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Gautama Buddha      December 31, 2005

Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
December 31, 2005            11:55 pm - 12:07 am
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            Prepare ye the way, O sons of fire, O daughters of the light. Prepare ye a pathway for thyself and for souls as a way out of earth's dilemma.
            I have prepared a way and ye walk in it, but you must prepare a new way for many more. I have prepared for this day for eons and ye have also prepared. It is time for each one of you to rise from your lotus seat. Perceive now the golden light come to earth this hour.
            I have spoken already this evening through my own, beloved. Were you listening? Were you cognizant of my presence here already in the Word made flesh, in the word delivered in the past, in the present, in the future which is now? Have you perceived thine own reality fully? Then the pathway prepared may first be for thyself before you bring others forward.
            My presence is ever with you. For in the stream of light that I send to each heart upon earth-yes, a crystal cord tying each one to me-my presence flows ceaselessly. Have you perceived my radiance within you? Have you understood the joy of discovery?
            So now, the Lord Sanat Kumara does deliver to me the thoughtform for this year, 2006. And it is a golden sphere vibrating at the level of the golden age that you desire. Contained within this golden sphere or globe, as you may call it, are seeds, 144,000- yes, seeds of those who came with Sanat Kumara-each one a key to the outpicturing of that golden age.
            When each of these is fully ripe, then the golden age may bear fruit upon earth. Therefore, your job, your responsibility, is as one of these to bear fruit fully, beloved ones. The fruit of your Buddhahood awaits. When you perceive the seed as the fruit, then those whom you came to save may eat of this fruit and therefore walk that pathway home that you have prepared.
            Therefore, I, Gautama, water you with my radiance. And I plant you firmly in the knowing of thine own Buddhahood, and I say: Grow! Grow! Bear fruit! And be all Buddhas for me and for the Lord Sanat Kumara who shines as the sun to quicken you to grow-yes, to be, each one, the fruit from his heart to earth.
            OM Sanat Kumara. OM Sanat Kumara. Say it with me. [Gautama and audience chant together,"OM Sanat Kumara", three times.]
            O Lord, Regent Lord of the World, we are coming home and bringing the fruit of thy watering, the sunshine of thy love. Yes, Lord, we are bringing them home all to thee.
            In the name of the Divine One whose seed is within thee always, I AM THAT I AM always within each one whose heart is truly ready to bear fruit forevermore, O budding ones, flowers of the Most High.

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