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Amitaba      March 04, 2006

Beloved Amitabha
David C. Lewis
March 4, 2006   8:08-8:28 am  MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                                     Ignorance Must Be Banished Upon Earth!

Stillness, I say, is the requirement if you would have the presence of the Buddhas. We have been speaking to you of stilling the mind. And yet we perceive that a vast majority of those even within this activity have not learned this simple practice. When will you understand the need to change? Do you think that you can simply walk into heaven without having mastered your mind? For heaven is above the mind. And the stairway that leads to immortality requires that you walk in great sensitivity to the intimations of the Divine One.

            When you feel that you have been hurt by another, what is the reaction but a misapplication of your own light through the emotions whereby the mind allows the outpouring of energies through the nexus of your sun center in an unguarded manifestation and a sympathetic, animal-core reaction that is not that which sons and daughters of God rising into their own God estate should allow.

            Oh, you say, but it is unjust and not our way for another to speak thus to me. Have you forgotten the Eastern path of the gurus who do chide you, at times, so that you will not be puffed up in your own human self, but understand the Divine within, which is always in the receptive mode, ready to hear the words of the Lord of the World?

            I am Amitabha. And I have been called upon ceaselessly by some in various temples and activities who repeat my name whereby my presence is always available to them. I perceive all. And this day I choose to perceive you, as Ratnasambhava has said, as Buddhas, fully accomplished, fully budding. And when Amoghasiddhi comes on the morrow to seal the words of us Five, he desires to see a new you accomplished, shining, bright, glowing! Why, each manifestation and dictation that you receive should be an opportunity for you to accept yourself in the mode of the master who comes, identifying with the light, accepting, receiving, becoming and then radiating that master's beingness to all.

           You see, you must become All. What does this mean? You have become all the masters whom you know, receiving their awareness as your spiritual food, ingesting it, digesting it and hopefully not eliminating it, but allowing it to [be] suffuse[d through] your being. We desire many who have become the multiplicity of God in manifestation, no longer in the duality of non-awareness and awareness, poling each other, but truly in the center of the circle, as the one through whom all issues forth, all is effused into the world.

            You should take a cue from this messenger who for many years each morning has called for the presence of a multitude of masters to overshadow himself, his family and all lightbearers. This is why, in part, he was chosen to be our spokesperson, for he did incorporate within his consciousness the light, the presence of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood through this daily ritual.

            You, too, may become the All in all by allowing us to plant within you our seeds—yes, the many seeds of Christ and Krishna and Buddha, of the Mother Light, of the Spirit Most Holy. And as you water each seed daily you will see sprouting up from within, miracle plants of our graces of God-qualities and all of the manifestations that you call forth of love-wisdom within.

            We now strengthen the antahkarana of light across the Earth. We Five effuse the secret rays that you have called forth through all channels of light, in all activities, in all New-Age movements and lightbearers who have been planted by God in every nation, in every city. Therefore we choose this day to blaze forth our wisdom light through the crown of each one. For if Earth is to be raised into her true estate, then ignorance must be banished upon Earth! We see a sign, 'Ignorance,' in the circle with a line through it which you have seen in certain quarters. This should be a fiat that you give: Ignorance is banished upon Earth this day through me, through the Five Dhyani Buddhas whom I have become. And wisdom does flow unto all through my heart and mind, one with the All.

            Those of you who have sought treasures in this world know that the true treasure lies within your heart. Those who have sought outside of themselves security must now know true security within the presence of love within. Those who have sought a way out must understand that the only way out is to go within. Did you hear me? The only way out is within you! Therefore, seek not ways and means which are not holy, through the minds of mortal men who do not understand the fullness of God.

            I am Amitabha. Drink me in. Feed on me. And next when I shall return I expect to see many Amitabhas in the lotus radiating cosmic wisdom to a cosmos. Ahh. Yes, it is true. I am here. I am with you daily if you would speak my name, not in a rambling mode, but through the perception of the inner wisdom of your own reality as Buddha where you are.
            O, Brahma. O, Vishnu. O, Shiva. Spin these, your students, until they fly into the heavens as spinning Buddhas. Yes, spinning Buddhas I see flying across the skies, wise ones who have learned the art of cosmic surrender to become nothing, everything, One.

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