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Padre Pio      December 30, 2005

Beloved Padre Pio
David Christopher Lewis
Dec. 30, 2005            
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            My beloved friends, in this hour of the appearing of the Christ unto all mankind, and in preparation for the coming of the Lord of the World, I come. And I lay a ruby carpet for our Lord, unrolling it here. I AM Padre Pio, and through your devotion [expressed] in this rosary, you have laid the foundation for the coming of not only the Lord of the World, but for many Buddhas who would grace the earth with their presence.
            As I walked the path of the ruby ray, delivering unto mankind the fire of the supreme sacrifice of myself, laying myself upon the altar with my Lord, I hope that I have conveyed to mankind an understanding of the supreme joy that comes when all is surrendered unto the Divine One.
            As you prepare also for the coming of the magi on the twelfth night1, so I give unto you an understanding of a mystery this day. For I, too, was there to adore the Christ child as one of the shepherds. And through my communion with the Holy Spirit in that hour, I was drawn by the sacred fire of the heart of the savior to that place where the angels did sing "and the glory of the Lord shown round about him."2
            Yes, I wore the simple garb of the humble ones and I returned again as a shepherd unto his people, my people, to give unto many that sacred-fire spurring that was needed for the salvation of their souls, as the friar in that humble mountain-top abode where we dwelled. And in my communion with the Lord he showed unto me the inner mysteries of the path which ye are now walking daily, my friends.
            The ruby fire of service, sacrifice, surrender and selflessness is truly the way of the bodhisattvas of Christ and Buddha. And when you walk this path, the acceleration that occurs within your being of the release of the secret rays, wherein you truly become a son of God in your own right, is one that many more of mankind must walk before the appearance of the Lord Maitreya who comes to accelerate wisdom within the hearts and minds of men.
            Children of the Sun, the Son of God is appearing here and there, not only as Jesus the Christ, but as many who have followed him and now understand those inner mysteries of how each one may become honored among the holy brethren and women as sons and daughters of the Most High. This is your birthright. This is the goal of all of your lifetimes upon Earth, where all that you have laid as [a] foundation in all of your spiritual practices, embodying in many cultures, gleaning from those lifetimes a full understanding of that pathway, of that particular religious activity, [now comes to a final culmination and a full fruition within you, beloved hearts.] You can now also, with Christ, wear the coat of many colors, signifying the mastery of the seven rays and then move onward unto the higher initiations of the Buddhas in the way.
            In the stillness of the morning light, I come. I enfire you, I inspire you to rise higher. I set my seal of a holy kiss upon your brow. O, holy ones who have sacrificed much to be here, for I know that when you receive those tests in the final chapter of your lifetime, wherein you will be required to lay even your Christhood and your Buddhahood upon the altar, saying unto God, "O, God I give thee my all,"3 then you will win, O beloved ones, all the way.
            And when the tempter comes to tempt you in the night, you will be able to distinguish between light and darkness and know, only through surrender to God, and not unto that fallen one, can you have your victory. Therefore, do not abide in sympathy for those who would play upon your ego, but embrace the divine ego of thine own Godhood through the utter humility of complete, sacrificial giving. For when you become nothing, then the All in All of God may dwell where you are.�
            Day by day you are weaving this coat of many colors. Day by day, through your surrender to the will of God, all will become clear. Gaze into the eyes of your Presence each day, seeing the light shining bright from above and know only God, only love, only victory through the heart fires of the holy one whose heart now beats steadily within thee, O beloved ones of Jesus, of Gautama, of Sanat Kumara-the supreme one who showed us all that supreme sacrifice of laying upon the altar of Earth all, so that all may live.
            I am your holy brother. Sing to me. Pray with me. Know me in the inner recesses of the ruby fire dwelling within you always.

1The twelfth night is the Epiphany, when the magi, or wise men, are honored in many Christian traditions.
2Luke 2:9
3See prayer # 9.006 Sacred Surrender: Ritual of the Divine Interchange in The Hearts Center Prayers, Decrees and Mantras

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