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Valiant      December 20, 2005

Beloved Valiant
David C. Lewis
December 20, 2005  2:34-2:44 pm  local time
Chiang Kai-shek International Airport
Taipei, Taiwan

I Empower You to Continue to Keep the Flame for Taiwan

           I am the valiant one, come again to speak with you. The reason I have planted a flame here and continue to remain is [that] I have vowed to Saint Germain to stand with the Taiwanese through thick and thin for the victory. I am grateful that you have secured a dispensation and an extension of the period of safety, beloved ones.
           My greeting to you when you first arrived was with great joy and expectancy to know what would transpire through your work. And I say that it was difficult to remain fully here, for I desired with a great desire to be with you and could only send a portion of myself to observe your great service.¹
           Saint Germain is gratified, as are Godfre and Lotus and Mark and Mother. You may not know, but the reason I have chosen this place is [also] because of an ancient tie to this people from a number of embodiments on Lemuria wherein I did serve with Godfre and Lotus. And it was from that lifetime and lifetimes, back in eons of time, that God did give to me the name Valiant, which I have chosen as my ascended name. For even then I was dedicated fully to the messengers and the final mission, which I saw in a giant amphitheatre wherein the future of lifetimes was displayed for those who had reached a certain level of attainment and could be entrusted with the knowledge of the future. This was in a special retreat. And now you can ask to attend on inner planes when there comes a time when through your great service you also are allowed to know certain aspects of your future mission. However, for many of you this is only a number of years, and so time is compressed and the need is less.
           Beloved hearts, my twin flame still resides on Earth, and my great determination for this soul is that she makes it. She chose, and we chose before this incarnation of mine, to remain in the East and embody here. And that is also why I have placed my flame in this airport, for she does come and go regularly and travels, touching a number of points upon the globe. And each time she passes through this port of entry, I make the contact on the inner, impressing upon her consciousness greater details of her mission, which may require one additional life. But with the aid of your calls for her, [her mission] could possibly be accelerated if she were to make the outer contact and receive this or a similar teaching.
           Now you know this mystery and how we as ascended masters do continue to pine for and work with our twin flames and our chelas throughout the globe. Saint Germain, in giving his monumental dictation in the mid-seventies, was aware of this soul even then. For she has a great inner attainment, also from past civilizations, and simply by her presence in this area has mitigated certain anti-freedom forces from manifesting upon the Earth.
           All the decrees that I gave with the full fervor of my heart in the days of the “I AM" Activity and through The Summit Lighthouse were used by the Lords of Karma to the greatest extent possible, even for this people. Why, even while you have been traveling these three days in this her home country, she has almost crossed paths with you, beloved ones. Considering the great number of lifestreams that live here, this is truly amazing, is it not?
           Therefore, pray for this blessed one, I ask. And if possible, within four years' time, if you can make one additional journey, even for a day on Taiwan, it would assist this beloved one, whom I love.
           I now extend to each of you my hand, honoring your work. And through the extension of the fire through my touch, I embolden you, I empower you to continue to keep the flame, giving your calls for Taiwan daily, making a sacrifice, even if at the hour of your retiring to make at least one fiat for the saving of life here and on the mainland. Will you do this, my friends? [“Yes.”]
           I now give to you my friend to speak a few words.

1. This HeartStream by the ascended master Valiant was delivered in the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (formerly the Chiang Kai-shek International Airport) in Taiwan.

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