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Cuzco      December 21, 2005

Beloved Cuzco
David C. Lewis
December 21, 2005  5:14-5:32 pm  local time
Honolulu, Hawaii

Call to Surya and Cuzco for the Stabilization of the Pacific Fire Ring
and the Foiling of Plans Being Hatched on the Astral Plane

Blessed Children of the Sun,
            I am come to increase the light of wisdom's fire within the Earth. You have traveled now to two major island nations, both small in size yet populated by two entirely different evolutions and peoples. Though one of these peoples has an outer industry with many inventions and current technological advances, I perceive that the flame within the vast majority is lacking. And the other people, though also very industrious, have been born of an ancient culture, truly of the Motherland, Lemuria, and have, through the transference of the spiritual seed of this Mother DNA from generation to generation, borne within them and retained that inner light of God-identification.
           Throughout the Pacific Rim, as you have seen, there are almost numberless islands, many of which are remnants of Lemuria and many bearing certain patterns and historical memories within the race memory of their cultures—all a certain aspect of the ancient light of that Motherland.
           You are now upon another in a great chain of islands within this system of the Fire Ring over which the Elohim Peace and Aloha reside. Have you not this day felt the presence of this holy one, beloved ones?
           Let me now tell you of the importance of your invocation, of your presentations and of your presence here physically during these two days of communion together. Beloved ones, when a group such as yours travels and jointly determines to direct its energies and focus its light in a concentrated and concerted manner in spiritual service, we come to lend our momentum and assistance. You have discerned well the need and have taken means to make specific and targeted calls and invocations to forestall or mitigate various earth changes, which would be catastrophic to both the economies, the industries and the cultures of not only these peoples but of all life upon Terra.
           I ask you now to direct your words and fire toward those specific areas near my retreat at Viti Levu1 that also need your assistance and calls. For there are only a remnant among those dwelling in these areas who keep the flame to the extent that is required by the Lords of Karma and by my guru, Surya, to maintain the balance in the Earth for what is transpiring. For few have the training, the attunement and the spiritual wisdom and knowledge that you have.
           Therefore I ask you to make calls for and direct your attention not only to the Hawaiian Islands but to the Philippines, all of Malaysia and Polynesia, the Golden Triangle and North and South Korea. Much has been hatched and planned by the sinister force to use these nations and certain terrorists and aliens and godless ones within elements of these peoples to bring about a destabilization of their nations, of the eastern portion of the Fire Ring of Southeast Asia to the detriment of all that we foresee as required and needed for the freedom of the lightbearers in China and throughout this region and for the continuing flow of goods and services throughout the world. For much good can still come to the East from the West and from the West to the East in the interchange of all cultures.
           Plans are being hatched on the astral plane by certain terrorists planning incursions, bombings and creating fear among the people should their options begin to dry up in the Middle East due to what they perceive as the potential for failure of their plans to completely destabilize that region so that the white light of the Mother may go down—which has been their plan since many of them came from Maldek tens of thousands of years ago and began intermingling with those evolutions of Earth already here of the fourth and fifth and now the sixth root races.
           We do not tell all, though we see all. And though many among the lightbearers of America have a presence in the Middle East, so there is also the greed factor whereby those who manipulate the people at all levels desire to put their chains upon the flow of oil.
           We see a new day, by your invocation, beloved hearts. Though these terrorists, and even the common man and woman who have been influenced by their propaganda, view the United States as an evil empire exporting [its] materialism to the detriment of their native cultures and peoples, so at a certain level the influence of freedom is also important in establishing the plan of Saint Germain for the entire Earth.
           You should study the issues of these nations I have named, making calls during your services for the stabilization of the entire Pacific Fire Ring, its nations' leaders, its educational systems, militaries, free trade, including import and export policies. You should determine that none should be lost to a total domination by leaders sympathetic to Communists and terrorist leaders and systems. For we desire not another Cuba, even if it is far from your own shores, beloved ones. Invoke my name, with Surya's, to dispel this darkness and foil these plots and plans before they can be hatched. For ultimately they will be to your own detriment and the outpicturing of the plans of the Black Brotherhood to destabilize these regions.
           Blessed ones, although in all our dictations and releases to you we have given you much to chew on and work to do, yet the nations I have named receive very little energy from your calls, for they have been few and far between in number. Therefore direct at least one hour of your prayers during this weekend, during this seminar, to these ends so that I may secure these areas through the dark night which could come, when many would be lost. Use maps and assign two on this trip to give a short five- to ten-minute presentation on these areas that need your focused work.
           Hearts of fire, I am grateful to be able to speak with you on this important matter. I secure you all in my aura of protection, as does my guru, Surya. Call to us! Let light flow from my retreat now! Light of God that never fails, answer the calls of these pure hearts so that together we may continue the plan for Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director to secure the entire Earth for the Lord.
           I am Cuzco, and I dwell in the nexus of your heart when you can balance all within and without and sustain the light of the Sun.

1. The retreat of Cuzco at Viti Levu is in the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific.

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