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Queen of Light      February 19, 2006

Beloved Queen of Light
David C. Lewis
February 19, 2006  8:38–8:49 am  EST
The Roosevelt Hotel
New York, New York

The Light of God is Anchored in New York City


I am here with the Goddess of Liberty at my side and again with the archeiai, the Goddess of Light, the Goddess of Purity. And we stand here and in Times Square to anchor the light of God in New York City.
            I am the Queen of Light. And you have called to me, and therefore I descend with a cosmic retinue of ascended beings whose only purpose is to increase light within the universe! These are beings who have meditated upon and become wholly all light. Therefore, beloved ones, they stand in your midst to accelerate every atom, cell and electron within you; for your coming here and all that you have striven for and given of the coin of the realm to be here in this city will not go unnoticed by heaven. And therefore all that you have given is now returned unto you with cosmic quotients of cosmic light substance which we now blaze forth within you and accelerate this day!
            I am the Queen of Light and my desire is for you to understand that you are light beings, beloved ones. Nothing in heaven or on earth can keep you from manifesting the fullness of the light that you are if you so choose to be that light! Some among mankind have accepted the lie that they are less than light beings. But no, no, no. From this day forward you must not accept this lie, beloved ones. For we have entrusted unto you this great quotient of fire whereby you in levity may simply rise, rise, rise into new dimensions of light, light, light!
            O hearts of fire, you do not need long prayers—tireless, tiring in their manifestation hour by hour—to receive the fullness of heaven. You simply need to stand and say,O God give me your light!”
             So I invite you now to do this. [Audience repeats with the Queen of Light three times, “O God, give me your light!”]
            O Queen of Light, be here now! [Audience repeats with the Queen of light again three times, “O Queen of Light, be here now!”]
            Do you feel the light, my friends? [“Yes!”] Therefore be seated.

The joy of being all light is a joy that will never wane so long as you accept the fullness of that original big bang of love that Morya has shared with you this day. For, beloved ones, when the LORD said, Let there be light!”, did not the universe begin in its manifestation as perceived by the creation itself? Therefore you as co-creators with God may also say so when you begin a project or desire to manifest more abundance in your world, “Let there be light!” And it will be so.
            You see, in holy Scripture the fiats of the LORD were not simply meant to be uttered by the Sublime One himself, herself, but to be uttered by all as the purity of the Word manifest. Therefore let us say together as we initiate this new spiral of light here in New York City, “Let there be light! Let there be light! Let there be light!”
            And now all that you have given to the Lord of the First Ray is empowered and emboldened by your fiat. And I will stand with the Goddess of Liberty when you call to us to make it so for you, my friends. I thank you for your Presence—yes, your Presence here. And I give to you your Knight Commander Saint Germain.


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