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Spirit of China      December 18, 2005

Beloved Spirit of China
David C. Lewis
Dec.18, 2005 11:42-11:51 am local time
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial
Taipei, Taiwan

            Cosmic light, flow across my land. Illumination, grow within my people. I am the Spirit of China, and I radiate fire from the crown similar to that worn by the Goddess of Liberty into every hamlet and home and heart of this people. The industriousness that you have seen of this people is born from a self-sacrifice that is little-known in those nations that have become gluttons due to an untoward materialism that has washed upon their shores. How many of you could survive eating a bowl of rice a day for years? And yet many of my own do this.
            I am the spirit manifest through the sun within the center of the heart of China. And this day I have brought a dispensation from the Lords of Karma whereby through your calls a change in the policy of one child per family may come permanently. And certain other measures that have been sought by the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood may also come into enactment in the laws of the land giving, inch by inch, a greater measure of freedom to this people.
            Those who continue to bind the forces of freedom will have and make one last effort to quell the rising tide of freedom that we bring. So pray fervently for those of my heart who have kept the flame both at inner and outer levels since the fall of freedom and the rise of the red flag of communism upon this land. Blaze the light through! Blaze the light through! Blaze the light through! Let rivers of living fire pour forth from all retreats of the Great White Brotherhood over this land now.
            All yellow-ray masters now rise and anchor their fire for me and with me this day. We stand, I in the center and those who will be dictating and have dictated and numberless numbers of other ascended beings, in concentric rings around China. A certain magnetic energy of cosmic Christ freedom and illumination is established-I, as the positive polarity in the center with many as the negative polarity in the outer rings. Call for the reenactment and re-energization of this fire and dispensation creating waves, cosmic waves of freedom. I am the magnet of love for this people, and I draw a circle of fire around China in this hour. They shall not pass who profess the lie of communism. They shall pass who profess the truth of liberation and understanding.
            I thank you, each one, for your service and your calls this day. You have, through them, made already great inroads into the needed portals through which we may send forth our love and light. In the name Kuan Yin, Avalokitesvara who has taken the bodhisattva vow to save every life within this land, I serve the spirit of my people with her always.

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