. Give them of your mercy light this day that they may know hope and opportunity for wisdom's fires to burn once again within this people.
           The scrolls are delivered. Those who have subverted the plan and the way now know what they must do to make amends for what they have outpictured.
           We return now to the West, to your homes of light here, yet you shall retain the memory of our walk together, blessed ones. And when you walk in the hills and valleys, when you walk to work each day or step outside, remember to breathe a prayer of hope to these blessed ones for whom I have pleaded for aid and assistance.
           I thank you for receiving me. I thank you for walking this path with me this day. I am Kong Fuzi,2 whom you have known as Confucius. I am the way, the truth and the life. No man or woman or child comes to the Father but through this path, this way of holiness—the inner walk with God. Walk ye in it, and know, once and for all, the inner radiance of the resurrection in the light, the Tao of overcoming, which is even now available to you through your acceptance and your assent this hour.
           I seal you in wisdom's fire! May it burn brightly within these, O Lord, so that all one day may know the truth once again. I thank thee.

1. John 14:6.
2. Kong Fuzi is the most current and widespread pinyin phonetic spelling of the Chinese name for Confucius.

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