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Buddha of the Ruby Ray      December 16, 2005

Beloved Buddha of the Ruby Ray
David Christopher Lewis
December 16, 2005 11:30-11:35 am Tokyo Time
Buddhist shrine near Narita, Japan

            I AM the Buddha of the Ruby Ray and I choose to energize this forcefield with my presence. And I place a replica of my ruby heart within the chamber inside the Buddha statue. All who come here will receive a certain blessing of the ruby ray through this focus.
            I ask you to create a song for me that you may sing when you feel a certain density pressing in upon your heart that requires an acceleration of the ruby ray within you. And I ask for a new image of me to be brought forth, for many of you are moving in and beyond the initiations of the ruby ray and need a stronger tie to my heart to see you through and beyond the astral plane, which does rise higher to swallow you up after you have gained your 51% balanced karma.
            Therefore, this does require you to serve and accelerate your service to life on the path of the ruby ray, beloved ones. Therefore, see this ruby diamond, eight sided, as an octagon of fire, through which my heart may burn and consume all that is anti-love.
            I thank you, dear hearts, for your presence. Walk around the Buddha eight times for me before you leave, silently sending forth ruby love to all these children who come this day. I bless you and seal you in cosmic love.

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