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Zarathustra      April 09, 2006

Beloved Zarathustra
David Christopher Lewis
April 9, 2006 6:15-6:24 pm PST
Tucson, Arizona

            Ho! I descend in a spiral of fire from the Great Central Sun! For in these days and hours of your communion here, I have taken the opportunity to fly to the heart of Sirius where I have stood in the presence of great cosmic beings and received from the very altars of heaven the love fires of the Central Sun of your system, beloved ones. And I now come into your midst to deliver unto you a sealing action of the solar fires from Sirius into the chalice of your hearts and beings.
            I AM Zarathustra. And I have been a fiery spirit for a long, long time. And therefore, I convey to you the intensity of what you can become when you meditate upon the Central Sun within you.
            Omraam and Jesus understood these principles. And therefore, they have become a sun. And long before they walked the earth in their recent embodiments, I, Zarathustra, also became a flaming fire, delivering to the earth great quotients of not only the violet flame but other light rays that you know not of; for my meditation upon the flame was a permanent one whereby I did see blazing within the fire itself the image of the Lord God. And I did breathe into my heart that fiery substance daily whereby I was able to transcend this plane on skeins of light and fire.
            This path may not be for all, for all may not stand within the fire unscathed and un-scorched, beloved hearts. But some of you, I see, having become more fiery in recent days and weeks and months, are ready for some initiations whereby you may become [even] more fiery.
            Therefore, Cosmos has come. You have called to him. You have called to the secret rays. And within those rays themselves, as the moving action of the scintillating fire that does congeal and change and congeal again and change as an undulating current within and around and about you, you may enter into a greater understanding of all the qualities of fire itself.
            Look into the fire. See the dancing flames. See the fiery spirit manifest in this etheric matrix that even you can see tangibly in your dimension. Do you not see, beloved ones, that fire itself is actually from a higher state and vibration than what you see as physicality in the earth? Therefore, fire is a conduit for entering into the etheric plane. And as you have heard, the ascended masters are fire breathers; for we do not live on the breath and the air that you subside on, but we live on fire, for we are on fire. We are starry ones, having merged with the Sun Presence of our God.
            Therefore, I would impress upon you the need for more fire. And when you gaze upon the sun in your solar meditation, see this fire streaming forth from Helios and Vesta becoming who you are as you become the fire of Helios and Vesta yourself.
            So, I set my seal of fire upon this conference. For, beloved ones, to have a solar civilization, many more among mankind must rise to be able to withstand the heat that is coming to earth. So, if you would become more fiery with me, then you shall be able to withstand the coming changes without the pain of surrender that some of you have felt through what you have thought was surrender which may no longer be truly acceptable as that cosmic and fiery surrender that one day you will know as ascended and cosmic beings.
            For, you see, even we continue to surrender lesser states of consciousness as ascended beings. Did you think that we were the totality of all that we could become, having once ascended, beloved ones? I say no, for we are always evolving and becoming more of the sun, do you see?
            So, in joy, I say, come with me. Come, and become the fiery ones if you would dare to stand with Zarathustra! I seal you in a corona of fire as the blessed Hilarion does now come to seal your third eye for your personal vision of a golden-age civilization. For within this blessing of this jade ring, he does convey to you the image of your golden-age consciousness that you may hold from this day forward within your own vision and mind and heart. So, receive the healing light of the master healer. Be whole. Be one. And return to the heart of the sun with me.

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