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Lanello      February 26, 2006

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
February 26, 2006  (22 minutes)
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana


Lanello's Ascension Day and First Anniversary of the Inauguration of The Hearts Center
Morya Gives Each One a Colored Turban; You May be the One I Send!

I am gratified to see how you have perceived the evidence and have accepted my radiance within your hearts.  The evidence of which I speak is the dispensation that Morya has gone to bat for, for each of you, loving you so such that you would have created a new opportunity and a bright stairway to heaven upon which to walk into your own divine reality. Blessed ones, I come on this anniversary to begin a new spiral of cosmic light for The Hearts Center and for the world-wide body of those to whom all of us came to save and to serve many eons ago.

New opportunities create new initiations, do they not? Some of you have felt in recent months a welling up within you of a new spirit and fire whereby you can receive from the very altars of heaven those just deserts which you have called forth through many years of service and which this day I say are rightfully yours to have, to use judiciously upon your path and trek homeward. When one rises higher, as Morya is in this very hour, all tied to him must rise. Morya has been called to a higher service. And yet through his presence in the earth, even in this very hour in your midst, he affords the great momentum of the will of God and the love thereof to each one of us to rise with him. 

Therefore, I, Lanello, with Mother at my side do announce to you that the dispensation of the Two Witnesses is truly passed to a new level in this hour on this anniversary of my ascension to the two in your midst who have prepared themselves as a living sacrifice and a living testimony to the ongoing path of the Two Witnesses whose office we still retain at higher levels. This office, as you know, must be transferred ere earth can come into a golden age. And I say this day that each of you must bear a fuller measure of this mantle, day by day, beloved hearts, if we are to see for our Master M the full outpicturing of his vision for a golden age.

Yes, Morya, through the stern mien of his appearance does hold in his gaze and in his steely eyes that purity of vision for each of you just as the blessed Mother does. Yet his is one that compels you higher through the verve and the intensity of that path of sweet surrender which many of you are now understanding more fully as a path of cosmic attainment through the divesting of all lesser loves and the acceptance of the original love of the will to be the One. When you accept your full potential to be, then Morya steps within your aura to add his fire, his fiery momentum unto you.  When you understand true wisdom and the path whereby you are yoked unto God fully, then the master may appear and may give unto you all honors, all blessings, all gifts of the Spirit and graces that flow because your chalice, having been emptied, is ready to receive that fire.

We have prepared each of you for this day and for the day of glory of your full ascent unto the heart of your Presence.  Day by day that ascent may come through your assent, do you see? Day by day, hour by hour, the radiance of your own divine potential may be yours if you claim it and if through your word the Word may be where you are.

 Saint Germain has made two million right decisions; and Morya says he is not far behind—nor am I, nor are you if you choose this day to make your calling and election sure to become the ennobled ones who will stand, speaking the words of truth, drawing down fire from heaven—and as you have learned this day from my friend, Ken, how to do it with a certain spirit of alacrity and fun in the process.¹

Yes, is not your time and worship together worth the sacrifice of arising early with the master and being in your chairs, which have become quite the hot seat for some. For truly the fire has kindled in you, around you, through you new portals of opportunity to be the artisan of the Spirit, the master-maker—no longer the apprentice, no longer the serf but truly the knight-in-shining-armor whose sword raised, glints with a new fire reflected from the Presence of love above you.

I am Lanello. I embrace each of you not with a bear hug this day but with the fullness of who I have become and who I offer you this day to claim for your own. When the master releases his mantle, be there! See it, know it as the surety of that Godly garment that you may also wield to smite the waters of the astral seas and to walk across with Jesus, the Galilean depths with the fullness of that God-mastery that you have now become.²

Yes, many of you are walking over the astral seas. And though some of you still swim at times beneath the waves, I, Lanello, reach out my hand with Jesus to grasp you and raise you higher. My great desire is to give you the gift of love. My great wish, my ascension birthday wish this day, is to blow not the candles out upon the cake that you have brought but to inflame those fires brighter within you so that you, as the spirited ones, may ride with Morya and me upon your own white steed, higher each day.

So don your armor. So ladies accept the token, the ribbon of love that we, as knights of heaven, do offer to you who have kept the flame in your homes and hearts and for your families. And know that Mother has never left off of loving you, of tutoring you and of compelling you as her students to divide the word³ each day so that one day the Word may no longer be divided within you but fully emblazoned upon your countenance as the living lights that you are.

I accept each of you as my chelas though Morya has said you may no longer see yourselves as slaves. But as you are still yoked to me, I will deliver to you that divine friendship, that divine radiance which I now enfold you in again. I am the One Sent.You may be the One that I send if you will listen intently to my heartbeat. Yes, listen to the voice of the song that I sing within you and come forward to receive the touch of my heart through this crystal this day.

I am Lanello. I wrap you in my fire, and Morya also gives to each one a colored turban this day. Why, you have said, this messenger looks a little dappled and strange. And yet I perceive that when you, too, shall don yours and dance in the light of the Master M's own radiance that he also gives you that you will understand how this signet of your own attainment, as “Sikhs” who have found, shall truly be for you who love God the sign that you bear of that noble stance as messengers in your own right of holiness, of love and of our oneness as spirit-sparks for our master.

Rise now and honor Morya El who does also desire to shake your hand after you receive my touch, blessed ones. We thank you for your presence. We thank you for your service to life. We thank you for all that you are and all that you will become, for you are the One.

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