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Surya      December 21, 2005

Beloved Surya
David C. Lewis
December 21, 2005  5:34-5:40 pm  local time
Honolulu, Hawaii

I Seal You in the Signet of the God Star
Unlock the Memory of Your Godhood and Fly to the Sun with Me!

           I am Surya, and I come on the heels of my chela to also lend my momentum of fire to you. When you gaze upon the sun, seeing the Sun behind the sun in your visualization, I am there for you.
           The God Star is a serene, yet powerful, focus for the Great White Brotherhood. Some of you have traveled there in your finer bodies and absorbed certain energies of the solar light that you have brought back to the domain of your life, which has truly made the difference for you on your path homeward.
           So, beloved ones, I invite you this evening to travel on a highway of light to Sirius and to bask for one-half hour of your time in the solar fires of my home star. The empowerment that you will receive, squaring the circle, anchoring the light of this magnificent sun will propel you in your ongoing mission to serve and to save sentient life.
           Study the mythology of those who understand Sirius. And though not all have it right, in their communion regarding all that has transpired in the coming, spiritually, of lifewaves from this system to Earth, there is [yet] an inner understanding and race memory of masterful beings, such as Cuzco, who have come to lend their great momentum of fire to stabilize your planet.
           Though we are serious about this rescue mission, the joy of our love of the light, of basking in the light of the sun does set the seal and create that purpose for our work that does raise, that does heal and secure for many the ability to maintain the evolutionary process upon Earth. For had certain lifestreams not come at the behest of Sanat Kumara, your oceans would not be quite so blue and your skies so beautiful, beloved ones.
           I seal you in the signet of the God Star. Take this key, unlock the memory of your Godhood and fly to the sun with me!

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