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Djwal Kul      January 02, 2006

Beloved Djwal Kul
David C. Lewis
January 2, 2006  (15 minutes)
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Set Forth Your Plans to Create a New Vision for Your Life
Rise to New Levels of Cosmic Adeptship in Love

              I come in the guise of Balthazar to worship the Christ Child.¹ I am Djwal Kul, and I am pleased with the progress that you have made in recent weeks, beloved ones. I have felt the pulsation of your love and your desire to be for the Earth truly lightbearers par excellence.
            When you determine to rededicate your life daily to God and to the divine purpose for which you came, then we of the ascended hosts can work more closely with you. For your determination creates a magnetism that naturally allows us to be in your presence, to inspire, to raise you and to give you those keys for the next step in your path.
            Therefore the light that has been released during this New Year's conference is tremendous, and you must take every advantage possible of your newfound glory in living in light to make new inroads into the Earth for the work that must be done. Therefore it is the perfect time to set forth your plans to create a new vision for your own life and for the lives of your communities.
            We as the Three Wise Men planned carefully our trip. For we needed all the essentials for survival in the wilderness land that we crossed, including enough water and food and, of course, the treasures that we brought to the Christ Child. We not only had to have the stores necessary for ourselves but for those who accompanied us in the long journey. And therefore, all planning was for the specific purpose of completing our mission. And so we were required to send forth our own messengers, for we had to know where along the way were those oases, or places of rest, where we could stop, where we could replenish our supplies if necessary. And, of course, we were required first and foremost to know the movement of the stars, seeing the great light appearing in the skies, beloved ones.
            Therefore study your own course. Study and use the trajectory of your ascension as that point and arc of fire through which you will progress this year and all ensuing years. Plot on the graph of your life where in adeptship you desire to be, year by year, until that point of the apex of your life when you may return to the heart of the One in the natural last step on the pyramid of life.
            Some of you are climbing in your years, and yet you are yet as children and babes, seeking from others the course to take. Yet you should already know exactly where you are going, beloved ones. It is as simple as sitting in meditation, projecting yourself through the star of your Presence out to the universe, then returning and then retaining the memory of your travel so that you may follow that course again. We do not say that you will know all that will transpire in your life, for there are many surprises awaiting you that we have prepared along the way. However, you must move steadily with steadfast feet and never get bogged down in the mires of those illusions and illusory mirages² that would take you from the final chapter of your victory.
           Love as the key along the way will aid you, beloved ones. For when through this accelerated ruby fire that you have gleaned this past weekend you come to understand the point of love at the core of all that is required of thee, then the pathway will be more simple and you will not need to struggle or strive in that way that you have previously done, thinking that through human effort you will make it.
            Therefore I suggest that you all consider taking the class in surrendering to the will of God within you, taught by Morya through our daughter. For she has discerned keys not only for her own life, in the way of the joyful path of knowing the will of God, but can share with you concepts which will make your own path easier.³
            Why, we now have many among you, as the adeptful ones, who are teaching our words inspired directly to their hearts and minds. We applaud this new opportunity for you to present and to teach. Consider what you can prepare in the way of a syllabus for many to glean the wisdom of your own evolution, because each of you has keys for thousands upon Earth. That is why you are a part of this movement of light, for each one of you is key to many lifestreams coming after you.
            Therefore, ride now on our camels across the wilderness as we come to the place where the Lord lay. And in the epiphany of his appearing on the twelfth night, we will all kneel in holy prayer before the light of the Christ, and we will see in his eyes and smile the reflection of all that we are asked to become. For did not the Lord come to show us the way so that each one may also become a saviour to mankind?
            I thank you, beloved ones, for all your sacrifices, for your travel in your own caravan here. And I, Djwal Kul, seal your hearts for your safe return to your homes of light. Go in peace. Be prosperous and employ the light fully through all that you have been given. My own ruby love be with you to augment the work that you have done these few days.
            I seal you. I love you. And I will be there in your pranayama exercises, watching, joining you and infiring you to rise to new levels of cosmic adeptship in love.

1. Djwal Kul was embodied as Balthazar, one of the Three Wise Men who traveled to acknowledge, bless and revere the Christ Child at his birth.
2. The master intended that the messenger use the word "mirages" instead of "oases" in this sentence.
3. A Meru University course on Sweet Surrender to the Will of God was taught by El Morya and Joyce Genis soon after this dictation.

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