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Peace      March 23, 2006

Beloved Elohim Peace
David Christopher Lewis
March 23, 2006 7:22-7:44 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I traverse the cosmos and set my feet upon this earth. I AM Peace.
            Within this sphere of peace, you receive the impartations not of passivity but the stillness of residing within the heartbeat of the One. Mankind have not understood peace. For they feel that simply the acceptance of the status quo of living in a state of non-war is peace. Yet, what would become of mankind if in this state they allowed themselves to be trodden upon by forces unseen that take from them the cosmic science of understanding displayed most admirably by the Prince of Peace, whose mastery of the emotions allowed him to not only walk upon the waters of the human condition but to demonstrate the totality of that mastery born of a heart fused with cosmic love?
            Some would give up in their work toward spiritual ends just before the dawn of victory. For this is when the voices of darkness rail against the soul. And yet, when one bears all with equanimity through understanding the initiatic science of meditation upon pure principle, the I AM THAT I AM within, then the victory may be sustained and borne by the soul.
            [If] in this sixth age, which was meant to be an age of peace, mankind had fully embraced, within all the affairs of their lives and interactions, the presence of true brotherhood and those qualities which you have uttered this day, then you would see a different planet-one brimming with light where all are honored, and the least of the brethren is raised up through acceptance and understanding. But lo, mankind has not come to that point of receiving the gift of the Prince of Peace and taking his teaching and applying it not only in their own lives but in the industry of civilization and in the interactions of peoples and nations and societies.
            Therefore, when mankind is bereft of the platform of an understanding born of love and giving and receiving in love, then you see the crumbling of those societies, the warring within the members of tribes and nations and peoples and the destruction of what cannot be made permanent, because it is builded upon the sands of human foolishness.
            If a seventh age is to manifest as you desire, then the foundation of peace must be laid. For there cannot be freedom for souls to evolve into their higher estate of oneness with God, except it be by the example set forth by the avatar of the previous age, fully embraced by mankind.
            The Lord Jesus has been the exemplar for aeons through many civilizations, as has your Knight Commander, his father, Saint Germain. You should know the teachings of the Piscean Master fully. And this the messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, have fully conveyed with the understanding of the inner mysteries set forth which had been lost and yet still vibrated within their beings, having personally been involved with the master during many embodiments as both brother and disciple, sister and friend.
            Therefore, before you can receive the light of Aquarius fully in your domain, you must have mastered all of the qualities of the sixth ray within the totality of your being, beloved ones. For the progression from age to age requires that some among mankind understand and can be the example and the instrument for the ongoing initiation of souls to new heights. For, you see, we need parents of the seventh root race who not only have within their auras and chakras and casual bodies diadems of fire but who have mastered all the initiations so that the souls who are descending are comfortable and received fully as the forebearers and the avant-guard of the new age. Study to show yourself approved unto your own Mighty I AM THAT I AM, first and foremost. Cast asunder those elements of the not-self that would allow the inveigling within your being of forces that you would rather not have acting within your worlds.
            Some of you think that through simply acceptance of all that comes your way, you gain mastery, almost as a laissez-faire consciousness. This is not the Buddhic way. For the Buddha in meditation is dividing the word within his mind and when Mara attacks, is fully conscious of all that transpires around him. And through simply the lifting of the finger and the giving of the mudra, the earth body is compelled into action, and Mara is subdued.
            Therefore, gain mastery at all levels and do not leave for another the fulfillment of your responsibilities within your families, your children, your communities. When you allow your children free reign to do as they please, not having fully conveyed unto them the righteousness that comes through a studied and determined plan for the evolution of their souls through the divine process of true education and the path of initiation, then you do not honor their souls, beloved ones. Therefore, give admonishment, though gently. Give edification, though within the context of the hearth and the warmth of love. Give understanding through an example of kindness, compassion and mercy, and these will follow you into the light.
            An ordered life with high regard for divine principles is what we always set forth for true adepts. You should see the goal before you and know where to place each footstep along the path, day by day, to secure that goal. Therefore, do not wince at the blinding light of initiation when a master comes to compel you higher, but take the hand offered which will accelerate you into a new domain whereby the new vista that you may perceive will truly be worth the effort.
            I AM Peace. I compel earth into alignment this day. May those who have warred against the Christ consciousness and the Buddhic path tremble at my coming. And may molecules and atoms within you align themselves with holy purpose. For a new age is coming, and only those who have prepared and are ready will step forward into new garments of immortality through holy love and the radiance of cosmic Christ peace.
            I am with you. Breathe in my breath, and receive the intimations of Peace and Aloha this day.            

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