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Chamuel      March 14, 2006

Beloved Chamuel and Charity
David C. Lewis
March 14, 2006 8:12-8:25 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

God Would Have His Love Tangibly Expressed:
Be the Fullness of Your Divinity in Action through Love

Beloved Ones,
            Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.1 We come to fulfill the Word of God in you this day. Be the fullness of your divinity in action through love. Love is the allness of God. Love is the reason for being together. When you love, God abides within you in the sanctity of the secret chamber of your heart, the place of communion and the repository of divine energy which animates your being. When you love, your life is fulfilled. For not only is love the key that unlocks the door to your divine image, it is the energy and substance of the I AM that you are. When you are in love, love is in you. When you are full of love, the fullness of love is within you. For love is the very personhood of God as Alpha and Omega.
            Just as the Holy Spirit is a person as well as an impersonal personality, so love is God. When you meditate day and night on love, the smile of God lights your world, for love is what you need to win all the way home. Charity as love is the practical application which always manifests in those who truly understand love. For action in the now of fulfilling love is the only true love.
            Did you think that you could meditate for hours on end without rising to join our legions to put love into action through practical deeds in the world of form? God would have his love tangibly expressed through every child of his heart, every son and daughter.
            Creativity is love. For in the creative process in any vocation or endeavor, love makes the difference and is the basis upon which the creative process rests. Those who try to create without love will always come up short, will always fail because you cannot truly create anything of permanence without the fire of the Holy Spirit animating and enlivening that creation with God's all-abounding love.
             O, permanency! That is the love we seek for you-to be permanent atoms in the molecule of the body of God, in your families, communities, nations and planets. When all vibrates with love, dissonance cannot be sustained. For love is no part of inharmony, but love is the cohesive power which resonates through harmony. As you create greater and more harmonious music, meditate deeply on love so that the resonance of notes, scales and voices swells with the afflatus of the Spirit's fire of a divine love-a love crescendo into the climax of love for the listener that will transport that one in consciousness to new levels of spiritual awareness and understanding.
            As our angels ever inspire you to create their music, humbly ask for forgiveness for all that you have done which has not been harmonious so that when you are fully enveloped in love, you may then be a worthy vessel for the chords and strains of love. Why does love leave many bereft? It is because love eludes those who have chafed against its principles of tolerance and beauty and forgiveness. The solution to war is not the whimsy love of Hollywood but the fiery love of the ruby ray. For only through the acceleration of love through our legion's work, may the antithesis of love, as war, be consumed.
            We would have you be students of love, meditating day and night on its tones, nuances and the shades of its coloration and its application in your world. How can love be expressed in the worded cadences of your speech, in every communiqu�, in your thoughts, feelings and actions? How can it be expressed to all, no matter their age, ethnic background or religion? How can the fullness of love permeate your bodies, cells and organs so that no disease, cancer or concern will ever compromise your ability to fulfill your mission on earth?
            We would have you as emissaries of love, for love is all we know. Just as Mighty Victory has never known defeat, so we have never known anything but the ruby love of God within our very beings, expressed to and through every child, father, mother, brother, sister and all relatives back to the earliest lifewaves upon earth.
            When the culmination of your mission comes at the conclusion of your earthly life, love will be on your lips because all other concerns pale before this great presence that comes to strip you of the last vestiges of mortality and endow you with the permanent atom of Self as bearers of love. Ye are lightbearers! Ye are love-bearers!
Bear love. Bear our burden of love which is never a burden but the greatest blessing unto you and unto all life in the cosmos.
            We stand now as your example of love in action. Kneel to receive love as we wield our own sword Excalibur above your heads to press into your crown the essence of love, our love, God's love, which never fails to fulfill the All in all within you.
            Be our love today and forever. Yours, in His name, who is perfect love, we are Chamuel and Charity of the flame of love.

1 John 4:4

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