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Maha Chohan      April 08, 2006

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
April 8, 2006   9:30-9:46 pm MDT
Building a Solar Civilization in the Age of Aquarius
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


Go and Be My Representatives

I Am Looking for Those Who Can Take the Heat
Be the Fire! Be the Flame!

            May the Spirit of the Lord be upon you in this hour. I am come to deliver fire upon Earth, spiritual fire, beloved hearts. For in every prayer that you give in this activity, do you not call for the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood to descend in and upon you?
            Therefore I come to answer! And I would rekindle in you a newfound fire, a Solar fire. For you have discerned well in this weekend the opportunity to receive the direct transfusion [of light] from the heart of the sun of this system [and,] more importantly, from the Sun of your own God Presence—light which has always been available to you every hour of the day, every minute of the hour, every second of the minute.
            Should I go on to speak of the microcosmic flow and how you may enter that flow moment by moment at any hour of the day to receive my fire? When you meditate upon pure light, I enter; for I am the radiance of pure light, at the very core of that radiance, beloved hearts.
            Long ago, as Homer, when I was blinded and sought to deliver unto mankind those tales of heroism that you know of, I did still see in my mind's eye what it would take for the soul to become immortal. And so I did deliver unto you the stories of the Iliad and the Odyssey, whereby the evolution of Odysseus was brought to bear. And the lessons learned and the lessons failed and the ultimate victory won was the thread that I wove to give unto you the understanding of the nature of the Holy Spirit, [which] I was even then in the process of embodying fully.
            The mastery of the seven rays is what it takes to become the representative of the Holy Spirit. And so each of you [has] been called by me in the past to be my representatives unto the Earth. This takes caring—caring enough for your own soul that you will set aside the time to commune with me in the morning and in the evening to discern by that Spirit what is the next best step for you on your path homeward.
            Many of you are rising to new levels of awareness, traversing certain cycles of past karma that have burdened you for many lifetimes. This weekend you have received keys that, if you employ them, will win for you great strides toward your victory. You have seen examples in some of your brethren and sisters here of purity of heart that you now seek to emulate [in order to] accelerate on your path. This is as it should be, beloved ones, for one day others will look to you for your example of being engulfed in the fire of the Holy Spirit.
            What will you say to [those] who come [to you] for nourishment? “God in me is the doer. Of myself I can do nothing. It is the Spirit that moveth within me and doeth this work, this healing.”1
So long as you remain in the humility of the simple flame that I am within you, then you may maintain that point of contact that will allow you to be my representative. Yes, I am looking for those who can take the heat.
            Do you feel the fire now burning around you in this hour? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Can you imagine for once what this will mean for you when this fire remains around you twenty-four hours a day? Well, I say, if you can imagine it, then you can become it. But if you cannot stand fully the heat now, then gently tiptoe out now. And when you are fully ready, you may enter the furnace of my heart to receive the bathing fires that I bring to you.
            Yes, these are bathing fires. That is a new concept—fires that cleanse [and bathe] you, beloved ones. You thought your morning shower was enough! Well, I say, enter my shower each morning! This is truly opportunity for your self-transcendence. For you see, when there is nothing left of you, of the human ego, then what is left but God?
            Therefore, do not fear the heat! Do not fear the fire, but as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, enter the fiery furnace.2 And you will see with the Lord Christ—who even in that hour stood with these three in consciousness to shield them from the physical flames—what it takes to be a walking, living fire for God.
            I see you as living sons, for I hold in my mind's eye the completeness of who you are as a son or a daughter of God. Let there be no division within you, but divide the Word3 within such that you know at all hours of the day or night, discerning the Word, how that Word must manifest through your chalice to be the light that you are.
            Transmutation is my byword. If you are not changing each day a little more, then I say, why do you exist on this planet? If you are not transcending yourself and shedding a layer daily, then I say, you have not fully understood the path.
            Rise now, beloved hearts. Place your hands upon your heart. Feel the kindling light within you as your threefold flame does burn.
            I, the Maha Chohan, now extend to you my heart, and I raise your threefold flame by a specific quotient by your free will, by your determination, by your acceptance in this hour. For one it may be a sixteenth of an inch greater than it was an hour ago; for another, a fraction of this. And for one it may be six inches if you can accept and withstand it, beloved ones.
            Receive now the impartation of this rising light within you in this hour! Cloven tongues of fire now dance upon these heads.4 O Zarathustra, prepare them for your coming on the morrow, wherein a great purging light will continue through your word.
            I accept you each as who you are in the beginning and in the ending of cycles. Do you accept your newfound fire, beloved ones? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then go and be my representatives! Be the fire! Be the flame! And we shall see this new Solar civilization manifest upon Earth sooner than you know, sooner than many believe because some among men have accepted the Solar fire that I have brought this day to you and you and you.
            I thank you and bid you goodnight, good flight once more to the sun and beyond.

1. John 5:30 (“I can of mine own self do nothing.”); John 14:10 (“…the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.” )
2. Daniel 3:13-30.
3. II Timothy 2:15.
4. Acts 2:1-4.


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