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Angel Deva of the Jade Temple      December 19, 2005

Beloved Angel Deva of the Jade Temple
David C. Lewis
December 19, 2005 1:40-1:56 pm local time
Jade Buddha Temple, Taipei, Taiwan

A Special Double-Helix Jade Blessing by the Angel Deva:
Spiritual Transformation through the Acceleration of Our DNA into Divine Light

            In jade light I descend, accompanied by a multitude of bodhisattvas who naturally are comfortable here. Beloved hearts, when a space such as this is consecrated night and day to the invocation of the word, the radiance that flows from this sanctuary of light is tremendous. This temple alone has sustained the keeping of the flame on this island nation to such an extent that it has provided the protection of this island for many years and will for many millennia.
            The Chinese people have a natural inner understanding of the importance of the use of the jade upon their beings and in their homes as a focus of healing and healing's precipitation ray. Jade should not be simply an ornament worn for display but a holy talisman that conducts the very energies of wholeness throughout the four planes of mater and beyond. When you have jade light within your aura, the action of the blue and yellow light, spun together and manifesting as that beautiful green, creates for you a certain health, a certain wealth of spirit and mind and emotion. The diseases of this day are truly those where the emotional and mental bodies of millions are out of kilter with the divine spirit of wholeness.
            When in alignment with the atoms and molecules of not only the jade light but of other aspects of the healing ray, mankind may know true healing, true wholeness. The very molecules of the walls and floors and ceilings and all of the focuses here I now illumine with that action of the fifth ray through my third eye. There is the stepping up [of the light] now, both within you and within the sanctuary of this outer retreat of the Brotherhood of Light, whereby all who come here will receive the inner healing for the soundness of mind to manifest more fully. Even in the hearing of the continuous chanting there is conveyed to the molecules of self that perfection of healing. [O] that many more among mankind would put aside the elements of the mass mind with the bombardment of noise manifesting as so-called music, which is simply a vast cacophony of dissonance that does nothing for the soul and the spirit but attempts to divide and conquer the very inner Self of each one that listens.
            Beloved hearts, it is time for mankind to receive the true nature of healing from within. You, as advocates of the path of truth and wholeness, can present to one here and another there your understanding of the true nature of love, wholeness, illumination and cosmic joy. Therefore, I suggest that at least one day per week, you have within your auric forcefield an ounce or more of jade, such that I can project my being and energy through that focus to bring about the renewal of your spiritual fire and the wholeness of body, soul and mind.
            Beloved ones, your friends here are calling. And though they desire your presence again in the temple, be mindful of your schedule, be mindful of all that must be accomplished and discern your next step. For we would continue to anchor the light through your chosen form of the spoken word, which is, as you know and have understood, an accelerated and Aquarian understanding and use [of that word.]
            I thank you for all that you have brought in the way of your purified chalices to this holy place. One day, when a golden age has fully come, there will be thousands of temples and focuses such as this across the earth. Would that you could see them all manifest! But alas, nigh [nearly] all of you will be ascended by then. Quickly, now come forward and receive the touch of my hand through the messenger's focus of jade on your third eye. You may kneel before this statue of Avalokitesvara who will also direct her ray of healing love to you, each one. First, Doreen. [There is a thirty-one second pause as the pilgrims come forward.]
            As you place your right hand in the hand of the messenger, your left hand is holding that of your own beloved I AM Presence, forming a double figure eight, a double helix of light through which we change the very DNA of your being into divine light. [A thirty-eight second pause as the blessing is received by each in attendance.] I activate now this new matrix within you of your own divinity. It shall be a permanent change within you, such that you may receive greater currents of fire in your spiritual work because of the re-polarization that has transformed you this day.
            This ritual and dictation is available for all those who will hear it or see it in the presence of any Hearts Center or home where another may stand to give you this initiation and blessing with the focus of jade. So, accompanying this, my message, must be the proper instruction to first secure the proper arrangements so that this may ensue, beloved hearts.
            I seal you in emerald fire and give your Holy Christ/Buddha Self now a focus as a jade cross to wear always.

[This blessing may be conveyed by any heartfriend who has jade that has been blessed by the Messenger's jade ring. He must first play this dictation and ask for the reenactment of the original blessing and then may use his jade focus for the blessing of those who have now listened to and/or viewed the dictation, acting as a representative for the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple while blessing the devotee on the third eye with the jade focus in the right hand and holding the devotee's right hand with his free left hand. The one receiving the blessing lifts his left hand up in the air to hold the hand of the Beloved I AM Presence.]

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