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Victory      December 22, 2005

Beloved Mighty Victory
David C. Lewis
December 22, 2005  7:07-7:16 pm HST
Peace in the Heart of the Fire Ring
Honolulu, Hawaii

Determine that Nothing Will Take from You the Victory
A Vow to Fulfill the Mission and Save the Earth

           I, Victory, come to descend into the depths of darkness to bring Earth the radiance of victory!
           Through the power vested in me by God, the light of victory can be your own! For I am willing and able to give it to you at your beck and call when you know that nothing can stop the victorious sense, when you have surrendered all to God.
            Beloved ones, Sanat Kumara and the seven holy Kumaras now come to surround the Fire Ring and the point of the original descent to Earth. At Shamballa a sacred ceremony has occurred already at etheric planes, which will come forth and be enacted in your dimension on New Year's Eve. The table is being set and the place prepared for cosmic initiations to occur. We suggest that each of you take care in these final days of this year to determine what within you can be cast into the flame for you to have your victory in this life. This New Year's Day will be a turning point for many of you on your path.
           And I, Victory, as a spokesperson for the seven holy Kumaras in this hour, do declare that we will do all we can from Venus to aid the work of the Lord of the World, of the Great Divine Director, of Saint Germain and Portia, of the God and Goddess Meru, of Lanello and your Mother to complete the mission that was not only begun through Mark but was begun eons ago, beloved ones.
            Therefore stand now with me! I, Victory, declare that each of you, as a part of this mission, can be aides-de-camp to Sanat Kumara and Venus. Therefore you must determine, with a great determination, that nothing from this day forward will take from you the victory that is already yours when you claim it, when you accept it, when you become it! Therefore, repeat after me, beloved ones:

           [Audience repeats each phrase after beloved Victory:]

                I [state your name], declare before Alpha and Omega that I am a victorious one, that nothing will stop me in fulfilling my mission to save the Earth for Sanat Kumara, for Gautama Buddha, for all ascended beings who have come to the aid of Earth.

                We, together, will work hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, to shoulder all our responsibilities. For Victory will be here with us, making our burden light. And nothing can come in the way of our total and complete victory! So help us, God! It is done! It is finished! It is sealed! For the mouth of the Lord has spoken it! Amen.

            I seal now your crowns in fire! And I give each of you a ring from my right hand as a remembrance and a token of this tryst and vow. Wear it in honor as victorious ones, beloved ones, always. Charge forth now, legions of Victory. Charge forth now across the galaxies to proclaim the victory of Earth because these have stood this day in the heart of the Elohim, of Peace and Aloha, as victorious ones for God!
            In the name of Alpha and Omega, I seal this conference in victory, victory, victory! [applause]

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