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Buddha of the Ruby Ray      December 21, 2005

Beloved Buddha of the Ruby Ray
David C. Lewis
December 21, 2005   8:30-8:41pm  local time
Honolulu, Hawaii

The Buddha of the Ruby Ray Enfolds Us in a Ruby Sphere of Cosmic Energy
for the Realizing of Our Buddhic Attainment
and the Saving of Sentient Souls

Ruby fire, expand within these hearts, whom I initiate as Buddhas-to-be. From the point of my heart I send rays, ruby crystals, apportioned to all life on Earth.
           What is a crystal but a resonator of love. What is a heart but a nexus of that love. I wrap your hearts in ruby crystal diamond. And the action of the white and the ruby fires does now grow as a crystal in fast motion, as you would say. And now you are within a ruby sphere surrounded by the diamonds from my heart.
           You would think that the weight would bow you down, surrounded by this much crystal and diamond, and yet these are made of etheric substance. And so I blow you now out into the world, as a child blows his bubbles. And you can traverse the Earth's surface, visiting every people and nation, for you can see from within this sphere all whom you have touched this day with your prayers. Many have received blessings untold, and my angels point out to you certain lifestreams who have benefitted greatly and one day will know their own freedom.
           Yes, I blow you, each one, from this point of Lemuria, ancient focus thereof, first to the east, then to the south, then to the west and the north. And within your bubble of cosmic energy, you understand the Middle Way and why you came to Earth and what it will take for you now to be the Buddha once again.
            Quality of life we know—the highest quality! Why settle for less than the zenith of love, ruby love, beloved ones? For the fire of this love will not let you go until you are consumed in the process of loving and all that is left is the pure point of reality, the seed of Buddhic attainment that Alpha and Omega strew[ed] across the galaxies in the beginning.
           Yes, you are a seed from the hand of Alpha. And this day that seed has become ripe, fruit on the vine. For the Lord has plucked you and soon will use you in ways mysterious, and to peoples unknown, to bless, to heal and to enfire with ruby love.
           Now I receive you back to my heart and place you back in your chairs or in your meditation, seated in the lotus. Do not forget to invoke this love daily, even by a simple whisper: “O Buddha of the Ruby Ray, send me in your bubble today to save a sentient soul somewhere who needs your love, I pray. O Buddha of the Ruby Ray, enfire me in your heart this day, and send me near and send me far, for this, your day, I am your star.”
           I am ensconced in God's holy love. May you be ever with me, my friends.

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