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Gautama Buddha      December 16, 2005

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David C. Lewis
Dec. 16, 2005 4:11-4:22 pm local time
Kamakura, Japan

Illumine a People Through Love-Wisdom Heart to Heart

            I enfire a world. My desire, which I have never displaced, though I have spoken of desirelessness, is that all sentient beings would know the presence of love-wisdom. Therefore, the example that I set before my devotees was that each one, through an understanding of the Middle Way, could discern that way for himself or herself all the way back, back to the One.
            There are many teachers now across the earth who are leading my children home. And this body of believers is truly one of an ancient school whom I taught personally, not only in that embodiment as Siddhartha, but in a number of previous incarnations, when you lived in the East and received directly from my heart teaching and the tender care of a Guru for his disciples.
            Therefore, you have come back to the East, feeling the impulse, for the time is drawing nigh when many of you will be received into the heaven world, wherein my mission will continue through each of you as true trainers and teachers of mankind. Therefore, first and foremost, understand the nature of how the teaching of the Buddha is conveyed heart to heart. It is not so difficult to convey true wisdom when your heart is attuned to your own divine Buddha nature, beloved ones. For the flow that does occur between hearts and minds is a natural expression of the outpicturing of that cosmic voice that speaks to the soul personally through you.
            Do not be concerned always with the exact words that you convey, but the intent and the love behind them. As you gaze into the eyes of each one whom you receive in compassion and kindness seeking the highest for that one no matter what may come, then the I AM Presence of that one will convey to you what you must share. For a true teacher simply presents the obvious to the disciple, such that that one does not glom onto you and your personality, but simply desires to have a reminder of their own innate Godhood. Therefore, remind each one of their own abilities, if they so choose to develop them, and the siddhis will then flow naturally.
            I dispense darkness. I radiate illumination. So, those who have been arbiters of delusion are bound by my angels. And those, who are the true teachers I now send forth empowered by my radiance this day. So, I use those among this people, even the humble monks and those who come to worship, to maintain the stability of this nation for a time and a time and a quarter time.
            This evening beloved Lanto will continue the action of what Kuthumi and I have brought you. On your return trip this evening meditate on the golden flame of illumination burning in your crown and see waves streaming forth from your crown to illumine this people.
            I thank you for you presence here. I thank my Beloved for coming. Take your hands to your heart now, as I convey the warmth of my personal communion directly into your consciousness, centered in your heart. Therefore, this does not require you to eat this substance, but to simply have it absorbed directly within your heart.
            I AM the One Sent. I ask each of you to be that one whom I this day send forth. I bless you each one with a kiss of my peace. Go and love with all that you are, my friends.

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