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Maitreya      December 16, 2005

Beloved Maitreya
David C. Lewis
Dec. 16, 2005 11:11-11:22 am local time
Buddhist Shrine near Narita, Japan

Vow to Continue Where I Have Left Off

            Meditate with me now, my friends, on the heart of the Compassionate One, my Guru, Gautama. We have chosen this place to anchor a rod of golden illumination. And you have noticed my children and elemental life here who receive the emanations from the heart of those who still inhabit this place as a sanctuary of cosmic illumination. Would that many more could understand the Four Noble Truths and the fullness of the Middle Way that my Lord did teach. But, alas, the totality of the teaching has not come to fruition in the lives of all whom the Lord did reach out to not only in that embodiment but even still today.
            Your minds must be stilled to receive the distillations of the mind of the Buddha. What does this mean? Can you still your mind so that your heart does sing? Can you still your mind so that my mind may flash through yours? Can you still your mind so that cosmic reason may reside within thine own beautiful crown which I touch this day? Yes, I reach down and with a small tap of my thumb and index finger I prod you to come higher.
            Soar with me with the eagles in flight. Look upon on all life, and know that if you would relieve suffering and dispel maya, then the compassionate heart must expand within the domain of your world. Have you noticed, as one of mine has mentioned, how much more difficult it is to sustain the fire within your heart in this nation? Therefore, it takes a greater intensity and concentration and focus for the clouds to be dispersed and for the light of the sun to radiate forth here.
            We have cleared the way for your travel. We have concealed within your heart chambers nuggets and kernels of cosmic wisdom. It is time for these to be dispensed and to grow in greater quarters and circles of influence across the earth. Those of you who have taught the path of illumination to the children and to teachers know the difficulty in the full transference of what you desire to convey. And yet some will listen. Some will take up the torch if you continue on, my beloved ones.
            "Why do so many dwell in ignorance?" you ask. What may we do, Maitreya, to convey your compassionate heart to these? What you may do is to firmly vow to continue where I have left off. For in so doing, others may follow you-even from the farthest reaches of the earth, those who will receive the pencil beams of light that you send out, out, out.
            So now, see the fire glowing more brightly within your hearts. And as one lively heart, I now place my rod deep into the earth where you sit, a thousand feet. A magnetic energy will reside here behind the Buddha for all who come here to partake of that will act as an attractor for those whose hearts are attuned to ours. Magnetize them through your love, our love. Energize them through knowing the Buddha within and complete the circle daily through your exercise of compassionate meditation upon every heart still residing in maya who needs you.

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