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Omri-Tas      March 03, 2006

Beloved Omri-Tas
David Christopher Lewis
March 3, 2006 7:53-8:07 am MST            
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I am Omri-Tas. And I also choose to be here on this day dedicated to me. I come with a retinue of fire from the Violet Planet; and we, too, lend our momentum to the light bearers of earth this day not only those within this movement but within all true movements of light upon this sphere. We walk the coast line, the western coastline of North America from the North to the South and back again, and we anchor the violet flame through hearts who understand and who invoke that violet light.
            So we ask you, beloved ones, to take this day and to give as you are able in fullest measure calls to the violet flame, songs to the violet flame, visualizations to the violet flame, using the energies and asking us to anchor our light upon your land. For you see, we are real, we are here, so some have forgotten the intensity that we can bring to bear on the second and third of each month. Therefore do not forget to call to Omri-Tas, to sing to Omri-Tas and to bathe in violet light throughout this forty-eight hour cycle as opportunity for you to become truly violet creatures for God.
            Yes, we would see you become fully ensconced in violet light. And so each of you now receives the ministration of one of my angels. Every word that you speak on the second and third of the month of God-reality shall be empowered by the violet fire brought by this being. And God forbid that you speak anything less than perfection or truth, for then they must hide from your countenance. For we may not empower those words or visions with our light. This is a dispensation new to those within this movement and those who will believe on the one sent and thereby receive the blessing, the one, the dyad, the two in one that we send unto you.
            Beloved ones, we have never left off of our work for the sons and daughters of God upon earth when called upon. For, you see, it is our great joy to bring cosmic joy of the violet flame to earth. For we have long ago determined, with Saint Germain's coming to me personally many hundreds of years ago and asking for assistance to earth, that we should bless mankind with our attainment because of the call of this noble Son of God.            Therefore, he was granted the dispensation to release unto mankind on the outer the knowledge of the violet flame, and he is the one that we also serve with his beloved Portia to manifest upon earth our attainment and use of this energy of God.
            Therefore, call to us for an understanding of how you may accelerate the use of the violet flame in the affairs of mankind at all levels. Not only whereby men and women may wear violet colors upon their persons but may understand its uses in science and technology, in healing, in visualizing even within the embryo of the unborn that light that does come to make all things right within the developing fetus and the unborn child. For you see, when mothers and fathers have not always partaken of the pure substances as they have prepared for or come to the point of bearing children, we may come to transmute certain karmas and records within the past of the lifestreams of both parents and the child aborning to assist them in coming into the world anew in new bodies of light; for we would not see those newborns burdened unnecessarily by their past.
            And so you may call to the legions from the violet planet and come to surround the womb of all pregnant mothers and mothers-to-be, to assist them in the perfect development and delivery of their children. This is our offering to mankind this day. For many have misunderstood how the souls of the little ones within the womb are truly sensitive to every vibration and thought and word spoken by those within the household of the mother and even in the neighborhood and within the cities and the nations. For many of these souls coming are so sensitive that they feel the pain of mankind even within the womb. And so, many have determined to come to lend their momentum and attainment for the raising of the earth in sacred fire.                         
            Visualize, as you give the call to the Great Divine Director, a certain quotient of this fire going forth into the unborn children. For are they not the seventh root race that you desire to see manifesting miracle light, miracle ideas, miracle works for mankind?
Therefore, beloved hearts, feel now the radiance of our violet joy love this day which we bring in greater measure because you have been faithful in invoking this light. For you see, we hear every word, every mantra on the violet planet. We hear your hearts singing. We hear your thoughts ringing, and we discourse on what we may bring each month on these two days to bless you, to raise you, to heal you.
            Therefore, in anticipation of our coming each month, write and burn a letter with your needs almost as a personal petition to me and to our legions and angels and see what we may receive of dispensations to bless mankind in this alchemical work that we work together. Be friends with us and we will befriend you daily, oh, holy ones who have determined to be the one with Morya El. Yes, he is moving upward. Yes, he is drawing each of you higher, and we may assist you in sustaining the momentums that you need
to accelerate through the action of the violet flame which always lifts your burdens and makes all light.
            Oh, holy ones, we seal you this day. Walk in violet flame love with the Elohim, with Ratnasambhava and with us this day.

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