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Lao Tse      December 19, 2005

Beloved Lao Tse
David Christopher Lewis
December 19, 2005  4:05-4:15 pm local time
Sin-Sho Taoist Temple
Taipei, Taiwan

Remain in the Center While All around You Swirls

            I enfold you in the Tao of my causal body. Yes, I am an ascended being. Do you feel the radiance of my heart within the center of my presence? You have surcease from all outside the Tao. In the wind you hear my voice. In my voice the wind speaks. Within this people who come to receive blessing and a certain clearance action of their auric emanations, there resides a simplicity in the Now of knowing the inner silence. And so you see this people walking the streets, coming and going without fanfare, without excess conversation. For they have walked in our schools and seen the advantages of the golden silence of being.

            When your mouth is always moving, your consciousness is astir so that the Tao within you is not fully in balance. Can you remain in the center—while around you all swirls—partaking of the balance of Alpha and Omega, yin and yang, night and day, transcending all to be?

            Golden light of illumination, now shine through these through the sun-fire of my Presence. I AM Lao Tse. And I assure you, that when you become the Tao, you will understand all. Are you comfortable in maintaining silence even amidst other voices? Are you comfortable contacting that point of stillness even amidst the onrush of the elements through your outer awareness? Are you comfortable in being who you are without compromise, beloved ones?

            Promise me this—that all that you have received in graces and blessings will not go for naught, that it will be fully utilized to save sentient life, that the wisdom that you have gleaned and the understanding upon thy brow will manifest now in the Tao that thou art.

            Look out now upon the valley and see with crystalline eyes the perfection that God has wrought. Can you create as this? Can you ideate in bliss? Is the fraternity of our oneness purposeful so that you, too, can live and move and have your being within the crystal Tao of my heart? Remember me and call to me when your patience is wanting, and I will assist in stilling all so that you may truly be the All in all that you already are in the Tao.

            [Lao Tse intones] Wah Ah Mah Nah Moi Sah Tu Grah Be Om.

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