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Ratnasambhava      March 03, 2006

Beloved Ratnasambhava
David Christopher Lewis
March 3, 2006 7:20-7:30 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            O jeweled ones in the lotus of my heart, I am Ratnasambhava, and I sustain my meditation upon the crystal that you are in the eye of God. I equalize the fires of cosmos interpenetrating all levels and strata of the evolutions of earth and this system of worlds. Light as the cosmic key is that which sustains you. Love as the interpenetrating essence of the One does flow through that light. Let your hearts radiate now in greater measure. See the stream from your Buddha Nature flowing ceaselessly through. Feel now the added impetus that I bear and envelope you in this day. For if you are to sustain this cosmic jewel of selfhood then you must become used to a greater flow through your consciousness. We seek those who can rise to the occasion, never letting go of their oneness with us and the All.
            AAAHHH [Chanted for nine seconds]

            RAAAAMMM [Chanted in a low key for ten seconds]
            [Out breath] I breathe the crystal fire from the heart of the Cosmic Buddha who sits in meditation upon the All in all.
            [Out breath] All life is engulfed in this radiance.
            [Out breath] You may partake of this communion daily by calling to the Five Dhyani Buddhas and breathing in our wisdom essence.
            You may see each of us aligned with your secret ray chakras, the five pointed star of divinity that you are, as a God-man or [God]-woman. Yes, the ancients knew of the sacred pentagram symbolizing the anchoring of this great light within the orifices of the self. And those saints and sages who have borne the secret rays to earth have been able to sustain for mankind a balance in the secretness of their devotion to the One.
            [Out breath] Your chakras now are cleansed, your secret ray chakras amplified.
            The works of your hands, the blessings that you bestow as you walk upon the earth and the radiance from your heart are key for the salvation of earth. Know us within. See us sustained within you and all shall be well upon earth.
            [Out breath] May the fire breath that you give daily sustain the immortal fires of the five within you.
            [Five out breaths] We have come, and we take our leave until the morrow when we shall see what you have retained and what you have become more of God.

            Commentary: As we take communion, Ratnasambhava says to actually take the host back to your seat, touching your lips, touching each secret ray chakra in your hands and your feet [and] in the [heart] center before you consume it. And then after you take the grape juice, or as you take it, the light will pour forth through your secret ray chakras. Those listening can also do this. So you will have to sit more in a lotus [position] in order to be able to touch the secret ray chakras in your feet. And he asks us to meditate for three minutes after you do this in silence here, to fully partake of the blessing that he has brought, the nourishment that he has brought to us this day. So there will not be music during this communion.

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