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Milarepa      March 27, 2006

Beloved Milarepa
David Christopher Lewis
March 27, 2006 6:53 - 7:09 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I enter the secret chamber of your hearts to compel you to come within. I seek this day to advance the cause of your adeptship which may only come when you have laid waste to the mayic renderings of your not-self. Discerning vibration, you may attune to the One. Entering the stillness, you should become a sun.
            Portents of your divinity exist and have ever been so within, and yet you have allowed resistance* to flow and catch you in the net of human reasoning. I clip the strands of the net to loose you this day. I am Milarepa and I know something about the rebuilding of the self, which only when I understood fully that the reality of my being was always there for me to behold and to fully become, did the outer building and rebuilding, tearing down and rebuilding cease.
            Many of you have torn down yourselves in this and past lives to the point where you could not perceive fully your own divinity. It is time to mend the real nets that will allow you to catch, not only a glimpse but, the full-gathered momentum of your Buddhahood now.
            Ascertain each point of resistance* that you have allowed in your pathway to go unnoticed, brushing them aside, but not removing them from the pathway. Through meditation you will receive the knife, warmed, which you may use to slice through resistance* as through soft butter, for you see, in reality it is only a chimera, unreal, and yet you have made it so for yourself through acceptance of a lesser way.
            Your own Buddha nature is your messenger. Some have relegated to others the responsibility to tell them what to think or do or say-which way to go-but in reality the only way is within. What will you do this day, I ask? Make a list [and] check it twice of what you have failed to accomplish. And as Mother Mary has told you of the blind spots that some of you even when these are pointed out resist, thinking that it is another's problem that you have anger yet within the folds of your garments, or non-forgiveness or lack of charity or harmony.
            I say, stop! Look within. Listen! Become! For many of you will not make it if you simply seek to sit at our feet day by day and do not make amends with others or mend the relationship with yourself first through forgiving and moving onward.
            You may think you are contributing great sums of energy to this cause, and yet your inner life is what is most important to us. God only knows, you have said, and it is true. God within you is the only one who knows what you must do each hour, each day, to break through that cloud to reach the shores of that reality that are only truly another point of embarkation for you to ride the ship of Maitreya to victory. Yes each point, each breakthrough should be welcomed, and yet, should not stultify your continuing leaping forward into new avenues of thought, of mindfulness and of conscious acceleration.
            Do you understand these words? Will you become them? Only you may answer in the affirmative through right choice, right action, right livelihood, right speech and through a heart right with God. Think of this: to have a heart right with God, right next to God's heart. Yes, this is your goal. Give, give and give again and you shall know no resistance.
            I am Milarepa. Some know me by other names, and yet I am here, the same, and yet not the same, quite. For even in this hour, I have transcended myself. And I pray that you also have. OM. Go be now.

*Beloved Milarepa mentioned "resistance" during this dictation. Before the dictation the messenger read from the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield in which the author speaks of resistance as a force of "the enemy within" that opposes our acceptance of our life's mission and work.

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