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Goddess of Freedom      December 18, 2005

Beloved Goddess of Freedom
David C. Lewis
December 18, 2005 11:35-11:42 am local time
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial
Taipei, Taiwan

Let Freedom Reign throughout the Earth and throughout China

            I am the Goddess of Freedom, and I stand to anchor a permanent focus of the flame of freedom here at this memorial of my son. I announce to you, that this soul has indeed returned to embodiment, though he could have remained within the heaven world, because of his great love for his people.1 Many of those who lost their lives in the battle that ensued here have also re-embodied, pledging their very hearts unto me, who appeared to them, each one, when they did pass from the screen of life. I am a warrior of the Spirit, and this day I kindle that light within the breasts of this people and those who also have re-embodied within the mainland to stir those fires of freedom once more.
            Let freedom reign throughout the earth and throughout China. Let freedom be a call to action for all [with]in whom there burns the sacred fire. I am contacting at inner levels one who can convey to the proper authorities my desire for an unfed flame, a permanent flame similar to the one in Arlington National Cemetery, to burn here. And I arc the light this day from this memorial to that [one] and to others across the globe where the flame is kept by those both in the military and in the private sector who understand the necessity to bear arms for the protection of the flame of freedom.
            Beloved ones, though many desire peace, it is those in the military who have that steely-white determination to bring [and defend] freedom, even at the cost of their own lives and fortunes. I dare say that many of you, as with this one, have indeed sacrificed the ultimate sacrifice of your body for the freeing of souls. Therefore, I charge now and accelerate the flame of freedom within you and within a certain ten thousand upon the mainland who must rise ere that nation can be free.
            I ensouled, with the Goddess of Liberty, that statue brought forth by the students in Tiananmen Square that they called the "Goddess of Democracy." And though we have gone undercover, there is still beating within the breast of these key souls that flame which will never go out. They can bind the body, but never the soul and the flame of freedom that burns within that soul. They can sever your head, but never can they take from you the crown of victory. So, the Spirit of China comes now to speak also.2

1Chiang Kai-Shek
2The Spirit of China dictated directly after this Heartstream

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