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Lanello      December 24, 2005

Beloved Lanello (Darshan)
David C. Lewis
December 24, 2005
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Share with Me What Is on Your Heart

Merry Christmas Eve to all! I have come on my birthday in preparation for Jesus' birthday. And I know that many of you are preparing to open presents soon, are you not? Are you eager to do so? Well, at least one of my granddaughters was clapping when I came. I am proud of each of you for recognizing my spirit through The Hearts Center activity. This is what I envisioned all along for the type of organization that would expand and grow, where families are honored, children are welcome. And I'd like to see you more than just on Easter and Christmas Eve, but that's okay. And where all are free to give their gifts to the Christ Child of all.
            Do you remember my talk with you last year shortly before Christmas where I gave to each one of you a gift from my heart? I suggest that this, my message, be played each year or read to you as a reminder of my love. So, I'd like to offer you each an opportunity to share with me what's on your heart, how you feel, any burdens you'd like to share, anything at all. Just come to the microphone and tell me what you would tell me as if I were here in the physical plane in a body though I am very present speaking through the body of David. Can you feel my love for you now? So, don't be shy. You can pass another microphone around. That might be easier and it doesn't put people on the spot.


C.B.: I would like your help, Lanello, in the healing of my heart, and that's the physical heart and spiritual—and the healing of my hearing. I'm working on these things, but I need you. I also need you to help me with my anger and all that's related to that. I am grateful, Lanello, for your love of me. And I ask you to help me in my dharma of writing music, for I want this to soar. And it will help me and help my beloved community. I thank you.

David: Come up. He wants to put his hand on your heart.

Lanello: Because you have asked, you have received this blessing and a certain healing at the etheric level which you may draw down now into the physical through your continuing devotions. You are worthy. I take this anger from your heart now and cast it into the flame. If you so choose to never again engage in it, it will be permanently gone. Thank you.

David: Can you attest to the fact that you felt anything? Well, I can tell you that I felt Lanello's light pouring right through me. Does anybody here see anything? He was definitely here.

K.M.: Lanello, after viewing Tom Miller's DVD which reviewed most of your previous embodiments, I was wondering, as you look over this small band of souls here before you, how many of us were in embodiment with you? And, did we help you in your causes of the past? Were we loyal subjects of your realm? Were we faithful friends? Is there anything that you could share with us in regards to our past historic associations with you in your previous embodiments?

Lanello: Your question is quite complex if I were to fully answer it, for many of you have known me in a number of embodiments. As a general rule, you would not be here this evening had you not known me in at least two embodiments—for some of you, up to seven. There's a reason you're still on the earth, for not all have been perfectly faithful. But then I also was working through my own karma and balanced 75 percent before I ascended as Mark Prophet.

            I made karma in some lives just as you have, so no one should feel shame about the past. It is not so important to dwell on where the associations have been and where we have failed or passed our tests in previous lives but about what our common vision is for where we are going now, is it not?

            Do you think that in the short time that The Hearts Center has existed, that we have not been sailing very fast together? Then let's look forward to where the ship is taking us, where each of you can be more faithful, giving, loving, kind, generous with your time, your resources but having enough, first and foremost, for your families and your own personal needs—not sacrificing what you shouldn't sacrifice, but when you can, giving your all.

            I would swoop down and pick each of you up and present you to God as chelas par excellence, but each of you must work out your karma and dharma to pass your tests and understand the overcoming process of the ascension. Many of you have given your all just to come to Montana and to continue on here when it is difficult to live in the economy. This, in and of itself, says a lot about who you are. A “Lot”! Get it?”

T.M.: Hello, Lanello. I'd like to ask for healing for my emotional body. I have a tendency toward a lot of argumentation. I've been having a very difficult time with my mother. Sometimes it feels as if I were coming apart at the seams.

Lanello: Do you love yourself as a mother?

T.M.: Sometimes.

Lanello: Love yourself as the Mother Light that you are and your relationship with your mother will improve. And your emotional life will improve. If you know who you are inside, loving the God within you first and foremost, all will be well. All will be still. And in the process your emotions will be calmed. Breathe deeply each day—in and out—releasing pent up emotions, letting them go into the flame.

            I'm breathing through you now if you will join me. [Deep inhalations and exhalations] As you exhale, release all emotional substance into the flame. Do you feel better? If you can do this every day and learn to practice pranayama in gentleness, then all will become easier for you in your relations with [your] mom and with yourself. Thank you.

T.M.: Thank you.

David: The answer for T was for all of us. She's not the only one who, at times, gets emotional. So, if you find yourself getting angry or emotional, what's the first thing you should do? [Breathe deeply] and count to three or ten or eleven or as long as it takes.

R.B.: Lanello, I'm kind of nervous. A few years ago I read a dictation that was in a Pearls of Wisdom. You and K-17 said that you would sponsor karate and aikido. So, a couple of years ago I started aikido, and then I dropped out. I'm being drawn to go back to aikido. They have aikido in Bozeman. If I were to go back to Michigan, there's a good aikido school in Michigan. So, I'm just wondering if you're still sponsoring aikido and you still want people to attend aikido and if I could have your sponsorship and K-17's sponsorship?

Lanello: Aiki-do-ki! [much laughter] Will do…for you…since you asked. Aikido as an ancient art has always been sponsored by the Brotherhood, for it is, of all of the martial arts, most sublime. Visualize K-17 or me flowing through you, overshadowing you as you move the energy and transform it, taking the anger of another, receiving it, transforming it, redirecting it.

            This is an art and a science not only of movement but of an understanding of energy such that you can master anything in your life. Therefore, understand the science and the inner science behind the art form. It's not about tension, muscle development, being macho but about flowing, receiving, redirecting. Once you master this art, I would love for you to share with all in this Hearts Center or another, your personal experience and how it has transformed your life. Will you do that?”

R.B.: Yes.

Lanello: Thank you.

L.H.: Last year I was in the hospital for seven months and in a coma for three months. And I would like to healed. But I would also like to know the etheric reason why this happened.

Lanello: Have you shared your story, your inner story, of those experiences you remember with this group?

L.H.: I have not, but many people have asked. A lot of it has faded away. I remembered when I came out of it, but it has faded. So I don't remember that much.

Lanello: Who is your closest friend?

L.H.: My closest friend would be my daughter, my oldest daughter.

Lanello: Does she know all of what happened to you?

Lois: Yes, she does.

Lanello: Would she be willing to help you to remember what you remember from the other realms?

Lois: Well, she would, but she lives in Southern California. So I think it would be difficult. I have talked to her and we talked about a lot of things though.

Lanello: Would M. be willing to help you?

L.H.: Possibly, yes. Okay.

Lanello: You are healed, already. Are you not sitting here and a walking miracle, my daughter? You are a miracle!

L.H.: I've been told that, yes.

Lanello: You are a miracle. Let's say it together: “You are a miracle! I am a miracle! I am a walking miracle!”

 Please share your story, for it is truly miraculous. Hundreds prayed for you. While you were in a coma, your soul was very busy. Sometimes through outer inactivity, the inner senses of the soul are activated to a greater extent.            Take the example of a Helen Keller or others whose outer senses are not awake or developed but who gain a greater sensitivity because of this so-called problem. Therefore, the masters desired you to be healed at inner levels, more than outer. How many children who have Down's Syndrome are not a light unto the world because of their joy, their innocence? [Inaudible comment from Lois.]

Then the key is to reawaken it and to write it down as soon as possible so that it doesn't continue to fade. And then you will have that testament which could be just as tremendous as a Dannion Brinkley book or another Saved by the Light because of the miracle of who you are now.

 Just as Mother is very active at inner levels, so you were, L___. You even communed with Mother almost on a nightly basis, for there is no time and space at the etheric. You communed with your twin flame. The ascended masters gave you the opportunity to either go on or come back. And there is a reason why you chose to come back. [Inaudible response.] But there is a reason why you came back. And that is the key for you to discern and then to move forward, sharing how important love is, support for one another, praying…and that there should be no fear of death…and that we can all make it because you're going to make it. Okay. Does that answer it?

L.H.: Yes. Thank you very much. And I love you also.

Lanello: Thank you. I feel it. I receive it.

Young child: I'd like to ask if you could heal my sore throat and cold?

Lanello: If I do this, are you willing in some other way to bear the world karma that you are bearing right now as a result of having this cold and sore throat?

Child: Yes.

Lanello: What would you rather have in your body hurt?

Child: My left arm. [laughter]

Lanello: Okay. Come up here. How hard do you want it to hurt? [more laughter] [Lanello gives a soft little punch to the left arm of the child with a twinkle of a smile.] Give it [the healing of your sore throat and cold] eighteen hours, but if you accept it, it's done now. Don't breathe on others for the next eighteen hours.

J.T.: Beloved, Lanello, would you tell us a couple stories of the Christ that we've never heard before?

Lanello: Would it be acceptable if Mary told these stories so she can speak to you tonight?

J.T.: Yes.

Lanello: Prepare for her coming. Thanks for being the one to have this segue brought forth, for she was being, as you would say, anxious to come. You were a “plant”, but you're still a human now. You were a “plant” but now you're almost a master, get it? Nancy got it!


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