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Confucius      December 18, 2005

Beloved Confucius
David C. Lewis
Dec. 18, 2005 9:55-10:01 am local time
Taipei, Taiwan

I Am K'ung Fu-tse, and I Say, Be Virtuous Ones for Me!

            Ah, the classroom. I remember it well, with many who would study my teachings on virtue and the path of virtue. I have brought my virtuous ones here in this classroom of my little friend who is also one of the true ones who carried forth my message, teaching and conveying to many the truths that I received directly from the heart of the Duke of Zhou whom I invoked as my inner teacher.
            Yes, Lanto and I have resonated, and still do, in the land of Chin and in this holy place dedicated to that industriousness of the mind of God through the true path of virtue. You will notice that there is not a panoply of gods and of statuary but simply a place prepared wherein the teachings are conveyed heart to heart, mind to mind, most mindfully, beloved ones.
            Would that many more could follow the path of virtue, for in that path they would discern the keys to a golden age that once was and will be again when especially those in high places understand the path of servant leadership whereby each is required to first manifest those qualities that identify them as the servant of the people, first and foremost, before they take their places of authority. This is the problem that we see in the world today-that many of the leaders think that they must reign and rule rather than bow in service, humbly to each son and daughter of God within their cities and respective counties and nations.
            I raise up those from humble ranks to understand this pathway of truth. For when the proper ones come forth, then a nation can be changed. But until then, those who have stolen the rightful positions of true leadership on the mainland will continue to hamper the plans of the Brotherhood for freedom for all. Therefore, pray that the righteous receive the impartation, the benevolence of my teaching from an early age again, for then you will see the rising of my people and the victory of wisdom's fire delivered.
            I am K'ung Fu-tse, and I say, be virtuous ones for me. I thank you.

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