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Sanat Kumara      December 19, 2005

Beloved Sanat Kumara and Venus
David C. Lewis
December 19, 2005 8:42-8:53 pm local time
Taipei, Taiwan

Accelerating Love and Love's Fires to a New Crescendo and Level

            We come bearing gifts of fiery star-substance which we cast to the earth in this hour. Venus and I have prepared many souls for the quickening that is coming. We sit in the lotus with our son Gautama at our side and Maitreya, and we survey the earth for the righteous. We applaud those among earth's evolutions who have responded to Gautama's pleas. And as he prepares for his message in a few short weeks with the thoughtform for the coming year, may you meditate each day with him, upon him, asking the Lord of the World what you may do in his great plan to save the earth. Truly this people that you have seen upon this soil are a remnant from Lemuria. And though they have forgotten fully their inner ties, yet they remain tethered to the heart of the Lord of the World whose office I bore before him. Therefore, I, too, feel for these my own, some of whom came before me who yet remain to tend the fires of freedom until more of mankind take up this calling.
            We take you now in our causal bodies as almost as a ship crisscrossing the planet, surveying the lives of all earth's evolutions, taking our notes, recording our impressions so that we may prepare all the dictations for the coming year and beyond. For, as you know, each one is a dispensation of light. And many ascended beings are lining up to receive a grant of energy, for they have a band of lightbearers once more who understand the need for progressive teaching in whom they may convey their message through, still.
            Peace upon earth. Peace be to earth and all life. Radiance of ruby fire, now spin within each one here, accelerating love and love's fires to a new crescendo and level. As you give so you shall receive the action of the ruby ray. For only those who give willingly will know our fire.
            We seal you in our lotus of love that shall never, never, never decay. Know love. Know ruby love and become our ruby heart in your world this day.

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