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Lanello      December 15, 2005

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
December 15, 2005 7:06 - 7:22 pm Tokyo Time
Narita, Japan

            I come to claim this nation, raising it a notch through the presence of my chosen few. I am Lanello and in the guise of Bodhidharma I walk throughout this nation, through every city and hamlet and home, anchoring the yellow fire of illumination, increasing that fire within every son and daughter of God.
            I claim those lightbearers here who have embodied or traveled here for the light. Where you walk on the morrow, I will walk. See me walking hand in hand with everyone, speaking to their souls, cajoling them higher. And see Ganesha surrounding this entire nation [and] all [its] islands-millions of Ganeshas-anchoring his presence deep within the sea to the very core of the earth itself, stabilizing this portion of the fire ring from any potential cataclysm that may ensue.
            Mother now walks with me, inspecting the hearts of those who have been contacted at inner levels by members of the Great White Brotherhood. Unfortunately, there are only a few handfuls of those on the outer who can fully embrace this teaching at this time. And yet, many beautiful souls who understand elements of the Buddhic path as well as Taoism (The Way) may be accelerated by us through your presence come here.
            Beloved ones, when you travel to Kamakura, see at every point of light, and as you gaze throughout the cities, the light of Gautama radiating forth in cosmic waves of golden fire, securing this land and the waters around it, in our love. Truly when we come in this manner, bringing our chelas, it is a monumental occasion for the Great White Brotherhood.
            Take not lightly all that you have personally sacrificed to be here, and use every conversation, every thought, every moment of time to secure for us souls and increase in light and enlightenment such that we can continue to move where you have walked and ridden. And as you return to your places after this pilgrimage you may continue to send forth light to this island nation, as well as Taiwan and Hawaii through the nexus of your hearts, your third eye and all of your chakras, because you have come physically here, beloved hearts.
            Ask your Holy Christ/Buddha selves to name the names of those who have been contacted by us at inner levels to be initiated, to be contacted through some means to find this teaching. Your purposeful and conscious deliberations and service will avail much beyond this pilgrimage in months and years to come through contacts that we will make.
            And through the foci that you leave as talismans of fire everywhere you go we will energize and enfire around these foci in a radius of thirty three miles from that central point, such that all that travels within that circumference and area is electrified by the light that we distribute.
            The magic that you individually can produce is dependent upon your belief and acceptance of yourself as avatars and avatara for us. Each of you must step up to the plate, as it were, to realize the fullness of your own God consciousness. And I, Lanello, now accelerate the fire within all of your chakras, throughout your being, cleansing you from all the substance that has temporarily weighed you down, or in any way burdened you in recent hours and days and weeks, such that you individually may be pure vessels for us, beloved ones. Accept this radiance, for as you know, my radiance is always with you if you will accept it.
            My technique of meditation is to pick a point of light and to focus all through that nexus such that nothing can stop the outflow and the permeation of the radiation through that point. No longer must any simply gaze upon the nothingness of whiteness, but through this nexus, project their consciousness and allow the light streaming forth to radiate everything from that point.
            This can be a technique that you practice and develop and master in preparation for greater meditation which we will teach in subsequent sessions with you. Focus is the key to total God self mastery. How many of you have been able to completely focus for even ten minutes a day upon the illimitable light of God streaming through your heart and mind? If you add this to all that you do with your prayers and decrees, it will gain you great strides in the acceleration of your ability to continue to hold the light that you have employed.
            Concentration, focus, visualization and the intensity of that ray, as a laser beam of cosmic fire projected through your third eye into any situation that you desire to focus on can avail for us tremendous opportunity for world transmutation, beloved ones. Therefore claim your own lifestream and mission as an avatar now. Why did you not all come as saviors of mankind? Each one of you in this room, yes, each one, came as a world savior. And there is not only one avatar for an age, but many, if they will accept the commission.
            Therefore, I commission you to accept your mission impossible, as it may seem, but, which I this day claim for you as the great new possibility for world transcendence. I bless you with my magnanimous heart, each one, and I will continue washing you clean at all levels of your being this night in your repose. You may travel in your finer body to a special abode that Mother and I have prepared for each of you in the heaven world. Simply see yourself climbing, running up, Mount Fuji and from the peak taking flight to this special place prepared. And then in the morning when you return to your bodies, you may simply slide down the mountain back into your bodies, refreshed and renewed and reinvigorated for your journey with us tomorrow.
            I AM grateful for each of you, beloved ones-those who have chosen to be here and therefore whom I have chosen. And I seal you in my love always.

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