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Astrea      December 30, 2005

Beloved Astrea
David Christopher Lewis
Dec. 30, 2005            
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I integrate my aura now with the earth, and earth is renewed in cosmic purity. I am Astrea, and when invoked by chelas of the sacred fire, I come.
            The action of the circle and sword of blue flame is a principle of cosmic energy that strips from the very core of the identity of the soul all unreality, beloved ones. So, when you give this call, invoking that buzz-saw action of light, you have removed and demagnetized from your being more than you know. And through the action of sacred fire you are made a new creature this night.
            What will this mean for you in the transcendence of cycles that you experience? It means that you have new opportunity to be a fully God-embodied being. In the past you have allowed yourself to think that you were human. The past is prologue, and in this hour I proclaim that you are divine. You are no more of the earth, but of celestial spheres, for in my aura I bring star-fire substance from galaxies beyond your vision.
            And I now embody within you cosmic purity, cosmic joy, cosmic light, initiating seeds of your own identity as a cosmic being. Those who understand the movement of the stars and gaze upon those sunbeams in the night take within themselves, through their vision, that intergalactic substance of cosmic energy that one day will propel them unto not only immortality, but unto cosmic identity.
            Therefore, pronounce for yourself your own identity in God as a cosmic icon for this earth. And though the cycles to fulfill this affirmation may take for some of you what you consider aeons of time, for others it will only be in a flash of non-time that you will perceive the All-in-All within thyself.
             I transport you now to a celestial field in another galaxy where every being, having made right choices, has become a star. Think on this. You can be a sun center just like these who are not so different from yourselves, for they were all born of the same God. But these have chosen to identify fully with the light that burns within the seed of Self. When you identify with this seed then you also may be a sun. Why, you have a sun presence, do you not? And if you become that sun, then there is no time or space between the becoming of the sun and the starry being of these who have Self-identified as gods.
            The greatest humility that you can have is identifying with God fully, for then there is no space within you of self-abnegation, of idolatry, of the human, but only the realization of the purity of the I AM THAT I AM that dwells within your heart. Ah, how mankind accept lesser gods, lesser selves, than who they truly are in the eye of God.
            O, how mankind accepts a paltry existence, thinking that these mortal forms are all that they are, when in reality soon, when you have shed this coat of skins, you will see the diadem of fire that you are. O, beloved ones, identify with me who you are now and know the fullness of cosmic purity that I AM, that I AM that I AM.
            I wrap now around you a cloak of cosmic fire. When, at times, in the future which is the past of your unknowing, you accept the point of unreality that you had become, then call for this cloak to remind you of the swaddling garment of your own divine reality in which the Lord God did deliver unto to you that seed of himself in form, when he sent you forth into this octave to sprout and be the mirrored image of himself in form.
            I AM Elohim, for I AM the all of God. Would you be Elohim in the allness of the now-ness of yourself, I ask? [Yes.] Then accept the commission this day, accept the totality of your reality in the suchness of perfection, beauty and the light of the Mother, whose fire, as an indomitable spirit, burns more brightly because you have invoked Astrea this night.
            I seal you in the diadem of fire that you already are in the eye of God.

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