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Uriel      December 22, 2005

Beloved Archangel Uriel and Aurora
David C. Lewis
December 22, 2005 12:08-12:19 pm local time
Honolulu, Hawaii

Uriel and Aurora Set the Fire Ring Ablaze!

            We come with a thunder and a lightning of cosmic peace for the earth! We are Uriel and Aurora. And you have called to us! And we sound the sacred conch now upon the shores of Hawaii! [Uriel and Aurora intone a nine-second, high-pitched hum.] And our angels now take torches of fire, [and are] surrounding and standing upon every island in the fire ring. We begin at Taiwan, lighting a torch in a temple above the island where the flame is kept by thousands of both ascended and unascended beings. And we move from island to island around the fire ring now, lighting these torches in much the same manner as you have seen the runners here; and yet we glide through the air with no resistance.
            So, we move past Japan to the Aleutians to the shores of America, down now past Central America to the west of South America, past Easter Island, all the islands in the Mariana chain, westward toward Australia. We light torches upon every island as focuses of cosmic fire for the Mother, extending now into Indonesia, past the Philippines and then back to the point where we began. And we now swirl, making a coil back toward the center of the fire ring, lighting every torch prepared by the angels.
            So now the entire fire ring is lit with the light of the resurrection fire and does swirl and move in a spiral action which you can see and visualize, beloved ones. This does create a cosmic wormhole, as you would say, through which millions of angels may descend to earth for the salvation of her people and through which, eventually, millions can ascend through to our realm.
            Burn through now by the power of the resurrection flame! Burn through now by the power of the resurrection flame! Burn through now by the power of the resurrection flame all forces of darkness that have dwelt on any of these islands where there has been sacrifice of human life, cannibalism and the perversions that did result in the sinking of Lemuria. Burn through the ancient records now! Burn through by the power of the resurrection fire from the heart of Peace and Aloha now! Burn through! These records are consumed! Burn through by the power of the Great Central Sunlight from Omega which has come to earth in this day! Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now!
            Certain ancient records that still exist are now consumed by the light that you have invoked, the light of Surya; for he has come to Earth in answer to your call to place his great presence throughout the fire ring. Beloved ones, you have worked a great work for the Lord and earth receives the blessing thereby.
            Now a certain one hundred and forty-four thousand discarnates that have taunted lifewaves upon these and other islands are now bound by my legions as each one is surrounded by four angels to escort them off this planet in this hour. They are removed to their rightful place, either to bend the knee or be judged for their misdeeds.
            We are Uriel and Aurora, angels of the judgment and of the resurrection. To receive the resurrection fires within you, all that is less than that perfection must first be judged, beloved ones. To the right or to the left, decide what of your energies must be sublimated and consumed and what must rise unto immortal perfection. See the scales before you now. And put on that scale what you release to us and now on the other side what you offer of your life and energies for this to be completely and utterly consumed for all eternity.
            My angels now receive all. They look down your lifestreams. And based on your history, your determination and your desire-your God-desire flowing through the solar plexus of your being-we determine what you are able to receive in the appropriate quotient of fire and energy this day.
            So, we move. Move with us in the movement of the sun, spinning in orbit, flashing forth fire for fire. If you would be a son or a daughter of God, then enter the sun with us this day. We have come. We have delivered fire for a planet and her people, and we return now to our native estate within the Sun of God.

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