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Lanello      February 17, 2006

Beloved Lanello, El Morya and Other Masters

David C. Lewis

February 17, 2006  7:30-8:46 pm EST

Roosevelt Hotel

New York, New York


Darshan with Beloved Lanello, El Morya, Mighty Cosmos, Mother Mary

And the God of Gold

My name is M____ from New York City.  I had a question in reference to the meaning of what Jesus was trying to get at when he said, “I cannot put new wine in old skins?” That's in several different portions of the New Testament. And along with that question I want to ask the ascended masters if that quote deals directly with the reason why there's been so little impact by the different metaphysical groups in America for the last [105] years—the different groups starting with the Theosophical Society in approximately [1900].  

I, personally, am not putting them down, but I don't see that the metaphysical groups across America have made much impact or had much effect of the direction of the United States of America or the planet. And I'm wondering if the quote from Jesus, “I cannot put new wine in old wine skins,” was referring to the human condition that the spiritual heart cannot open unless the human heart is opened first. I'd like to know what the ascended masters…if they can comment on that quote from Jesus and whether it refers to the lack of opening of the human heart. Thank you.


Masters El Morya and Lanello: Beloved ones, this quote refers to the specific need for self-transcendence at all levels. In each embodiment do you not in each succeeding embodiment break the mold of the past and move forward?  Yes or no? [Audience responds, “Yes.”] Therefore there must be evolution, there must be self-transcendence. And what has been done in the past is never good enough for today.

We are always moving onward and upward in spirals of light. Even as ascended masters we transcend ourself daily, hourly, moment by moment. Beloved Jesus has said in the past that even in one moment as an ascended being, he transcended himself so much that he was galaxies ahead in consciousness of where he was the previous moment. This is through his attunement with the Father and through his great heart of love. Therefore this quote has many levels of understanding.

The ascended masters have begun new organizations when previous ones did not fulfill fully their reason for being or when the initial founder or sponsor was no longer in embodiment or present.  And those who succeeded that prophet, or individual, did not have the full empowerment and take up the mantle as Jesus did from Elisha. Do you see? He did take up that mantel and transcended even his guru in the following embodiment. For each of you to take the initiations that are required of you in each embodiment and transcend yourself and your teacher is the goal.
            Your teacher desires you to transcend himself. Any teacher who does not desire this is not a true teacher. Therefore, when an organization becomes stultified to the point where its members do not have the wherewithal to move forward in their initiatic path because its leaders through their limited consciousness have held the reins—notice: held the reins of power but [also] held the reins of the horse to pull it back from the acceleration that is required—then new wine must be poured into another organization, lest the new wine of the Spirit be poured into old skins and burst forth and not be fully utilized to the extent that the masters need.
            Great good has come out of the various ascended master activities. Progressive revelation is the need of the hour and always will be. The I AM Activity, as you have heard, held the balance during World War II. And had not the decrees gone forth through the tremendous hearts of fire, America would have been overrun by certain forces of darkness. And as has been stated, the earth would have been a speck of dust had it not been for those who have utilized the science of the spoken word daily in invoking light to hold the balance.

Therefore, we do not condemn what has been done in the past, for we honor the gifts, the graces and the contributions of every lightbearer through every activity of light. But we are always looking to those who through empowerment will carry forth our work into the new day with new energy, new fire, new transcendence. And through this process, assist in winning the victory. I thank you.

I'd like to have your opinion, the ascended masters' opinion, about the eating of meat when you know these animals are brutally murdered actually.  I can understand a child, somebody who doesn't know any better.  But an adult should know better.

I happened to witness first hand two years ago not far from where I live, a cow [that] had escaped. It was a calf, actually, [that] had escaped from a slaughter house. And I went to watch it, to watch how they could escape and everything. And I saw the man go on that truck. There [were] other calves there, and I saw them with a spear, stabbing them to go in. Finally, one resisted so much, they had to call more help to drag him in. And I said to myself, if it wasn't for the grace of God, that one that escaped could have been one that was just dragged in.

I went one time [to the slaughterhouse] since then, but now [the cows] can't escape because they built a very secure enclosure. This is on my mind, really, because I think it's important. I mean, if someone really wants to be close to God, they should at least respect God's creatures. And I could understand that someone, maybe, has to have fish once in a while. It's a lower form. It's still not right, but it's a lower form.  But to have a highly-advanced cow or a pig or something like that when you know it was brutally killed and to be a part of it—I just want an opinion on that. Thank you.

Masters: Beloved hearts of fire, in a golden age which can be now within your consciousness, purity of motive is most important. As you know, the Lord has said, “It matters more what comes out of the mouth than what is taken in.” Therefore, when you bless your food and give thanks for the nourishment that enters your body, even substances not pure can be transcended, can be transmuted and made holy for your nourishment.
            Beloved Kuan Yin has admonished us to consider leaving off of the partaking of the flesh of animals as nourishment for our bodies. Many of you have grown up in a culture where this has been the norm.  It may take a shift in your habit patterns to allow you to move gradually to the point of partaking only of higher sources of nourishment which ultimately, as ascended beings, will be simply light.

While you are still in embodiment in this flesh form, it is lawful for you to take of those substances that your body needs for balance, wholeness, so long as you give thanks and partake in a loving manner. We do not condemn those who still need to partake of flesh. However, we recommend that all lightbearers consider how they may use the time for nourishment as a sacred time. And as they are able to refine this time of communing with their own body elemental, the natural process of doing so will sensitize them to the point where they will have less and less desire for the meat of animals and more desire for the natural foods and substances grown on the earth which can nourish fully the body.

We do not condone fanaticism either way—of imposing one's will on another or making a scene to the extent that you lay your trip on others to the point of making them uncomfortable. For the gentle way is always best for the conversion of souls to what you see as a higher road and walk with God. Thank you.

I have been searching for information on the Order of the Blue Rose for a while.  I've found a little, but not very much. Can you tell us all you can about this order? I am grateful. Thank you.


 Masters: The Order of the Blue Rose is one whereby devotees focus on and concentrate on the qualities of the blue ray as they are outpictured naturally through the heart and through the throat chakra. The blue rose represents the will of God ensconced in the naturalness of love. When you truly understand the will of God, you will know it as the highest action of love on the first ray. The blue rose is a pastel blue. You may meditate on your heart being superimposed with the blue rose which strengthens your heart with resolve to do that will of God in all your affairs.

Those who take the vows of the Order of the Blue Rose do so with an understanding to promote the will of God in all affairs of mankind with an action of the protection of the hearts of all mankind. For have you not seen how men's hearts are failing them through lack of love? Therefore the hearts of mankind need to be strengthened through this protective action.                                            

There are various ascended masters who also, in addition to El Morya, may sponsor this order, including Saint Therese of Lisieux; Lady Kristine; Saint Angela; the mother of Mother Mary, Saint Ann; and also Saint Gemma Galgani.

One of the recommendations of this order is to give the rosary, interspersed with prayers to Archangel Michael, who focuses the light of the blue ray also. ou may desire to desire to create a new rosary, including both the Hail Mary, calls to Archangel Michael and prayers to El Morya and other blue ray masters, intertwining the action of the rose with the blue lght. That is all for now.


R.R.:  El Morya and Lanello, I have a question. This is _____, by the way. Okay, my question is, what is the interface between spirit and matter?  I know about the electrons and stuff, but how can we scientifically prove that there is an etheric world beyond the physical world?


Masters: Have you boiled water?


R.R.: Yes.


Masters: Does water exist as vapor that you can see after it is boiled for a time?


R.R.: Yes.


Masters: What state is it in?


R.R.: Gas.


Masters: Can everyone see gas?


R.R.:  No.


Masters: Does it exist?


R.R.:  Yes


Masters: How do you know?


R.R.: By the liquid that was there.


Masters: Do you breathe gas?


R.R.: Yes.


Masters:  The etheric plane is the plane of fire. Do you see fire on the altar here?


R.R.: Yes.


Masters: How does science explain fire? They may explain it somewhat, but they still do not understand it fully, do they? Therefore, you will never prove to one who does not believe in higher octaves that they exist scientifically because those who dwell only on science without the Spirit will never fully accept the Spirit without science. There are cameras that can photograph the aura, are there not? [Audience replies, “Yes.”] And yet the aura is not visible to most. This is the closest in your octave to proving the existence of the etheric plane. As refinements in cameras occur through those scientists that are sent that use the sensitivities of their own consciousness to create substances which can record the impressions of the etheric octave in subtle ways and then display them in your dimension, this will be the closest thing to proving that the etheric octave exists.

You can pray for those who through attunement with the ascended master scientists like Lady Master Leto, Hilarion and others bring to bear in this dimension those scientific discoveries that will bring mankind closer to an understanding of spirituality through science. Thank you.


W.W.:  I'd be interested in knowing if individual cities in this nation have masters that sponsor that city. And if so, could I find out what master was the sponsor for my city?   


Masters: What is your city—Baltimore?


W.W.: Yes.


Masters: Yes, ascended masters do sponsor specific cities at times. Washington, D. C. which is close to Baltimore has been overshadowed by beloved Godfre and Lotus at times. Their radiance and sphere of influence can extent beyond D. C. to Baltimore.

 There are angel devas that sponsor both cities and states. You can call to the angel deva of Baltimore for assistance in your city.


David: That's all I'm getting at this point. I'm not getting that there is a specific master that specifically sponsors Baltimore unless you're getting something, but that Godfre…how far is Baltimore from D. C.?


W.W.: Twenty-five miles.


David: Okay...Well, what I was receiving was that Washington, D.C. is named after George Washington. Godfre we know as an ascended master who was embodied as George Washington. They have anchored light there. And since the radiance of their aura is large, it can encompass Baltimore also. But that's the closest thing I'm getting at this point. But short of that, short of not having a specific master that's sponsoring Baltimore, you can call to the angel deva of Baltimore and Maryland both.


J. H.: I have a question. We have recently been adding the element of ether for the sealing of our decrees—fire, air, water, earth and ether. So I'm wondering if ether is an element that has a hierarchy and elementals associated with it that we could call upon as well?

: They're deferring to Mighty Cosmos on this one.


Mighty Cosmos: Beloved ones, we have brought the understanding of ether to round out your calls to the five elements beyond the four, for which, through earth, air, fire and water, you have the understanding of the four quadrants of matter, the four planes of consciousness through which the elementals exist and move and have their being in your dimension.

Ether is another state, not part of the same elemental kingdoms [for which] you have an understanding. When you call for ether, it is through the action of the secret rays that its energy is activated and utilized. Therefore, the master you may call to is me, Mighty Cosmos for the use of ether as the fifth element through which I blaze forth the secret rays into your dimension and world for your use. To answer your specific question, no, there are not elementals who you can call to who inhabit this sphere. But you may call forth the secret rays to activate and energize ether. Thank you.

P.A.: Not much is known about the Bahai Faith. Is this a faith indorsed by the ascended masters and is Bahaullah an ascended master? Thanks.


David: El Morya would like to answer that one.  


El Morya: Beloved ones, we honor all religious persuasions. And those who [are] of the Bahai faith, through their study of all faiths, grow thereby. The Bahai faith is not one that is fully sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood at this time. Bahaullah, the prophet, is not an ascended master of the Great White Brotherhood. There are certain misunderstandings within this faith that are not true teachings, just as in other faiths including the LDS. There are errors.

We suggest that you have a general understanding of the tenants of this faith for your edification, but we do not recommend following it fully.  For the error within certain of its precepts has led some astray to the point where we have worked to counteract these errors from etheric octaves after souls have passed on to give them the full understanding of the true tenants and precepts of the Great White Brotherhood. Thank you.


Mother Mary (following up El Morya's comments): I, Mother Mary, would like to comment on this also. I have come to tell you, and I have told you in different ways before, that man has created all religions. And to worship God is the most important [thing] that you can do in your heart. Now what does that mean? For aren't you all—as my Son said, “Ye are Gods?”

Go within your heart and know who you are, know that you are the I AM THAT I AM as it was said today. Stop thinking with your head all the time and turn off your thoughts and go into you heart. Try thinking from your heart. Try thinking from your legs. Feel the presence of the I AM inside you. Feel your aliveness. Wake up and know who you are. As I sit and look around the room, I see many people who are awake and many people who are asleep.
            My children, you must awaken to the inner knowing of who you are. You have all these answers within you. You are a cosmos inside of you. And yet, you don't recognize it. For if you judge one person, [regarding] whether they eat meat or whether they eat vegetables, you judge yourself. We are all one.You are all a part of God. You are all part of me and I am of you.

Each and every one of you has the keys to immortality in your heart. And when you take time out to stop your thoughts and pay attention to your inner voices, you will know everything that you need to know and each direction that you need to move in. And what is needed to be said?

How many people have criticized the weather today or yesterday with the freezing temperatures I heard in Montana? Are you not criticizing yourself even there? You are all connected. It is very important to learn this. For simple criticism and condemnation of the elementals and the weather is criticizing and condemning yourselves.

And every time you do that, you step backwards from God which is yourself. You put another layer of illusion or maya over yourselves. Is your mind so busy that you cannot take time to feel throughout the day—five minutes, ten minutes. You all have a mighty mission and you have billions and trillions of cells in your being. And you are rising to be cosmic beings and this is your time to experiment within your own self, within you own I AM Self within your being.

If you cannot master this plane, mastering the atoms, cells and electrons within yourself, how can you master the universe? For you already are the universe within you. Each of you is connected. Each of you should be able to feel the flame from one heart to the other. When you are awake, it is possible.

We come to ignite a fire in each and every one of your beings so that you can ignite a fire within other people. And as the fire grows, you will all awaken to a deeper level of understanding and being. Ask from your heart not from your mind. Judge ye not how to be a new wine. Simple. Change your thoughts. Watch them. They will come back and haunt you because you have a pattern on them. You have a momentum on them, as you would say. You have years of saying condemnation thoughts to yourself and accepting them. We hear them. We know them. We watch you. We offer you help. We offer you guidance. And each one of you will awake in your time. But the time is now or you wouldn't be sitting here.                                                                                   

We send you our love always, and yet you forget and go back asleep. Can you go ten minutes, five minutes, one minute without a thought and just a feeling—to feel your Presence in your being? I challenge you to do this—to feel your God-being within you. And as you can feel it, it will grow without thought. And when a thought comes up, see what it says. Chances are it will say, you are not worthy for this, you are not worthy to be the I AM THAT I AM, you are not worthy to be God. But ye are Gods! And I tell each and every one of you that.

We have come because you have called us. And we walk with you because your have called us. And when you walk down the streets, in the Presence of who you are, you will touch other people and they too may awaken. You want to save a planet and a world? You must start with yourselves and awaken to who you are and become the fullness of your I AM. I thank you.


S.T.: I am a Buddhist. I am coming from Buddhism. My biggest problem here now is Nichren Daishonin Buddhism. This has been my religion for the last fourteen, fifteen years. It's beautiful. I've learned a lot of things. But the big problem in my heart is that Christ, God, Mother Mary are not recognized. In the last two years I've been following  Jesus and things like that, other religions, and here, also. My heart is into the two. Do I have to get out of Nichren Daishonin Buddhism or do I have to follow that and this one at the same time?

But in my heart, I always care because I know about God just like what you said. I feel that Mother Mary exists, Christ exists, God exists. But I have a big problem. Did  Nichren Daishonin, the master, make his ascension a long time ago? That is what I heard from Buddhism.  I just want to know.


Mother Mary: First, I say to you that you say, “I am a Buddhist.” I say to you, you are God's. Why have you labeled yourself? What is the importance of a label when one needs to first look to drop the box he has put himself in? For if you are in a box, you cannot proceed forward. If you believe you want to study Buddhism, study Buddhism. If you want to study Catholicism, study Catholicism. Eventually you will come to the center of your being and know who you are in that center. All else is labeling.

And if you get caught on the path of labels and stand up to say, even as these two must watch [themselves]in the front [of all of you], “I am a messenger”, then they are of no value. For they have labeled themselves as messenger[s] and not who they are. I say, be careful of that trap. Be careful. There is no “I am a white person.” or even “I am a black person.” We are one in the Spirit of the heart. All else is a façade. All else is not reality.

The only true reality is coming from within your being. And we go down these paths and we need our ego mind to grasp onto something. And what we are grasping is a label to give ourselves identification. And if you have self-identification, you do not have identification with who you truly are within yourself. One must start to learn to drop labels and [the] pointing of fingers [as to] which way to go and which path to [take]. I have said before, get right with God. Getting right with God is with the God within you. And God is also without.

You will know if you are right or not. Just look in your world. If your world is chaotic, then your inner world is chaotic. So how can you be right with your I AM if your outer world is in chaos? If you are not sure what to study or what direction to [go], look within. All the answers are within. We don't really even have the ability to give you the answers because the answers are really within. We'll give you guidance and direction, but it's time that each and every one of you stands in who you are.

Stand in your Mighty I AM THAT I AM. Stand and know. Feel the Presence in your being. And when you are ready, you can come back. Or you may go and study anywhere you may choose with any master you choose or any religion you choose. Until you know who you are, [you] will seek and seek and seek. And I say the students that are sitting here have said, “I have looked everywhere—up in the mountains, down in the valleys. As the psalms have said, “Where art thou God, where art thou?”
            You cannot hide from God. You cannot run from God. You cannot go and seek God when God is within you. Stop running. Look inside. Take time for who you are. Turn off your thoughts. Watch them. They will criticize you and condemn you. Your past patterns and habits will come up again and again.

Would you go back and start to reminisce? You're living in the past. If you go and [place your attention on] the future, the ego loves [this]. Everything will be better [in the future, you think]. Tomorrow will be a better day or this is going to happen or that. Then, you're living in the future.

You are missing the preciousness of who you are in the moment. And when you live in this moment, there is no past and there is no future. It just is. You are living and being the person, the Presence of who you are. This is practicing the Presence. This is what my Son preached. He said to everyone that he hadn't even healed them. They had healed themselves.  How could you heal yourself if you're not the Mighty I AM? Every blessing that was received today was received only because you accepted it unto the light [of] who you are. If you [don't] recognize the light within your being, then how can we possibly transfer more light to you?
            I say rise up and know who you are. But if you must study and run and go to other organizations, there is no right one, there is no wrong one because man created them all. They all got off track a little bit and they're all a little bit on [the] right track. But the main track is what is in your heart. Therein lies your treasures. Feel your Presence in your being. Take the time to feel who you are. Thank you.

H.E.:  I would like to know if there are any specific ascended masters we could call to help stem the tide of world terrorism and this abomination of sending men and women out to blow themselves up and others.


Masters: Hercules, K-17, Cyclopea are keys to this dilemma. They are the ones you can call to.


Q.:  I have two questions, actually. One is a little bit personal and the other is a regular question.  The first question is what was the cause behind the recent tsunami in Asia? And my second question is relative to my parents. One of them passed in '98, and I'm wondering whether they are in one of the retreats [and] which one?


David:  Both of your parents passed?


Q.: Yes, in '98.


David: Can you give their names?


Q.: L___and M___ M___.


David: L___ and M___ M___. Lanello would like to answer those tsunami questions by, in a Zen way, asking you what you thought the cause of the tsunami is.


Q.:  My feeling is that there was a tremendous amount of abuse of children in that area to the extent that even after it occurred, there was still this bartering for the light of the child, the holy innocents.  So I'm thinking perhaps it was a karmic condition of retribution for stuff that has been occurring and still is occurring in Asia. I could be wrong. I don't know. That was my sentiment.


David:  Okay, this is not the master, this is David Lewis. I just wanted you to know there was a dictation that mentioned this a while back, in fact, two different dictations. And I think that you could, on our website, type in the word “tsunami” and probably go to those two dictations.

I do believe that one of them specifically addressed the issue that part of the karma for the tsunami was from the abuse of children, exactly as you had said. That was part of it. And does anybody else recall what else was said on that issue? There were two different dictations that mentioned the tsunami.  Yeah, J.?

J.H.:  I believe Lanello mentioned something about our own thoughts and to think or to meditate on our own inner world and that we all have a part in the world destruction if you call it that. But it may have been a darshan. I don't know if it was a dictation. It may have been a communication, either [to] the board or something like. But he had mentioned that we should go inside and review our own inner being and see where we are not in alignment.  And that was a very good teaching.


David: I am going to defer the other [question concerning}your parents to the Keeper of the Scrolls if we're allowed to answer the question. R.  [The most I can say is that they are fine. They are very fine.]


Lanello:  But I, Lanello, want to comment on the tsunami. And I am here to give you your warning. If you do not rise to [the] Presence of who you are and if you [can] not help the rest of the world rise in consciousness, the rest of the people to start to rise up, this place will self destruct. It has already started to be in a self-corrective mode. The world will either become so insane [that] it will kill itself or we will have a new age come forward. The light is coming down. And the reaction you receive is happening quickly. So I say to each and every one of you, be aware, be awake, be alert.

P. S.
: Beloved masters, I just want to know as a very basic question [about the] immaculate concept. I know Gautama Buddha holds the immaculate concept for all the lifestreams over the planet earth. And I just wanted to know how can we hold an immaculate concept, like visualize our immaculate concept? Sometimes I feel like it may be [the] mighty I AM Presence. And how can we visualize [and hold the] immaculate concept completely [and] have these positive thoughts regarding our loved ones so they can accelerate toward that final version or final picture of God?   Thank you.


Masters: You are all co-creators with God. Are ye not all God's children? Those of you who are parents—when your child was born, did you not see that child as immaculate, perfect, whole, pure? See yourself in this wise in the guise of a child—pure skin, pure halo and aura, and then see all whom you know as pure children.

If you can hold this visualization as Gautama does, as Mother Mary does, of every child of God in the purity of their divine estate, being freshly born, then you will have no problem in holding the perfect concept for both yourself and others. Children are the key for ye all.

A.R.: Hi, masters, this is A__. I want to know, regarding one of the master's comments, how can we learn how to turn off our thoughts for one or five or ten minutes or long periods of time and really focus just on God and what our heart says?


Mother Mary: First, you must act as the Silent Watcher. You must watch yourself. See yourself as in the chart but closer down, watching yourself and watching your thoughts. First you must recognize that your mind can run with an endless loop of ideas and thoughts.

You can say to yourself, “This is interesting. I wonder what the next thought will be? And immediately you will see [that] your thought will stop because it's been caught! It will not be able to control you. So as you continue to watch and to see what comes up from your inner subconscious mind, the thought patterns will slow down and they will begin to stop.                                              

Another method is—you can go into a meditation and visualize in your head a tree in a room with a dome [ceiling], full of monkeys in the tree.  And you go [to] the tree and you shake it and all the monkeys fall out. And they go out of the room, and you close the door. And you will see—you have no more thoughts!

The goal, my friend, is to watch the thought rise. But first recognize that you can see it.  And the minute you see it and you catch it, it will stop. Listen to the silence. How does one listen to the silence? You can do that now. Listen, as you are sitting here, to the silence. [Twelve-second pause.] Do you have a thought or are you listening to the silence? Silence has no thought. Silence is not talking. Practice listening to the silence before you go to sleep at night [for] five minutes—listen. But listen not just in your head. Feel yourself go into your heart and listen from the heart. And you will feel your Presence in your being—all through you. And every time you're more in touch with your Presence, your Presence rises more and more. And the Presence of your God Self comes through stronger and stronger.

We will eventually not have any difference [of figures] in that chart. It will be one. All the concentric rings around you—everything will be one. But you must first start with recognizing that your mind can be an endless loop of conversations. As you drive down the street, are you driving or are you having an internal conversation? Can you feel your hands on the wheel? Can you feel your foot on the pedal? Or have you gone into automatic pilot and you're thinking about something or listening to a radio going, “Dah-duh-dah-dah-dah” and not paying attention and absorbing those thoughts into your inner soul and your patterns?                                                       

For if you are awake and watching, then you will not take in the stuff that comes from the radio or the television set. [You won't] become unconscious and not be aware of what's happening around you. It takes practice. But you wouldn't be sitting here if your consciousness isn't already arising and awakening. For your inner being is saying, “Yes it's time. It's time to be who I am.” Listen to people when they're talking, not always from your head. And don't always be so quick to have the answer for them. Listen to what they're saying. Listen for the spaces between words. Listen for that silence. Pause and your inner being will give you the proper answer, versus the mental mind. You will feel it rising, and you will have the correct answer for anything and anyone.

As you take a test in school—don't know the answer? Turn off your thoughts. Become quiet. Ask the Universe for the answer. Ask the teacher for the answer mentally. Turn your thoughts off and you will get a prompting for the right answer. The answers are there because we're all connected. We're all one. But it takes practice.

But first you must know. First, you must know that your mind has been running you. Many people have just been talking heads. And I say, that day is over! That day is over to be a talking head.  Speak from your essence by turning, turning [the internal talk] down. Watch yourself as a Silent Watcher.  “Oh my, where did that come from?” It's funny where thoughts come from.

 Somebody could have said something to you as a child—that you were ugly or not good enough. And then you go to succeed in life and the thought comes up, “Oh, I'm not good enough because one of my relatives or my sister or aunt said that.” But if you were watching the thought, you would say, “Aha! Where did you come from? You have no power!” And it would dissipate and go. It might try to come back. But the second time, the power is less and less and less and more Presence and the fire of God is rising through you. Each atom, cell and electron in your being is being transformed and changed from old patterns and habits that [have been] walking, running around in your being to the light of who you are. And then you will walk and people will walk through your aura and be changed. It's that simple.

: Beloved masters, I have perceived from the comments of the Goddess of Liberty that you are very concerned with the economy of the United States. And I hope that I am not being premature in bringing this question up now for an answer from you. The Goddess of Liberty has said that if we do not have that—in her words—if we do not have her greater anchoring of light—I think she means this gathering here—if we do not have that greater anchoring of light, you will see a certain crumbling in the economy that within fourteen months, the face of this nation will change dramatically. I think that she is really referring to the state of the economy. Can you make any comments on that if I'm not being a little premature in asking this question at this time?


David: The God of Gold would like to address this.     


God of Gold: There are certain spirals of light and spirals of darkness. There are points in time and space where these spirals interact and where we as ascended masters direct our energies and warn lightbearers to act to bring the spiral of light higher and to counteract the downward spiral. The warning of the Goddess of Liberty was such that you would be inspired to come here to blend your energies in the united effort to counteract the downward spiral and to invoke new spirals of light. This you have already begun to do through your prayers. Through the clearance action earlier today, each of you is a new being if you choose to make it permanent for yourselves. The increase in the quotient of fire within your aura is sufficient already when anchored in your world to bring about a certain resurrection of this city and the economy.

You should visualize a golden spiral of light from this point of New York and Wall Street through all the banking houses and institutions with a great base and a spiral rising higher toward a point of light, high above the earth. And you can see the consuming of the negative spirals that have been brought to bear by those who would see the destruction of all that has been built by lighbearers within this nation and other nations.

Hold this visualization of the spiral within the pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye of God within the apex of that pyramid such as seen even on your dollar bills, beloved ones. When you hold this thoughtform and lend your energies and decrees for the resurrection of the economy, I, the God of Gold, can assist you in holding the balance at inner levels for the true gold standard and for what we desire to see manifest through a golden age. The golden age must come first through your own consciousness before it can appear throughout the world. Therefore, even as you see within yourself your Presence fully embodying within you, see a golden age consciousness and spiral growing and resident within you.

More will be discussed about the economy through your presentations. And the Goddess of Liberty herself may address this and speak of the progress you will have made even during this weekend. For you see, since there is no time and space, you can create even in the space of this short time period of this weekend such a spiral and intensity of light such as can transform a world if you believe it!  Beloved ones, do you believe that this can manifest?  [The audience responds, “Yes!”] Then make it so within your being first, and then it can manifest everywhere instantaneously because you are one with the universe. Therefore, what is within you can be everywhere instantaneously.  Do you see it? [“Yes”] Thank you. 


M. A.: I have not so much a question but a statement of Victory. Since we're here in New York and it's the third eye chakra, I wanted to put out that South Dakota passed an anti-abortion law. Its main intent and motive is to turn back Roe vs. Wade. It's a five-year imprisonment now for anyone to perform abortions in South Dakota. And I would hope that we hold this also as a vision since we are in the third eye center of America.  And do you see this as a trend—that we are turning this around?


 David: Mother Mary would like to talk about it.


Mother Mary: Beloved ones, again, what you can conceive of and hold within your being and visualization can manifest in the world. If you would see a world free of abortion but more importantly a world where all are honored and revered and all life is revered for life itself is sacred, and you, through your consciousness, so exemplify this energy and light that all the world is lit up by your light, then abortion as a means of birth control as a rule may subside upon earth.

We hold you, each one, responsible for bringing to bear in the world reverence for life at all levels. For are not you all Gods and, through your belief in the power that you hold as ascended masters in the making and unascended beings in the now, fully capable of creating a new world consciousness now?  Are you not? [“Yes.”] Then see it, visualize it and make it so. I will lend you my momentum of holding that perfect concept of reverence for life for all. Thank you.



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