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Manjushri      March 28, 2006

Beloved Manjushri
David C. Lewis
March 28, 2006   7:02–7:16 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Enemy Within
Overcoming the Resistance to Your Divine Calling
Every Moment There Is the Opportunity to Overcome

           I come to expand your perception. When you see clearly, then there is no reason not to act forthrightly. The masses see not the presence of ascended beings within the atmosphere of earth interacting with mankind, and therefore they are blinded through this lack of vision. We expect more from our own.
           You have heard in the words of the one who has penned this document defining the core of evil resident within, which he has aptly named The Enemy Within, the very inspiration from the Master Serapis, his sponsor, and one whom he has known personally in past lifetimes. He has called it as it is. Now it is up to you to discern how, day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment, microsecond by microsecond, you have alloto wed this energy of resistance to your divine calling ply its trade within your being such that you have procrastinated your own Godhood unto this day.
           Did you hear his words that every moment there is the opportunity to overcome resistance? Yet how many would stretch that moment to an eternity? And so, it does become an eternity for you when you live not in the now of the One.
           I am Manjushri, and I lend my momentum of fire to those of you who this day will determine to set forth upon a new course in your life, where all that is unreal will be swept aside and you will embrace fully your God Presence, your Buddha nature.
           You have heard the story of how Guy Ballard turned upon his own human creation and nevermore allowed it to act within his world. You can do this also, but it takes a steely determination and an understanding that must be reinforced day by day so that the subtleties and the voices of darkness may no longer speak within the purview of your domain; for you have extended your aura, you have expanded the flame within your heart, and the forces of the dweller-on-the-threshold may no longer enter your being.
           Somewhere, sometime you must make this determination before you may ascend. Will it be now? Will it be in the now of each morning when you overcome the stasis, the lethargy of the lower self and rise to greet the dawn of your own becoming, beloved ones? Why, even the birds sing their praises each morning to the sun, the source of warmth and light, to the new world which they greet. And they begin their dance and their daily ritual of espying their nourishment, of building their nests and preparing for the young whom they will bear.
           What will be your offering to the Buddhas this Easter season? What will be your meditation upon the eternal fire such that this life will be one worth living, for the rounds of karma will be severed and you will be loosed to fly once again with us?
           March with Serapis. Prepare. Become adepts at steeling your mind and mien. For I daresay that some may be scorched if they have not turned up the heat within to meet the radiance of the Master, who will deliver his fire only to those who can stand within that radiance.
           I am Manjushri, and I am determined to win you. For the Five Dhyani Buddhas have many plans and need those among you who will be the one[s] to make those plans a reality.
           I seal you in crystal-fire substance from my heart! May you glow more brightly, but may this light be what you have garnered from within, sustained always by love.

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