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Surya      April 07, 2006

Beloved Surya
David C. Lewis
April 7, 2006  9:30-9:45 pm PST
Building a Solar Civilization in the Age of Aquarius
Tucson, Arizona

We Come to Remind You of Who You Are in God's Eye

            It is a day of love indeed. And I am here to anchor the presence of the God Star upon Earth for the delivery to this system of worlds the light of Sirius in this hour. Beloved hearts, when the light from the God Star does descend to Earth, all is quickened in the blue-fire, white-fire sun of our presence. And so we have ridden across the skies in our chariot of fire and you have felt welling up within you in recent days a certain action of the light whereby the transcendence that may be for you a present reality in your world, has come.
            Therefore we deliver to mankind opportunity to dwell within the greater parameters of the Godhead within the domain of the flesh. And many among mankind, having been chastened of late, are receiving at inner levels a greater impetus of fire whereby they must rise higher to greet the dawn of everlasting life that now graces this Earth through the presence of many ascended masters who desire to raise you, beloved hearts. It is time for mankind to understand the necessity to dwell not only within the great God Self within their hearts and beings, but to allow the transcendent fires and the starry substance from our realm to penetrate the very atoms and molecules of their being as re-enforcement from Above, so below [of] their victory in this world.
            Many of you are aware of the upcoming pilgrimage to Luxor in October. This will be an opportunity for a great influx of fire into the arena of not only the Middle East but unto the West through the hearts of students of light who will be in attendance. Beloved ones, you have seen how the pyramid at Giza does point to the belt of Orion. And therefore those who planned and were the architects for the building of these orifices of fire in the earth and the Mother chakra of this planet were aware of cosmic forces and stellar worlds well beyond your current understanding and that of [your] scientists. For they did deliver in form and concept the initiatic process whereby the soul may ascend to the heart of the God Star in consciousness.
            And so the mysteries of the priesthood at that time taught by the hierophant of the ascension temple at Luxor was such that those who could be trained to leave their bodies and fly in consciousness to the very God Star itself were able to receive the impartation of these fires from our home star and bring them into the dimension of your world for self-transcendence. This was the true priesthood which later was corrupted by those dark forces who sought only to destroy what had been builded by the adepts of the Great White Brotherhood in the flesh.
            And so you have seen a decline in the Middle East in recent decades and years of the true light of understanding of the inner mysteries. And therefore there has been the creation of a vortex of darkness whereby terrorism and the ways of the false ones has held sway in that area now. And you see the warring within the nations and within the peoples and within even the elements of those cultures within nations that has brought to bear great darkness, death and hell come to earth. This must stop! And it may only stop when those of the sons and daughters of God have risen in consciousness, mastering the base chakra and the rising of the Mother Light within them to pour forth into the world of form greater radiance from their own God Source and from higher octaves as a counterbalance to this darkness.
            Therefore beloved ones, we admonish you to learn the science of the spoken word, which some of you have just begun to understand this evening as a dynamic science whereby you can enter into the delivery to this Earth of cosmic energies using the nexus of your heart and your chakras for the anchoring within the Earth body itself of these cosmic fires from other systems of worlds.
            For when you call to us, we answer; and we answer in the full regalia and power of our causal bodies whereby the transcendence of many ascended masters and angelic beings may come to Earth. And there may be in the twinkling of an eye¹ the changing of the very consciousness of the people and this planet if they would accept fully who we are as Gods within this domain in which you dwell.
            It is our opportunity to remind you, beloved hearts, of your own native estate, truly as sons and daughters of God in your own right. This is why we come, not to lord it over you, as you would say, but to truly remind you of who you are in God's eye. When mankind can hold the vision that each one, a brother and a sister, are truly noble sons and daughters of God, then all may come to the understanding of the blessings that are resident within their own heart and mind and soul and rise to the occasion to greet their own Sun Presence and make that light manifest physically, tangibly in [their] daily affairs.
            Mankind has forgotten, and the great scourge upon this society is that people simply act as monkeys and not as the true divine beings that they are. And therefore they go about life in an unconscious state, whereas we would make them conscious again. Therefore, call to us. Call to your sponsoring masters, those with whom you personally resonate and know in a most heartfelt manner that can work a work of light for you within your world, beloved hearts. And if you so choose to add to your momentum of prayer and meditation the call to the God Star, then you will see within the Earth body itself changes in the governments of the peoples. You will see the blue lightning that we bear stabilizing the earth in certain areas, even allowing the softening of earth changes that are coming whereby many will have the opportunity to make changes within their worlds before major cataclysms will occur.
            This is why you have come to Earth and are living at this point in time and space, beloved ones. You chose to be here now, to see the Earth through the changes that are coming! And therefore you have come to the understanding of how you are becoming change agents for God. Yes, you are catalysts for the fire to descend into the earth for the leavening of the whole lump of mankind's consciousness!
            And it may come, and it can come when you individually choose to be the one! Master Morya has given you a prayer, "I Am the One."² And some of you have found a newfound hope for your own mission in realizing how once again you can come into the understanding of how one, one with God, is the majority whereby the light can manifest through you in a most powerful action. And therefore every decision that you make, every turn you take in life, every good thought that you project out into the world through your words and deeds and meditations can win a soul here and there back to the heart of God.
            It is up to you each one to determine how much light you can carry within your auras, your chakras, your beings, beloved ones. And hour by hour as you are able to bear more of the light of Sirius, as serious students of the light, you can truly manifest God consciousness as active participants with ascended beings in the great panoply of light, the great play in which each of you is acting with Saint Germain on the stage as a noble one.
            Beloved ones, isn't this opportunity to be God beings in the Earth what you came here to do? Then be about the Father's business;³ be about the Mother's business in bringing back to the remembrance of mankind their origin in the heart of the God Star and how, through the acceptance of the reality of your own God Presence, you may merge with the light of eternal glory once again.
            We are here! We convoke this weekend to bring a solar civilization once again to this planet! It shall manifest if you choose to allow it, beloved hearts! Will you choose to be for us the solar citizens for planet Earth in this hour? [Audience responds, "Yes!"] We thank you and we send you on your way on beams of light to your resting places this night. And if you choose to ride in my chariot of fire back to the God Star, I will take you and you may be heated up a little bit on the trip. But when we arrive in our palace of light upon our home star you will feel truly the warmth of the hearts, many of whom you have known who are calling for their friends to return soon.
            I thank you. And I bid you good evening, good night and a swift flight back home with me.

1.  1 Corinthians 15:52
2.  Prayer 10.010 "I Am the One!" in the Hearts Center's  Prayers, Decrees, and Mantras book.
3.  Luke 2:49

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