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Lanello      April 13, 2006

Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

April 13, 2006  7:14-7:29 pm MDT

Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana



 Fully Understand the Divine Interchange of Father-Mother Polarities
Through the Ritual of the Washing of the Feet

            I welcome you again to my heart. Once more we are gathered in sacred fellowship to commemorate the coming of our Lord. And you each have prepared yourself by being in the right place at the right time, traveling from near and far to sit at the feet of the master. Those of us who are privileged to know the masterful one whose countenance shone with the sun, whose heart was full of the love of the Father-Mother God, are truly blessed in all ways to have the direct transmission to our hearts of his spirit and fervor and grace.

            In this hour, when mankind are searching for an understanding of how to bring about a world of peace and harmony, the master Jesus still stands as the prime example of peace and brotherhood and the unity of hearts in the fellowship of the circle of oneness. For over two thousand years he has walked and talked with his disciples, those who could glean the inner mysteries of his appearance and his teaching. And even those among mankind who do not fully comprehend the totality of his mission are blessed by his radiance and his aura of love which continue to grace all those who commune weekly, daily, hourly with this Son of God.

            Many of you are rising now into new levels of Christ attunement whereby through your own acceptance of the light of Christos within you, you are coming to terms with your own Godhood in the realization of how each one may also outpicture that Christ light that he bore to the earth. For did he not say, "Greater works than these shall ye do because I go onto the Father?"¹ Beloved ones, he has prepared many mansions as you have heard. And in this hour, some among mankind are accepting his invitation to move onward to inhabit those mansions in the sky. But more importantly, those who choose to do so can and may manifest his presence and the presence of the Christ of their own being in this world in the here and now to once again prove this path of self-mastery.²

            So, you have determined not to wait until what some have termed the second coming, but you have determined to be his spiritual fire in your every thought, word and deed throughout the day and the night in consciousness. Therefore, I come to greet my own, those who knew me personally and those who have kept the flame burning bright for these several decades since my own return to the Father-Mother God in my own ascension in the light. Jesus has said “occupy till I come.”³ And so he does come this night unto each one, heart to heart, and through these who have been chosen to wash your feet and to anoint them with holy oil. The master and his twin flame themselves will perform this ceremony. And Mother and I also are here to overshadow these devotees.
            So, beloved ones, accept this token of the love of twin flames in your midst whereby through the Alpha and Omega currents you may receive the fullness of the Christ Presence, even of your own twin flame ascended or unascended whom we do invoke to be in this place for each of you now, overshadowing your own being so near and dear to your heart whereby you may feel the increase of the pulsation of the love fires of heaven within your hearts in this hour.

            The cloven tongues of fire of the Holy Spirit are truly the flames of twin flames, do you see?4  And so cloven, meaning that they issue from the one but are two in number, shows you that you may also receive that spiritual fire which is the balance of these two forces and polarities within you for the harmony of your beings in all ways.

            When beloved Jesus washed the feet of his disciples there was the transfer of the inner understanding of his heart and mind to each one. For do not the feet represent the foundation of your understanding of the path, beloved hearts?5 And as you walk that path—left and right, right and left—there is the flowing of the Alpha and Omega energies through your feet and in the swaying of your arms. And when you can fully understand the divine interchange of these polarities whereby the Mother light and the Father light as wisdom and knowledge, power and glory may manifest through your being in all ways, then you too, shall be prepared fully for your own merging with the Divine Presence whereby your soul is elevated to the heights of cosmic bliss and once again you may enter into that eternal oneness that all ascended beings have experienced in their return to the heart of the One.

            So, let these now come forward as they share with you from their hearts and through their hands the transfer of our fire and love to you, each one. I, Lanello, am grateful that each of you has chosen to be here physically. For many were called, but few have arrived in this sacred space to be with the master personally in this hour.6  I honor you each one in holiness, in grace.

            My love is with you always, even as the Master Jesus and Magda are with you always, even unto the ends of this age and the dawning of the new age of divine wholeness.7  I thank you and bid you good evening, though I will remain with you throughout this night singing my melodies within your heart with Mother at my side, always.



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